In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

Dream, Dream, Dream

If my husband cheats on me one more time in my dreams, I will have to castrate him in the subconscious world.

I have no idea why I dream about that. It happens a least twice a month. Perhaps its a fear of mine which is weird cause even though that was happening in my dream, I was more concerned about getting myself and my friends coffee.

Dreams are weird. People say they have no meaning. Others say they do. The few dreams I have shared with Gus, he mentions that it sounds like its a fear.

I know in real life Gus would never do that, but deep in the back of my thoughts, I do realize that it is a general fear that things could go south. Which is ridiculous cause nobody has control of such things, and I know that. To conclude, I guess I am just concerned to lose one of my treasures: Gus.

If this continues I may have to start watching scary movies just to guide my subconscious elsewhere. Witches killing off a family and seducing a daughter to join the dark side is probably much better for dreams. I could use the excitement!!

Comments on: "Dream, Dream, Dream" (2)

  1. I get this, my hubs has these dreams as well and let me tell you, I’m quite the little slut in his dreams! Not good slutty either! I think we dream about our fears, insecurities and the just to mess with us, there’s always some nonsense throw in too. Fun times. Hope the dreaming gets better!

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