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Musical Revolution-The List 25-01

As we remember from last week, I have vowed to list 50 of my favorite songs. Let me assure you this is no easy task. I like everything!! But I am investing in this thing called tough  love. So here we go.

Here is 25 to 1 with a few ties in between.

So I cheated…. fuck off!

#25 Got the Life-Korn OK this was totally something I liked in middle school. I was a rocker. And Korn pist off my parents and solidified my do not fuck with me I can scream like the singer from Korn. Hey I never got my ass kicked… so it worked!

#24. Ring My Bell- Anita Ward  Yes yes, even though I was a self proclaimed rocker in my early days I did have a secret. I liked disco. You could dance to it. And hey this hips don’t lie, put on this little disco gem and I would totally turn into, “Oh my god this is my song!!”

#23. Fortunate Son-CCR  When I actually heard the lyrics, I fell in love with the song. They were so blunt in their feelings plus they made this catchy tune likeable. And again this song  promoted my idea that I was born in the wrong era! I should have been a black panther!

#22. Fade Into You-Mazy Star  This was one of those songs that I actually heard first on a radio. Then the DJ did the most annoying thing and did not give the name of the song nor the artist who sang it. So all I had was a few words and a melody stuck in my hair for weeks. I would sing screwed up versions of what I thought this song said for weeks. Annoyed everyone! However, finally I figured it and I got the CD. Case solved! This song is so deep and it really sinks into you.

#22b. The Reason- Hoobastank This song has special meaning to me. So now every time I hear it evokes memories and feelings. When I first heard this song I was with my husband who was just my friend at the time. When this song came on the radio, we both got real quiet as we listened to the song. The words weighed on us because it actually meant something and the shit that was going on in our lives and the fact that we were both  into each other. So yea… this was our first song. And it wasn’t all in my head (the girl!!), he thought it too!!! I am not crazy!!

#21. Deep-Nine Inch Nails  This is my favorite song from NIN. I have to say every song is awesome by them. However, every time this comes on my iPod I get that whole head nod bounce thing. Its so catchy.

#20. Why-Annie Lennox   I love this woman. She has such a unique voice. I love everything she has sang. I especially love this song.


#19. Rolling in the Deep-Adele  Even though this is a newer song, I have to say I have never heard anything quite like Adele. All her songs are phenomenon but my favorite is Rolling in the Deep. I have no idea what it means but I do like to raise it up and pretend I sing exactly like Adele.

#18. Mr Vain-Culture Beat  This a song from my childhood. I remember thinking I was so cool when I was with the older kids from friends of the family and we would all sing this song on the radio.

#17. Tuesday’s Gone-Lynyrd  Skynyrd  This is the song I want them to play during my funeral. Seriously. Its depressing as fuck. And plus I want people to feel like a day of the week went missing when I am gone and they can never recover from the hole that is me that is now missing from their life.

#17b  Big Poppa- Notorious BIG   As I have said before, I am extremely picky with my rap. But one of my favorite rap songs is Big Poppa. I sadly know all the words…. all … the… words. I love that song. Its awesome. How can you not love the song? Something about lyrical douches in your bushes. You can’t go wrong with that!!!

#16. If I Die Young- Band Perry  This is rather new country song. However, I am super impressed by this song. Thats why it has become a favorite quickly. It makes me think of death and writing  my will. I have decided thanks to this song that I want them to put my dead body in a boat and push me down the river. However, they have to stand guard for as long as it takes my body to decompose because I don’t want wild animals eating me. Thats what this song means to me.

#15. More than a Woman-The Bee Gees  You have no idea how many times I have seen the movie Saturday Night Fever. Not only is it a good movie, but the songs are awesome. Every Bee Gee on the soundtrack is popular and very good but my personal favorite was always More Than A Woman. Though, I wish I can strut.

#14. Heavy In Your Arms- Florence and the Machine I love this song for two reasons. 1) It scares me and 2) It was in Twilight. This song is haunting and lingering. It was one of those songs that after listening to it for 30 seconds, I loved it.

#13. Don’t Let Go-En Vogue – I can really get down with this song. Plus this a very sexy song.

#12. Reign on Me- The Who  I really like the Who. I especially like this song because it has a lot of sadness and anger in this song. You can feel it in the words. Sometimes you just need to have songs like this that way when you feel like shit… well you can put them on and continue to feel like shit.

#12b Le Disko- Shiny Toy Guns   First off, the name of the band is really cool. And this song is hot, hot, hot. I particular like this type of music. Girl singing/rock/ dance music. And this song does not let up!

#11 Sweet Dreams- Eurythmics   I love this song. If I was a stripper, this would be song non stop! Kinda like strip tease. What? The song was awesome but the movie really made house hold!!

#10. In the meantime- Space Hogs   This was happy song in my teens. Why? No idea. This song made no sense. Yet, I still liked.

#9. Stranglehold-Ted Nugent  This is a bad ass song. I always wanted this to be background song when I walk around town.  It would be the perfect anthem for a bad ass president…. (ahem… me!!)

#9b. Sister Golden Hair- America  I love this. Have you listened to the lyrics? I like how he is letting the girl he is singing about down slowly. Like yea, I don’t wanna marry you but we could hang. Lets just do each other… its the 70’s!! Plus it reminds me of my sister. She introduced me to America.

#8 You Outta Know- Alanis Morsette  When I first heard this song I was like oh my god she said fuck…. and for that I love this song! But seriously, I love it cause its a girl going psycho on a guy in song form. Who doesn’t love that??

#7. Mouth-Bush   This was my first rock song ever. Do you know how epic this is? Gavin’s voice was so rough, the music was tough, it was scary for a elementary kid. Yet, I still loved it. Though I couldn’t listen to at night for a while because of all the growling in between songs, I soon grew outta that and became the rocker I was born to be!

#6. Zombie- Cranberries  I think this is seriously on every one’s list. This is THE jam. It is mind blowing. If you haven’t heard put it on and play it loud!!

#5. What You Are-Drill  This is a very unknown band. They aren’t even together. Yet when they were they made some awesome music. Lucia the singer had some powerful vocals. She screamed very well the songs. This is my favorite song from them. RIP Drill.

#4.  California Dreaming- Mama’s & the Papas   I soooo like this. I always have. This song was a journey for into the whole life of Mamas and the Papas. I can honesty say I know a lot about the group, their songs, the meanings, their relationships with each other, and all that.  Plus it sent me on a revolution to discover other groups like the Byrds, the  Association, and others.  I think that is what makes this song so special to me. It started it all.

#3. I Only Get This Way With You-Rick Trevino     This beautiful song is my and my hubby’s offcial song. I love it.

#2. Fine Again-Seether  I love this song. Seether is such a great band and when they broke out on the scene they came with such a a heavy powerful song that was my anthem for  a good part of my life. Don’t you just like how memories wrap around songs?


Ok now here is my actual favorite song…. I don’t know why I love it. But this version is my favorite though I love the Elvis one as well.  I get a lot of shit for loving this particular version.

#1. UB40-I can’t help falling in love with you

I did it!! This took forever!!

Hope you enjoyed it!!

Musical Revolution- The List 26-50

Ever since I read lists of other bloggers favorite songs,  I have been wanting to do it too. However, I can’t put my entire iPod on here. That would be so ludicrous! And I certainly can’t do a countdown from my list favorite to top favorite because I don’t know if I can like one song more than the other.

It’s just not fair to the other songs!!!

So I am going to list them in no particular order but …. I am going to list the number one as my ultimate favorite song. I do have one song that I love and makes me extremely happy.

So here is my list from 50 -26!!

#50. Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon-Neil Diamond- I love this song. Something about it so dark and sensual. Plus I love Neil Diamond. He is the man!! I have his CDs and even though I get made fun of I don’t care. After Pulp Fiction, how cool is Neil? Very Cool!

#49. A-Punk-Vampire Weekend- I first discovered these guys on SNL and I really like them. I love the way the singer sings and they just have a different sound. They are upbeat and extremely catchy!

#48. Ain’t Much Left to Loving You-Randy Montana– I don’t think I have heard anymore from this new country singer but that’s ok cause I jam out to this song constantly. This song was so simple and so well written. I love country but I feel I am very picky when it comes to country.

Tie with #48 Desvalado- Bobby Pulido Dont ask me what he is saying. I love this song regardless. It sounds pretty something about stars. That is pretty much what I understand but I still love it.

#47. Ain’t Nothin Bout You-Brooks and Dunn– This song came out early in my marriage. It is one of “our” songs though it hasn’t been set in stone. I love the lyrics. Its how every girl wants her man to feel about her.

#46 All Around Me-Flyleaf– This is one those songs that I love to turn it up and belt out in the car. If you know me, I love girls singers period. It’s the feminist in me!!

#45 Amber-311-I love this band and this song. It just reminds me of high school and these guys are cool and suave in

their music. Its grooving music.

#44 Ana’s Song-Silverchair– I so went through a grunge stage when I was younger as you will tell through the list. Silverchair though is an epic bad. This song… I have no idea what it means. But it sounds so cool without explanation.

#43 Any Fun-Coconut Records I learned about this band through my sister. I am so glad she introduced them because they are so good. And if you notice the singer is an actor as well.

#42 Whatever You Like-Anya Marina Sultry voice, great name… what is there not to like?? I just discovered her by googling myself. Yea me!!

#41 Asleep-The Smiths I was introduced to The Smiths by a crazy co-worker at a restaurant I used to work at when I was 18. He was obsessed with The Smiths. He thought they could bring world peace. Sadly, that never happened. I also read this book called The Perks of Being a Wall Flowers that actually listed this song.  This song soothes me.

Tie with #41 This Year’s Love- David Gray  Yeah every time I hear this song… every damn time… I cry. Its gripping and it affects so deeply. Sweet lyrics and melody to match.

#40 Bad Habit-Offspring This is a totally bitching song. It’s great to fuel road rage! Best lyrics ever.

#39 Be Quiet and Drive-Deftones This band is from the city I live in. It was the song that helps describe the nonsense I was getting into during my teenage years. They were also the first concert I attended. It seriously laid a lasting impression.

#38 Believe- The Bravery I actually have to say if I was making a top list this one song would be up. I love The Bravery but I love this song. There are certain songs that just affect you whether it’s the melody or lyrics. This song is one of them. I feel like it’s a statement that I think of all the time.

#37 Better Man-Pearl Jam  Pearl Jam must be on every list. And I love this song. I love how this song starts off. This song just totally means nostalgia for me.

#36 Bitch-Meredith Brooks Yes, Yes I like this song. I was 13 when this song came out. And I was totally getting into girl singers and this song just felt like an anthem. Pretty lame now that I think of it. But this song still makes me smile.

#35 Could You Be Love-Bob Marley I wish I could say I really am into Bob Marley but I can’t. Only a few songs have interested me and this is one of them. I totally liked what he stood for and his music is lasting.

Tie with #35 Sunny Came Home-Paula Cole  This song is haunting. I remembering hearing it once and I liked the song ever since. That was like 10 years ago maybe more and it still haunts.

#34 Glycerine- Bush Ah yes, Bush. I love everything they have ever made. And I am so back they are still music. Bush is one of the best bands in my opinion. They were big when I was growing up. Gavin Rosedale has such a gritty voice and the rocker look. He together with Bush will make my list more than once.

#33 Carrying Your Love With Me- George Strait If you like country you have to love the king of country. This is such an old song but its the nicest most sweetest song. You can’t go wrong with any of George’s songs.  He is the crooner of country. Yes, we are on a first name basis.

#32 Closure-Chevelle I am a big fan of Chevelle. I really feel they are one of the most unappreciative bands of rock. Every song is powerful and melody is seductive. I love Chevelle!

#31 Colorful- The Verve Pipe– One of my favorite bands when I was growing up. I have to say I don’t know anyone that likes them as I do.

#30 Combat Baby-Metric You will find me often singing this song loud in the car. Metric is my favorite band right now. They have this rock dance music going on.

#29 Man in the Box- Alice in Chains  I can’t say I am a heavy metal freak. This is as crazy as I go. I remember being with my deeply family and one friend who was very religious was told me, “Don’t sing this song! It says deny your maker.” Made me like it even more.

#28 Songs About Rain- Gary Allen  He is my personal favorite country singer. I get this rebel rocker country-style from him.

#27 Crystalized-The XX They are a new British band I just discovered. This is my favorite song from them but I have to say I listened to their entire album (is that correct;album?) and it’s just great! I hope they come up with more music. Every time I hear this song, I wanna light a cigarette.

#26 Ex-Factor- Lauren Hill   This is such a powerful song. I love the lyrics in this song. It describes a relationship that just isn’t working. It’s so honest and so simple.  It explains sometimes what we can’t.

Wow this was easier than I thought. Then I realized that I love every single song I have. So its going to get interesting next Friday when I do the continuation of this list. 1-25 next week!!

A Confession For This Musical Friday

I have a confession.

I haven’t told this to anyone other than family. For awhile, I had a hard time accepting it  myself.

Many of you (many many many many!) might be shocked, upset, concerned, angered, and even in disbelief.  I will completely understand if you become disgusted with me. I will understand if you even stop tweeting me or stop reading my blogs. It is perfectly understandable. I won’t hold nothing against you.

It is the cross that I have to bear. This sudden occurrence is something I have finally accepted and I hope you all can find it in your heart to look past my secret and see the person you used to love and enjoy.

I don’t want to hurt anyone but I need to start being me. I need to stop hiding in the shadows.

Whew…. here I go.


I am coming out of the closet.

The Bieber closet … that is.

Yes! I am a Justin Bieber fan!!

Wow! I can’t believe I said it.

But it feels good.

I am a Justin Bieber fan!!

I am a Justin Bieber fan!!

I am a Justin Bieber fan!!

That feels awesome!

How did this occur??

Well I blame my daughter. She loves his music. And of course she got a few of his CDs over the Christmas holiday. I then began hearing him over and over and over and over … you get the point.

So I started to like his music… a little.

Then she forced me to see the movie.

Yes I saw Never Say Never.

I have to say that is what sealed the deal.

I was completely blown away. There was even one point where I was in tears. No, two times.

I think I was on monthly gift during the movie but that is not the point.

The point is … I get it Bieber fans!

Justin is amazing.

He is just a kid from a mother who had him at a young age. The only thing was that he had a  knack for music at such a young age. I mean even at like four years old, he was drumming!! He understood the rhythm. He enjoyed being on stage, dancing, and there was even one point in the movie where he would grab his guitar and sing to people walking through the street.

He is so talented. Most importantly, he is a good-hearted kid. He would pass out free tickets to his concerts. He is extremely close to his family and his cares about his fans.

He is just this young boy that honestly pursued his dream.The wonderful thing is that his dream came true.

I am not trying to convert you or anything but I am opening a Justin Bieber Anonymous Fan Club for those who have not fully come out of the closet and crossed the line.

For all those at there, still lurking in the shadows I say: Come out! Be brave!! Remember they made fun of you for liking the New Kids In the Block.

Here are some of my favorites!!!

You Smile

That Should Be Me

Reflection: I Would Not Be “Here” If It Wasn’t For You. Thank you.

For the most part, the things that get represented here in “Blogging Land” are the bloggers. And rightly so. Each blogger writes their own different views, feelings, life stories, funny perspective, or just anything that they deem blog worthy.  It takes time, planning, thoughtfulness to keep up a blog today.

For those that do it, whether regularly or not, you are admired and respected. The fact that you take a chance and connect this way is really what it is all about.

However, we can’t over look an important aspect in the blogging scheme.

The Readers.

I know that special feeling I get whenever I get email telling me that I have a new comment, or someone liked my post, and that I have a new subscriber. Perhaps I have low self-esteem, I need attention, perhaps I need you to tell me that I exist. You see me… in this way.

Bottom Line…..

Thank you!!!

Thank you because you could be doing something else completely different but you chosen to take  10 minutes to read my measly blog.

That makes me feel so wonderful. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

I will try to put out some quality crap that doesn’t waste 10 minutes of your life.

So in honor of You!!! I dedicate today’s musical revolution to You!!

First off,  you all are my figurative Roxanne and I just wanna say you don’t have to put on the red light.

But still it’s always just you and me always… and forever….


Get Into The Groove, Boy You Got to Prove Your Love To Me

I will be dancing today with the help of this fine tuneage. Totally.

Here is your official kick off to the weekend.

May it  be awesome so we have something to Facebook and Twitter about next week.

Or let me so crazy, wild, and horrible that we have something to Facebook and Twitter about next week. Hopefully you cry, cause that’s always fun.

More scars people!!

Tegan and Sara- Walking With a Ghost

Metric-Gold Guns Girls

Zero 7-In the Waiting Line

Have a great weekend!!


Musical Revolution- Getting Outta the Rut

Feeling a bit down and out today.

I am hoping for the right electric charge today. That or I can bury myself in food. That helps. Eat til all you feel is full!!

When I get like this, I learn for my days as a being a kid. The wonders of how impressionable I was and a  certain song could put things in perspective or just make me feel completely better.

Music can be a time machine, zapping you back into a place and time that hopefully today will void out the rest of this….. shit.

These guys came last weekend to a club/casino here. I would have loved to see them. They are so awesome, and so 90’s!!

Far Behind- Candlebox

I remember when I saw this video I felt how very pointed it was. The lyrics matched the video perfectly. It was in your face and the words I remember were lingering. And for a very sheltered girl, this was a bit scary. It’s still one of my favorite songs from Jewel.

Who Will Save Your Soul-Jewel

I loved STP as I was growing up. I loved them. Scott’s voice was seductive and the music was so good.

Big Empty-STP

And last but not least…

(FYI I am starting to feel much better now..)

No Doubt with Happy Now

How can you not like No Doubt?!?!

I feel better…. but tacos and some hamburgers would really seal the deal!!

Happy Friday!!

Musical Revolution- Lets Just Get This Day Over With Jams


I feel like I need to liven up this day. It’s Friday and we need to start and keep the celebratory attitude all day!!

So here it is…. your Christmas present very very late.

Here are a couple of tunes I recently added to iPod!!

Enjoy …

First one is… Rebecca Black in Friday!!

Just kidding!!!!

Cage the Elephant-Back Against the Wall

Love that song!!

Another one I loved way back when by only just remembered and finally added to the wonder that is the iPod.

How did I forget about this song? It’s so weird and trippy.

Your Woman-White Town 

Isn’t this song the greatest?

Another song that I just love is Avenged Sevenfold’s Buried Alive.

This song has some sweet guitar riffs! It makes me wanna learn how to play guitar. Plus, it totally reminds me of the good ole days with Metallica.


And finally….

La Roux with Bulletproof


Musical Revolution- Friday is Forever or until Midnight

It’s true I love me some music. I love it so much I will I could make sweet sweet love to it…. but then I think if I am making love to music what will be listening to while me spank it?

My husband?

Yeah, I guess I haven’t worked that out to much.

I like country peeps…. stop with your boos!! I appreciate the fact that country can be deep, loving, poetic, and even darn right funny.

Here is what I mean…. here is the racist bastard that I still love…

Toby Keith- Red Solo Cup

I mean its about time someone made a thank you song to that plastic song. I am currently working on a tribute song to Scott toliet paper. My ass has never felt so clean.

Here is another one that I just about died laughing at….

Ain’t the truth people…. ain’t the truth!!

Rodney Carrington-If I’m The Only One

But its not all about country music… many artists wanna make a funny too.

Have you heard this one?

I find it so offensive I love it!

Duck Sauce- Big Bad Wolf

So that’s it…. that my episode of today’s hits.

Remember Friday is forever!!!

Musical Revolution- Depressing Ass Songs That Make Me Wanna Kill Myself

It’s Friday and there is reason to celebrate!

The weekend!!

But not so fast, because its not 5pm yet!

So til then, we still gotta deal with real life and tough situation. Along with that is depressing ass music that makes you wanna off yourself.

Lets Get Started!!!!

Every time I hear this song, I seriously wanna jump into a lake in the Great Lakes. Its that depressing!

Walk With You-Edwin McCain

I heard this song… and I was like what?!?! Is it too late to return my kids?!?!

Truth is this was sister and dad’s song at this wedding. I still can’t listen to it in its entirety.

Fuckin song.

The next song is what I think would play when you finally have entered the mental institution cause you finally have lost your shit.

Mad World-Gary Jules

*Stop staring at the knives Marina!*

The next one I think we all might relate to!

It not only makes me depress but angry. I wanna find this guy that hurt the singer and rough him up!


You think you are happy but you are not!!

Someone Like You-Adele

The next one…. geez when I hear it I break down crying. I could be having a perfect day… then this song just send me to looney ville.

Breathe me-Sia

And finally, if you weren’t clutching to life already, here is another pincher that kills me… everytime!

Nothing Compares to You-Sinead O Connor

Ohhhhh god why?!?!?!

I needed a good cry… just not here at work.

Hold me …. someone.

Well, at least I am ready for a nice cold beer.

Lyrical Crap Is Everywhere!!!

Lately my six-year-old and my four-year old are in love with a certain song. It doesn’t annoy me so much as you would think. In fact when I hear it, my heart goes out to the little girl who sang it because frankly, it sucks ass!

Yes, I am talking about Friday by Rebecca Black.

No! We NOT excited!


Seriously, the writer of that song HATED  Rebecca Black.  It’s probably because he heard her sing!!


Thats enough hating on the little girl who has no vocal talent whatsoever. Let us make fun of some other songs and the singers who need me to mentally fist them!

I seriously don’t get what the big deal is with Bruno Mars. Yes, I will admit it. The guy can sing but whoever writes his song is retarded!! It sounds like he was just lying around just like Rebecca Black’s writer and wrote about everything he was doing!

Have you actually listened to the Lazy Song??

He sings:

Uh, I’m gonna kick my feet up and stare at the fan
Turn the TV on
Throw my hand in my pants
Nobody’s gon’ tell me I can’t, nah

Wow my son sticks his hands in his pants too!! He can totally write a song!!!

Tomorrow I wake up, do some P90X
With a really nice girl have some really nice sex
And she’s gonna scream out, “this is great” (Oh my god this is great)
I might mess around and get my college degree
I bet my old man will be so proud of me
I’m sorry pops you just have to wait

Are you fucking serious?? How is this even good!?!? Seriously, how is this NOT like the song Friday?!!? In fact, we all know once Rebecca Black finally picks a seat in the car, its in the back. She isn’t sprewing that she is gonna get her freak on!

And note to Bruno, a really nice girl is not gonna have sex with you. She is gonna make you get up off that fat ass and DO some P90X.

No I ain’t gonna comb my hair
Cause I ain’t going anywhere
No no no-no no no-no no nooo
I’ll just strut in my birthday suit
And let everything hang loose

Whoa that is totally unhygienic. Remind me to wash my hands if I ever handle your cds!!

He should have just said he wanked it for a good three minutes!! I would have given him style points!! If he is honesty not gonna do anything all day, you think he is NOT gonna wank it. At least two times!!

Lets make this believable Bruno!!

What the hell I thought you said you were lazy & why does it look like you escaped the 50's?

The whole song was pointless. I could totally write a song like this!! Totally!

Here is mine (and I am just doing this on the whim here):

Woke up early,

got ready for work,

I hate mornings, my boss is a big jerk.

My hubby took all the damn hot water,

didn’t save me a drop,

now I shivering like a chihuahua

huddling in spaces that are hot.

Almost got pulled over by a cop,

cause I was going 50 on a 35.

If he was going to pull me over, I was ready to remove my top.”

See how freaking easy that was…. pulled it straight outta my ass.

Obviously, its shit but I am not making it into a music video. The point is some of this music is shit! Just shit! And its famous, making money!

How is this possible?!?!?

Seriously someone kick Bruno Mars’s ass. Also, please kick James Blunts’s ass as well. His songs are stupid too.

He enjoys showing us his schizophrenia in his songs.

Take note of his lyrics in “You’re Beautiful”:

My life is brilliant.
My love is pure.
I saw an angel.
Of that I’m sure.
She smiled at me on the subway.
She was with another man.
But I won’t lose no sleep on that,
‘Cause I’ve got a plan.


He is crazy and is stalking someone. OK. That’s scary but normal especially in the New York Region.

You’re beautiful. You’re beautiful.
You’re beautiful, it’s true.
I saw your face in a crowded place,
And I don’t know what to do,
‘Cause I’ll never be with you.


I thought you just said you had a plan.

Someone fucking alert the police! This guy is gonna mutilate his “Angel”.

Oh yea, he totally looks like he likes the taste of human flesh.

So in conclusion, listen to your music. These people are trying to tell you something.

They are trying to tell you how much they suck!!

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