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I Apologize For This Post

We can all agree that there are some crazy ass people out there. Crazy. Ass! Out there! ——>

 We walk among them at Wal-Mart and some hide it very well. 

"This may or may not work Sir."

 As clueless as I am on a regular basis, I would never know. Well until I check my site stats and see how people travel through the world-wide web to read my blog.

It normally is the same old regular stuff like Marina, or big boobs, even a little never get drunk with a friend with a camera phone. You know pretty random stuff.

Well today, I got the most weirdest shit.

And I quote, “I want to have sex with my aunt.” End quote.

Dear Lord, this person needs Jesus. Or Buddha! Damnit I don’t think even Charles Manson wanted to hit up his aunt.

For the record, I never said that I wanted to have sex with my aunt. Have you seen my aunts?!?! 

   Yeah… not happening. I am no spring chicken or Victoria Secret model but that would be lowering my standards by a several miles … yes a huge stretch!

 Now who ever was pondering this … is it your aunt by marriage? Still gross! Even if she is related to you just by marriage considering who’s been, you know “taming the lion”.

 It ain’t George Clooney! Wait is it? Well, is it?

 No it’s not. She is probably nailing some over weight, short, balding, (did I forget hairy) man with pasty skin. Who wants that on their fact sheet? YOUR AUNT!

So that should be reason numero uno why we don’t wanna Brown Chicken Brown Cow with the aunt!

Now does your aunt look like this:

Damn Bo Derek is hot and I can see why you would be tempted but I still say No!!!!! You can’t get all googly eye over a person just because they look like someone. If this was the case, then I would have been an old maid. Cause I don’t look like shit! Geez thank god we don’t live in your universe!

Wait … what?! She is?!!? Your aunt IS Bo Derek?!!?

Then what the hell are you staring at me for?

Have at it!

Consider moving to Europe or Asia. I think banging Bo Derek is perfectly allowed there!


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