In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

Before I get into my blog today here is some news!!!

I need to exercise! Yeah yeah yeah … lets not keep reminding me. Seriously though when do I have time? Between sleep, work, and taking care of my three young kiddies? I don’t have time or even a chance of alone time. Plus I have dedicated any alone time to any writing time!  However, I have not given up the idea yet!

My sister came over last night and in that night we learned the dance to Beat It by Michael Jackson. It was totally random like all things in my life and basically me.

And I was sweating from it… but it was so fun. I was so into dance when I was younger. I even wanted to be a professional choreographer. Alas some dreams are not realized …. I still make up moves all by myself when cleaning and listening to music. Am I crazy? Probably. Yet its something I’ll love to doing  and I will need the exercise even its one day of the week. We vow to master Beat it and learn other dances each Wednesday.

Second, if you have been reading my blog … you will know that Gus left me to do some work out-of-town for a couple of weeks. He returns today!!! Yay!! I missed him so much!

This is me and Gus ... kinda ...He would never do this!

And glad he is coming home ever if he is only staying for a few days. Prepare for the sad post of when he leaves again … I promise not to have a breakdown! Again.


So my blog … right?

My first children where girls. Girls I knew. Girls I was familiar with cause … well I used to be one.  I mean I am a woman now. However its all nothing I haven’t seen before!

Quite frankly, boys were a mystery to me. Their whole equipment and all that was as foreign as well

Cause really... its just sooooo about football to me!

So when I found out I was going to have a boy. I was weirded out. Immediately he different! He had me eating every minute. And unlike his sisters, he wanted me to keep the food and not purge it out 10 minutes later. Bless his heart!

He made me huge! Extremely huge! Ok but that’s totally another story that I will never write!

Once he was born, there were all these rules on cleaning and taking care of his equipment! I was like … yeah cool his dad is getting this not me!

Yet that’s not totally fair … cause I was kinda the mom. Yeah big eye opener there!  Diaper changing was in my future no matter what.

So I learned how to clean “that whole weird area” properly and have avoided infections.

However, before his 1st birthday, his little baby sweet innocent fingers were lingering during a diaper change. He caught the feel of his “junk” and that was it!

He has never let go!

This is extremely weird. He now needs to do this to go to sleep, to be comforted etc. I did talk to his pediatrician about it.

He laughed like I was a retard. I am. “Its normal. Just make sure to wash his hands. All boy discover their penis at one point or another.It’s normal.”

Normal? Fine.  What is normal anyway?

Somehow the higher beings felt like reincarnating Al Bundy

Why God Why!??!

into my dear sweet angel.


I spend more time detaching him than anything else.

Dear God what is potty training gonna be like?

And note to Ryan. Forgive me posting this picture of you. You may hate me later but you are just weird… to me. I still love you!

This post was inspired by a greater one. Read Accidental Stepmom for a great laugh!


Comments on: "I Love My Son … the reincarnation of Al Bundy" (24)

  1. firecracker3 said:

    I am not even sure my commentary is appropriate on how things progress later in life but I always joke that with all the masturbation that occurs daily it is a wonder anything gets accomplished in the world! 🙂 I’ll leave it at that…

  2. Before we get into your little Al Bundy..I wanted to be a choreographer too! All I wanted to do was dance (I sound like a Dane Cook skit now), I was always dancing..everywhere. But my wonderful parents would never put me in dance..I was crushed. I danced anyway, everywhere, all the time. when I was old enough to get into clubs I was at one 4 nights a week. Never had a fake id, never really drank at a club underage, I was there for one dance. 😉

    Again like you I grew up with girls. I knew nothing about boys..ewwww! W was fascinated with his manhood. *story time* When he was around 3 he was sitting on the potty one day and he started playing with his doodads. he looked at me and said “Mommy what are these?” I panicked, started sweating not knowing how to answer. I said “well, those are your doodads”. He said “Oh, well it tickles when I do *this* and it makes my peepee grow”. I about died, when I regained my composure and b came home I told him from here on out this is up to you! boys are always with their hands in their pants! Just wait till yours is potty trained and he figures out that he can aim ANYWHERE. W peed all over the bathroom one time, toilet, toilet paper, shower curtain, floor, you name it. I was furious. B and my dad laughed. I said ‘I don’t find it funny’. Dad’s reply “it’s hilarious he learned he can aim it where ever he wants!”
    Boys are GROSS!

    • OMG … I think I will cry if I ever have that conversation with Ryan. Seriously that happens when they are 3?!?! I think I need to incent a machine to keep hima baby! He will be three in Decemeber …I need to work fast!!
      Thanks for the whole story on the aimng…. this is making me not like men at all! Baby boys sure … but men yeesh! I plan to nip this in the bud now!

  3. I think boys are easier to raise than girls. I have two boys, I hear horror stories of raising girls, but never boys. Boys don’t PMS. Boys don’t have to have their hair just right (well, mine didn’t, I still don’t think my youngest has ever put a comb through is since he was about 6 months old). There’s not as much drama with boys and friends. Boys don’t need as much clothing as girls. Scratch that. My youngest is the pickiest dresser.

    That is a precious picture of Ryan. Aren’t they the greatest when they’re asleep?

    • They are … I would agree with you to some degree. My girls listen better than my son. Then again he is 2! Yet as young as my girls are there is drama … so yea I hear what your saying.
      I know I love it when they sleep. It means I can sleep too. Ha ha just kidding. Yeah they are wonderful like little angels.

  4. You learned the Beat It dance? Awesome! VLOG! Teach us! Do you know the Thriller dance, too?

  5. hahahah! Aaaaah yes, the pee-pee. When we potty trained my son, I was shocked to find out they have to shake it when they’re done, and that they don’t use toilet paper everytime they go. Huh.

    P.S. Once they discover it, they never let go…until someone else can grab it for them. 😉

  6. I am amazed at how far my little boy can stretch his. I mean isn’t that area supposed tp be super sensitive? But I guess not to toddlers. It is strange and odd and sometimes I feel like I gave birth to an alien…a sweet adorable alien who can almost make balloon creatures, except with his penis.

    • Best.Comment. Ever! Ha ha … I know he is always pulling the skin and all that…. you know I think one night I recall a loud sound and light accending from the sky. Maybe I was abducted!

  7. TheIdiotSpeaketh said:

    Alright! A Junior Al Bundy! Way to go kid! 🙂

  8. I have two boys with my daughter stuck right in the middle. Personally, my boys have been harder than my daughter (even with her more difficult medical issues). I really haven’t had a penis issue. (hehe, I said penis). My biggest “man junk” issue with the boys is the constant adjustment of the cup and jock strap during baseball. I know that this is a normal thing but it drives me insane. I don’t see how their “man junk” could be big enough to cause such a scene. Ugh.

    I have had friends with boys who had penis obsession issues. I’m just thankful it wasn’t an issue I had to deal with. Frankly, what they do with their own shit is their own business. I don’t want to see it!

    With that said, Ryan is just way too cute. All boys are weird. No worries!

    • I guess right now I am pleading ignorance. If I don’t know I wont be heart broken. But after all the comments today … you people have scared the living crap out of me.

  9. I hate to break it you, but they NEVER let go. Mine are teenagers and still play with their bits!

  10. I take that back. I don’t have any experiance with raising boys. And what I did know about the penis I seem to have forgotten (it’s been awhile since I last saw one). But I bet it’s like rideing a bike 😉

    Can’t wait for your Vlog to start.

  11. Maybe you would exercise through dance more if you incorporated it into one of your other interests. If you’re already in a gang, have you considered joining a song-and-dance gang like the Jets in West Side Story.

  12. your kid is so cute! i could just grab his cheeks and pinch them so hard…but id never hurt him lol

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