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Spooky Black Birds

I am a lover of conspiracy theories! I was all into the Illuminati and     all its stories and legends.  I was into the theory of the Holy Grail representing Jesus possible life line and descendents. The JFK conspiracies, the New World Order, Operation Paperclip. There are literally hundreds of conspiracies out there.  I love the mystery and wonder and the what if’s. Once I find something interesting I am looking up everything to learn about it.

Did you hear about the black birds that fell from the sky in Louisiana?

This happened yesterday.  Apparently, an estimated 50,000 red wing  dropped dead to the floor! The discovery of the dead birds — some of which were lying face down, clumped in groups, while others were face up with their wings outstretched and rigid legs pointing upward — comes just three days after more than 30,000 blackbirds rained down from the sky in Beebe, Ark.


Necropsies performed on the birds showed the birds suffered internal injuries that formed blood clots leading to their deaths, The Associated Press reported.

It does get a bit kooky when people start to analyze and give their own input on what really happened.  For instance, The U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials has identified the cause of the bird deaths to be attributed to aliens.

Yep. Aliens.

UFOs were spotted over Arkansas right before the blackbirds died a few days ago, and there were numerous reports of UFOs near the area where the black birds were found on Monday.

“Alien spaceships have never attacked life on earth – before now.  We are concerned and the U.N. is taking this seriously and trying to make contact with the alien spaceships, which we believe come from Planet Zeeba,”  said Extraterrestrial specialist, U.S. military commander, James Bellanca.

Just someone who takes his job a bit to seriously.

However as usual,  State and federal authorities are already covering up the alien attack.  A government spokesperson explained the bird deaths this way, “Underlying disease, starvation and cold fronts where birds can’t get their body heat up have caused similar occurrences in various species over the years.” Disease?  Affecting literally thousands of birds all the same species?   Or what if the birds just decided to commit a massive suicide?

The U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials has repeatedly said that there is an alien invasion underway and will last until 2015.   The bird massacre is just the beginning.  I don’t know whether to fear for my life or  get the popcorn ready for a soon to be eerie movie!

One thing is for certain crazy things happen always in those hick towns!


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