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The Motherhood

It Friday. Its the day to take it easy. Too bad I have been doing that all week already.

I found this awesome video. I wish I had thought of it. Seriously, I wish I could rap.

The Motherhood

or this:


Hmmm ok I haven’t figured exactly how to post videos on to WordPress since it got all updated.

Storm: Bring On the Crazy

Thanks to the internet, I have many friends in the East Coast. I know power is out but I am freaking out that I haven’t heard from them.

So in order to distract my mind from all the if’s, I streamed online for hilarious videos of people being crazy in the midst of the east coasts worst storm in years!!

This first video is near the center of where Hurricane Sandy hit, Atlantic City, New Jersey.

A reporter is out bearing it all for a great weather story stressing how serious the situation is and … well…. not everyone agrees.

On this  next video, I really hope this reporter has life insurance.

When they make this hurricane into a movie, they should call it Hurricane Sandy Epic Drift!!

Some people are not letting the storm stop them. Hurricane-smhurricane!

Others may feel the end is near and just living life to the fullest.  Gangnum Style.

And finally, we get the story straight out of someone who has been through this before.

Someone give these reporters a medal!!

Anyways: Stay Safe people. I am going back to worrying!!

Fatal Attraction is Cool Now

Yes fatal attraction is in. It’s the cool thing to do. However killing bunnies is still not.

Yesterday I was looking for a particular video on YouTube plus I was also trying to prove a tweet wrong that you really can only watch ONE YouTube video. Once on YouTube, hours go by and you realize you have watched 10,000 videos.

So while I was trying to be diligent I stumbled onto these two videos.


Isn’t being a stalker the coolest now?

I am totally rooting for this chick! I hope her guy realizes that crazy is a different kinda protection!!

She may not be able to sing but that is besides the point people. Her love is pure and psychotic! Thats the greatest kind of love out there.

I am amazed by this chick. She is like Shakespeare!

We all have been a stalker to some degree. I used to drive by my husband’s  home when he was just my crush. I never thought to make videos like this for him. If I did, I probably would have sealed the deal with him earlier!!

Ahhhh I love him. And he will never never never never never leave me…. or I will kill him!

Wordless Wednesday- Funny YouTube Comments

When you find a truly funny YouTube video, that can be a treasure in itself. But have you ever looked at the comments? I for one never have.

I ran into this and now its has me researching through all my favorite video comments.

Wedgies Are Cool Again

Things I Noticed:

  1. Who names their child Bar?! The Irish??!!
  2.  Bar is actually playing by herself. WHAT!?!? She couldn’t hire any friends!!!
  3. She isn’t any good at tennis….
  4. She played for 5 minutes without breaking a sweat…. a-ma-zing!!
  5. She has multiple wedgies and she only picked it once.
  6. Don’t smell your fingers!!!!
  7. It is totally cool to pick your underwear outta your ass crack…. I am going to quit hiding in the bathroom for now on.


Drugs Rock…. Let Me Show You Why

I like to drink… we all like to drink… but there are some people… WHO SHOULDN’T DRINK.

Wait no I take that back… people should drink. It’s drugs people shouldn’t do. Unless!!! Unless someone videotapes them doing some crazy stuff.

Then its all gravy. Cause laughing is good for us even at the expense of us. Hey Darwin said it… survival of the fittest or something. I don’t remember I was sleeping in the class. Or out doing drugs.

Fuck I can’t remember.

I love how everyone is just watching. No one is laughing. WHY ARE THEY NOT LAUGHING?!?!

I am laughing.

That tree doesn’t care… why?

Cause it HAD SEX!

P.S. I want that girl’s tutu. Did you see her?

Wow I am really impressed with her moves. She was as awkward as a beached whale. In cases like this people, it is definitely OK to stare!!  You have my permission.

Where did the hippies go?

I found them… they are all here! Flower children from the past and flower children of the present unite!!

What’s the lesson for today?

I sure hope it isn’t  say no to drugs cause that would be crazy!!!

Wordless Wednesday- Bloopers from

I don’t know why but people falling seriously crack me up. Of course I was worried about her since she didn’t even try to get up through this whole boring report. I was also concerned about her phone as well.

Geez, that was a little excessive don’t you think?

They are slippery when wet

Yes. Yes you are.

So ….. I am now going to start watching the news.

You never know when you can point out a dumbass.

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