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While You Were Golden Globing It Up, I Was In Shock Over Jodie Foster’s Coming Out! She Loves the Color Red Everyone!

I admit, I didn’t watch the Golden Globe awards though I wanted too. I never liked award shows but as I am getting older I am now getting interested. It totally sucks. What sucks even more is that I am still trying to catch up with last  years’ movies!

The real story was not anyone in particular winning. An award show that was not actually about who won. Go figure.

Hell no.

It was Jodie Foster’s  way of saying “I like Beaver…. maybe”.

Truth is… I knew already Jodie! I knew!  I was actually hoping for some real news Jodie.  Something like you have a foot fetish, or you like Justin Bieber because he reminds you of a ex-girlfriend. Something!! Something that I could use.

Instead, you kinda just freaked me out.


First off, she was probably nervous so her speech was kinda everywhere but then she got a little crazy…

Forget the fact that she might retire but the fact that she was this close to giving you the link to her online dating site profile… I was concerned! Someone get this woman a female STAT!

“I am single. Yes I am, I am single. No, I’m kidding — but I mean I’m not really kidding, but I’m kind of kidding. I mean, thank you for the enthusiasm. Can I get a wolf whistle or something?”

Huh? Ladies?? Where was your wolf whistle?

Doesn’t she know the only way she would get a wolf whistle is if she made out with Megan Fox or something!??!?

Then she thanked Mel Gibson and I was like whoa…. profound!!!

All in all…. it was pretty complicated. And it just stressed that actors are crazy. Cause honestly, no one cares who you screw or love, Jodie!

You have proved that as a nation we have evolved!!! Cause we knew the entire time, we just shrugged our shoulders and moved on!

And now its just another group that is too cool to include Marina!

Sigh… I shall never be cool!

WTF Wednesday-Why I Love Twitter

So I don’t have to tell you yesterday was big news. Big!

Through all the tears, hard work, visiting states, baby kissing,  political ads and finally the announcement that many had been or not been waiting for.  Obama will be our president for 4 more years.

But through it all, I had a pretty good laugh.


Twitter kept me rolling. And I tried to keep up by re-tweeting. Here are a few that made my sign hurt and renewed my love of Twitter.

God Bless America.

America made Twitter so therefore… God Bless America!

The Best Present In The World (my kids are so jealous!!)

The year was 1995. I was about to turn to 10 years old.  I was flying high…. on life people… stay with me!!!

I had just learned that my local radio station would be giving out the newly released VHS copy of the Lion King.

You guys at the time… I was obsessed with the Lion King. God damnit Mufasa dies!!! Its heart breaking!!! Despite the most gut-wrenching scene, I loved it.

Til this day I still know the whole movie by heart. Songs and all.

In fact, you should see the look in my kids’ eyes when they hear me sing the songs. I am like a God to them!!

Anyways…. so I was determined to win a VHS copy from the radio station of The Lion King. So for that whole day I spent the entire calling and redialing and calling and redialing. I never got through. Never… Got… Through….

It was devastating!

By the end of the day I was dehydrated and certainly famished. My mother snuck me pieces of bread but I was too afraid to fill my mouth in case the radio DJ answered and I will need to give the phrase that pays…. in VHS copies of The Lion King.

I was so sure I would win…. I was a  kid calling. Didn’t they know that?? Who were these grown ups calling? They couldn’t love the Lion King like I did.

Sure my mom took me to K-Mart the next day and bought the Lion King movie but that is besides the point. The point is the scarring.

Ever since that day…. I never tried to win anything ever again.

I threw away every Publishers Clearing House, ignored raffles, and especially radio station contests.

My little 9-year-old heart never recovered.

Until yesterday!!!

I get on the computer and read all my blogger friends’ blog and I saw this:

Who Wants a Chocolate Zombie Bunny by Thoughts Appear

And I just fell in love with the bunny. I love bunnies… especially when they are zombies!!!

All Thoughtsy asked for a vote and leave a comment and she would award the lucky winner. Guess what I did… well I voted.

Then I left a comment…. but then I thought… wait I need to express my utmost desire to have this zombie chocolate bunny. I was deserving…. deserving damnit!

So I left this comment:

OK first I am going to give you a guilt trip.
I never win anything!!! Once I stayed on the phone all day calling a radio station hoping to the 11th caller every hour to win a copy of the DVD Lion King.

A zombie chocolate bunny would be the best prize ever!!
I would love it…. and its a zombie!!! Zombies are the best present you give to someone you hardly know. And you hardly know me!!!
Its like I like you (chocolate talking) but if you cross me I will bite that head off (zombie talking).
P.S. Voted!!!!

Oh yea and I also threatened her.

Either way it worked…. and I won a ZOMBIE CHOCOLATE BUNNY!!

So behold my winnings!!

I can’t bring myself to eat it…. its tooo beautiful…. it needs to be worshiped like the deity its suppose to be.

So thanks so much Thoughtsy …. dreams really do come true… THANK YOU!!!!

Oh yea… that’s real blood. Chocolate blood!

That’s Not Your Baby Kanye

Dearest Kanye,

It’s come to light that you were missing at the Grammy’s yesterday… which is odd because you had a whole entire field with seven nominations—and you actually won four, including Best Rap Performance.

First off, let me just say that you are very talented. I like almost every song you have made.

But you were missing…. at a place where they give awards…and  four of them where for you!!!

I’m confused….

For someone who is sooooooo (what’s a nice word for it) arrogant, conceited, full of them self, thinks his shit don’t stink.. you sure missed your chance to promote yourself… without looking like a douche bag!!

We would have allowed it!! There would have been less eye rolling then usual!

However, you didn’t show!!

There where plenty of young girls you could have stolen the mic from.

Hmm, what could it be?? Where you protesting that your album wasn’t considered a nominee for Album of the Year?? Or is it because you don’t like talking when its actually your turn to talk?

Well, I think I figured it out.  I think I have solved this.

Does everyone remember the fateful day…. September 13,2009? We all gathered around our TV’s to watch the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. Taylor Swift had just been awarded best female video. As she was giving her speech…. this happens!!

Kanye: Yo Taylor, I’m really happy for you , I’m going to let you finish but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time…one of the best of all time!

What? Beyonce?!? Why are you endorsing her?

Who are you always around??


Who have you  collaborated in music with??


Who does he wish he was???



Because he is in love with Beyonce!!!

While else would he get up on stage, take away a mic from the a 19 year old girl, and embarrass himself by profess his admiration for another beloved artist??

He is love!! That’s the only excuse!! Love!!

So why was he missing from the Grammy’s?? Because Beyonce just had a baby. And he had to be there with her. Helping out…. wishing that Beyonce had mated with him … and pretending that Blue Ivy was his daughter!!

Sigh, poor Kanye West. He can only dream.

However, until then, he will be behind the scenes sneaking cuddles with the baby, catching glimpses of Beyonce breastfeeding.

Don’t be surprised if he gets all The Hand That Rocks the Cradle crazy!

Kanye, that’s not your baby!!


It’s All About Me Me Me!!!!

Guess what bitches???!!!

Just playing.. I should never have called you a bitch. Its wrong, degrading, and  a futile attempt to sound cool and hip.

Truth is I don’t have to get all Bad Girls Club/Jersey Shore on you.

Plus some of you readers are dudes and that just doesn’t make any sense unless we were in prison!

Where was I?

Oh yea… I have recently received (i before e except after c)  not 1 but 3 awards!!

I received two Versatile Blogger Awards

and The Liebster Award

This is what happens when you lie on countless of applications. Eventually, it will all pay off!!

And right now I am channeling Jim Carey in The Mask!

You love me! You really love me!!

And like everything in life there is a catch….

But the email said I could test a iPad 2 for free!!!!

Rules are in order …. And I must follow them.

I posted the awards above but I must also thank the wonderful people who nominated me for this bounty!!

I thank Thought Chronicle , Jumping in Mud Puddles , ThypolarLife .

I must say I love your blogs!! Not only are they funny, thought-provoking, and great blogs but you guys make me wanna blog too.

I also must list and inspire 7 things about myself.

1. I’m super bad ass. I was bad ass but now that I lived til 27 I am now super bad ass.

2. I wish I could sing. I don’t know if I would be a professional singer or not but damnit every classy lady should be able to carry a tune!

3. I don’t know about you but work cramps my style. I rather be asleep, cleaning the toliets, even changing diapers then be at work.

4. I hate pompous pricks but who doesn’t!!

5. I wish I had been born in the hippie era. I sometimes feel lost in this era. At least in the hippie era, I could blame the drugs for the confusion.

6. I am addicted to iTunes.

7.  This is my favorite number.

Now I must nominate 5 for the Versatile  award and 5 for the Liebster award.

Now as any good mother, I can’t have favorites but who am I kidding it’s usually the quietest kid at the moment.

So for the Versatile Award I nominate 5 wonderful bloggers …..

Pkitass because when she finally does blog its epic and controversial!! And funny. Her journey to Costco and the play by-play action on scoring samples is definitely in my play book!

Wise Counsel is different and very insightful.  The quotes  and poems are always nice to hear and make your day.

RubHub is blogger that does simply that. She blogs about her life and is very candid and smart. I sometimes feel its more like  a diary than a blog. Then I feel bad cause I always read my sister’s blog when she wasn’t around.

Ziiplight . This blog is different than most to what I subscribe too. Its intersting and there are always amazing pics to look at! Great photography blog!

ThypolarLife Her blogs are well written, funny, smart but then they can turn and tell a gripping life story that you can’t forget.

Congrats! I like Dooney and Bourke if you wanna get me a thank you present!

Now for the Liebster award, I nominate these 5 bloggers

Thoughts Appear Never have I met anyone who loves and worships sweets as this girl!! And then she does this awesome spin and makes it all funny and cute in her blog. Hlarious!! She also does great movie reviews!

Jumping in Mud Puddles is a hilarious blog that tells stories of her self as a child and her crazy antics with her mother. She kisses bees, dreams of being a smoking actress and still to this day she tries to invent things like a pencil that is also a flask! Brilliant!!!

Girl Contrary She is such a hilarious blogger. Her thoughts became words and they never leave you bored. Girl is witty, funny, and a girl after my own heart whatever that means.

The Ramblings This is a great blog! Tori is hilarious as she blogs about motherhood, marriage and just life in general. Her funny perspective will leave you thinking and having a great life.

Bridget Jones Has Nothing On Me is such an awesome blog. This girl literally needs to be the 5th member of the Sex and The City Girls. She is crazy and fun and you are secretly wishing she would get laid!!!

Congrats to all of you!!!

So there you have it winners!!

Now go out there and prove me right!!!

Seriously though…. write your little heart out people!!

Thursday Movie Review- Ummmm No I Haven’t Seen It

The Oscars are set to show on Feb 26th. I suddenly realized that I haven’t seen any of the movies except two.

So here are my reviews on the movies I have not seen based on what I know.

I know … weird.

But I apparently do everything half-ass so lets continue the half-assing!

  1. The Artist

   You know, I do wanna see this movie. I want to see if we, nowadays, can channel back when movies were picture perfect cinema.

The Artist takes place in Hollywood in 1927. The movie bases about a silent film star who feels he is fazing out because talking in films is now being introduced.  He then meets a young dancer who is looking for her big break.

It’s a romantic comedy and it looks cute. Plus the fact that  I never heard of the main actor and actress at all.

So two thumbs up for originality and the whole black and white idea until further notice.


2. The Descendants

    I have heard two different opinions on this movie. One said it sucked and the other said it was very good.  So I am a bit conflicted.  I would rent this movie rental worthy. So in case it does suck at least I didn’t sell my soul for a theater ticket.  What am I talking about? I am a mother with three very small kids of course I would sell my soul to go see a movie in an actual theater!!!

Oh yeah, the movie. From what I hear, George Clooney plays the part of a father who tries to reconnect with his two daughters after his wife suffers a boating accident.  The wife is on life support. Somewhere in between, George Clooney finds that his wife was cheating on him. So he takes his daughter with him to confront the young real estate broker, who was having an affair with his wife.

This sounds emotional and thought-provoking.

And I hope he pounds the shit outta that real estate broker.

I am going to say one thumbs up and the other is still in the bathroom after finishing some Taco Bell so he is undecided.




3.  Hugo

   Nope. Don’t wanna see it but I know I am going to see it against my will!!!











4. War Horse

I am a bit disappointed. This movie looks really awesome. However, it seems like it’s about a love story between a young boy and a horse.

*scratches head*

A boy and his horse are inseparable. However, when the family falls onto hard times, the horse is sold to the British cavalry. The boy meanwhile joins the army and soon finds his horse. Little does he knows the horse has been through a crazy ordeal. Now the horse must be sold.

Will they be able to stay together?

God I don’t wanna cry already!!!!

Two thumbs down for the pressure in my head!!!




So there you go, a quick highlight on a few of the nominees of best picture. Please let me know if they were good or not, or if, as usual, I am full of shit.

Thank You

P.S. Where are the zombies?? Zombies deserve Oscars too!!

Reflection: I Would Not Be “Here” If It Wasn’t For You. Thank you.

For the most part, the things that get represented here in “Blogging Land” are the bloggers. And rightly so. Each blogger writes their own different views, feelings, life stories, funny perspective, or just anything that they deem blog worthy.  It takes time, planning, thoughtfulness to keep up a blog today.

For those that do it, whether regularly or not, you are admired and respected. The fact that you take a chance and connect this way is really what it is all about.

However, we can’t over look an important aspect in the blogging scheme.

The Readers.

I know that special feeling I get whenever I get email telling me that I have a new comment, or someone liked my post, and that I have a new subscriber. Perhaps I have low self-esteem, I need attention, perhaps I need you to tell me that I exist. You see me… in this way.

Bottom Line…..

Thank you!!!

Thank you because you could be doing something else completely different but you chosen to take  10 minutes to read my measly blog.

That makes me feel so wonderful. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

I will try to put out some quality crap that doesn’t waste 10 minutes of your life.

So in honor of You!!! I dedicate today’s musical revolution to You!!

First off,  you all are my figurative Roxanne and I just wanna say you don’t have to put on the red light.

But still it’s always just you and me always… and forever….


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