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Japanese Poo Poo Have All the Fun

Happy Memorial Day! Wait, that was yesterday!

But still, the thought is still there.

I am happy to be an American citizen. I can cuss, pray to a jelly donut if I want too, and I can even make fun of videos of other cultures.

But seriously folks, they are some whacked things people do, say and even watch.

Check out this little gem.

It made me feel so dirty!

I am glad singing a song about pissing is acceptable! I’ll add that to my Things to Do Because I am Free List!

Didn’t that toilet seem kind of pedophile-y? “Sit on me”?

Really? Is that an invitation?


The question of the day is now, “What time is it when your bottom feels strange?”

Uh, beer thirty? Or that prison sex is happening way to often than normal? It used to be only in the showers!!

Those grunting sounds sound a lot like American Me.

And oh my lord, don’t those tigers have any discretion?!?! They are wiping their sons ass in front of  everyone!

Seriously, I wish my poo was as happy as the little poo in the story.

Japanese poo have all the fun!


I showed this to my kids. They seemed now traumatized for life. My daughter asked me to vow on my life that I will never video tape her using the bathroom and pushing like that.

Not even when I am singing a cutesy song about wee weeing, pissing, ugghhhhing??

They gave me a death look.

 Damn it girls! Are you sure?!?!



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