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The Wind in My Sail

Sometimes there are things in life that make you extremely sad. That devastate you, that take the wind right out of you. It’s like to know the course of the ship and where it’s suppose to go, but all these waves and harsh weather make it feel like it’s impossible to get to the destination. In my case, I know I will get there but I will be badly damaged. There are things that just can’t be helped. The way a person feels, the way things used to be, and maybe the truth that you already know.

The inevitable.

I never been one to beat around the bush or linger in limbo but at this moment, that’s where it feels safer. I already know what’s going to happen. I don’t have to be psychic to see the damage that is lingering on the horizon. I feel it. I sense it. I know it. The way you see the sky darken and the clouds descend from the sky. The way you know that there is a storm coming.

There is a storm coming.

And I have no one to brace myself with. I am envious of  those around me that do. I am sick of seeing it. But like all things, you must swallow it and just move on. Cause that is all I have ever done. Move on.

There is no more time to review on what I could have done, or where I went wrong in the past. It doesn’t matter; and I’ll spend the rest of my life beating myself about it.

For now I will just have to figure a way to sail…

Sail without wind.

Actors & Actresses That If They Die I Will Cry My Eyes

Several days ago, it was announced that Comedian Phyllis Diller had passed away.

I really wasn’t familiar with her.

Then Neil Armstrong died. And even though he was an American hero I didn’t witness him walking the moon and he was always apart of history for me.

We seem to be losing many good people. It got me thinking… who would I just freakin balls to the wall cry over if they died?

So I complied a small list of people that I will definitely cry if they kick the bucket!

Steve Martin

I never saw him on Saturday Night Live but I was able to catch reruns. Every movie he has been has been hilarious.  Steve is a big part of my childhood tv/movie watching growing up. I loved The Jerk, The Man with Two Brains,  Three Amigos,  Roxanne, Father of the Bride. He is just an distinguished part of comedy. And he is part of that generation which includes Chevy Chase, Martin Short, and Dan Aykroyd.

Which brings me to my next actor…

Dan Aykroyd

I always saw him as the type of father I wanted.  All his characters were comforting to me and made me laugh as well. He is just a big part of movies for me. I can’t see not watching him in any type of film. Blues Brothers is one my favorite movies. It was something that even as child I understood that a movie like this would be seen as a classic later. And I cherished Blues Brothers. Then we had great comedic movies like Coneheads, Ghostbusters, The Great Outdoors, and one of my favorite movies My Girl.  With Dan, I will be depressed if he ever dies.

Dick Van Dyke

I will so cry if he dies. One word: Mary Poppins!!

He made me love him. He swept me off my feet at like 5 years old.  Then he made Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Oh God… please don’t die Dick. You were the ultimate man to me at 5 years old and you still old. Wait til I go first… I am almost 30!!!

Julie Andrews

Til this day, I can honestly say I never have had any one take my breath as Julie Andrews. She is the interpretation of beauty. I don’t understand why she is not the Queen of England. I was amazed by her beauty, grace, pose, and her wonderful voice. I loved her in movies like Mary Poppins, The Sound of Music. I feel like she was from an age that no longer exists with classic beauties like Judy Garland, Katherine Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn, Natalie Wood.

Clint Eastwood

My father forced me to watch westerns so thanks Dad because I never would have seen Clint in his best! Clint was the super hero, the bad ass, the CIA agent of that time. He was thrilling to watch and even now the movies he touch are pure gold.

I am sure there are more but these were the greatest examples of generation slowly passing on by. There are many new actors and actresses that I love now but its nothing like these few. These just didn’t entertain but stole the heart.

Are there any that you can name?

Dear Word Press

Dear WordPress,

Who do my friends gotta nail in order to get me Freshly Pressed, man?

I followed all your rules about Tags, Categories. I am putting myself out there. Twitter is pimping me. I can’t be any more pimped!! The STD’s need to pus up and heal!!!

I say, Word Press, start in alphabetical order of all blogs by their blog title. That way everyone gets a turn.  Obviously, you will have to read each of the blogs to determine whether they are Word Press material but too bad.

I didn’t sign up for the job. YOU DID!

I also suggest you also give preference to people who have been here a while. I have been blogging close to 3 years. Where is my 3 year anniversary blogging certificate? Maybe you could send me a jacket or a watch.

Something to know you value my words and thoughts and the fact that I assist in helping bringing people to this site!!!

How you pick me dumbfounds me?

What exactly are your qualifications for being Freshly Pressed?

Republican? Recently off of Oxycontin?

Do you allow cussing?

If not, say something!

I mean it’s not going to stop me from fucking cussing but then I can start Occupy Word Press and get you to change your liberal minds.

One step at a time, Word Press. One step at a time.

So please, Word Press lower your standards!! That way you can Freshly Press someone and make their day… like me!

Think of the lowly housewife who needs to vent. If not, she has enough chemicals under her kitchen sink to blow us all sky-high!

Think of the regular ole redneck who just wants to blog about catching gators and restoring his pappy’s pappy’s pappy’s pappy’s pappy’s house.

Think of the little Mexican girl who never had the balls to actually write anything so she gets writing outta her system by blogging about how hot Bo Derek is and we all should have plans prepared for the nearing Zombie Apocalypse.


Wanna do me a favor?

Freshly Press this!


Marina Sleeps

It’s All About Me Me Me!!!!

Guess what bitches???!!!

Just playing.. I should never have called you a bitch. Its wrong, degrading, and  a futile attempt to sound cool and hip.

Truth is I don’t have to get all Bad Girls Club/Jersey Shore on you.

Plus some of you readers are dudes and that just doesn’t make any sense unless we were in prison!

Where was I?

Oh yea… I have recently received (i before e except after c)  not 1 but 3 awards!!

I received two Versatile Blogger Awards

and The Liebster Award

This is what happens when you lie on countless of applications. Eventually, it will all pay off!!

And right now I am channeling Jim Carey in The Mask!

You love me! You really love me!!

And like everything in life there is a catch….

But the email said I could test a iPad 2 for free!!!!

Rules are in order …. And I must follow them.

I posted the awards above but I must also thank the wonderful people who nominated me for this bounty!!

I thank Thought Chronicle , Jumping in Mud Puddles , ThypolarLife .

I must say I love your blogs!! Not only are they funny, thought-provoking, and great blogs but you guys make me wanna blog too.

I also must list and inspire 7 things about myself.

1. I’m super bad ass. I was bad ass but now that I lived til 27 I am now super bad ass.

2. I wish I could sing. I don’t know if I would be a professional singer or not but damnit every classy lady should be able to carry a tune!

3. I don’t know about you but work cramps my style. I rather be asleep, cleaning the toliets, even changing diapers then be at work.

4. I hate pompous pricks but who doesn’t!!

5. I wish I had been born in the hippie era. I sometimes feel lost in this era. At least in the hippie era, I could blame the drugs for the confusion.

6. I am addicted to iTunes.

7.  This is my favorite number.

Now I must nominate 5 for the Versatile  award and 5 for the Liebster award.

Now as any good mother, I can’t have favorites but who am I kidding it’s usually the quietest kid at the moment.

So for the Versatile Award I nominate 5 wonderful bloggers …..

Pkitass because when she finally does blog its epic and controversial!! And funny. Her journey to Costco and the play by-play action on scoring samples is definitely in my play book!

Wise Counsel is different and very insightful.  The quotes  and poems are always nice to hear and make your day.

RubHub is blogger that does simply that. She blogs about her life and is very candid and smart. I sometimes feel its more like  a diary than a blog. Then I feel bad cause I always read my sister’s blog when she wasn’t around.

Ziiplight . This blog is different than most to what I subscribe too. Its intersting and there are always amazing pics to look at! Great photography blog!

ThypolarLife Her blogs are well written, funny, smart but then they can turn and tell a gripping life story that you can’t forget.

Congrats! I like Dooney and Bourke if you wanna get me a thank you present!

Now for the Liebster award, I nominate these 5 bloggers

Thoughts Appear Never have I met anyone who loves and worships sweets as this girl!! And then she does this awesome spin and makes it all funny and cute in her blog. Hlarious!! She also does great movie reviews!

Jumping in Mud Puddles is a hilarious blog that tells stories of her self as a child and her crazy antics with her mother. She kisses bees, dreams of being a smoking actress and still to this day she tries to invent things like a pencil that is also a flask! Brilliant!!!

Girl Contrary She is such a hilarious blogger. Her thoughts became words and they never leave you bored. Girl is witty, funny, and a girl after my own heart whatever that means.

The Ramblings This is a great blog! Tori is hilarious as she blogs about motherhood, marriage and just life in general. Her funny perspective will leave you thinking and having a great life.

Bridget Jones Has Nothing On Me is such an awesome blog. This girl literally needs to be the 5th member of the Sex and The City Girls. She is crazy and fun and you are secretly wishing she would get laid!!!

Congrats to all of you!!!

So there you have it winners!!

Now go out there and prove me right!!!

Seriously though…. write your little heart out people!!

Musical Revolution- I Love Old Rock!!!

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Music Revolution. I am in a rock/ hippie, Acid dropping mood. Why?? Because its Friday!! And that means I can sleep past 8 am tomorrow!! Fuck I can sleep past 6!!!

Note to self: Google acid side effects.

It’s time I treat you all to some sampling of my musical taste!

First some of The Who.

I love this song. I love the anger in this song. You know those songs that effect you? This is one of them.

Love, Reign O’er Me

In the video shown, it gives a description that the song is about a boy named Jimmy who was very into the Mod scene in the 60’s.  The first half of the opera consists of songs that allude to the frustrations and insecurities that govern Jimmy’s life, including brief glimpses of his home life, his job, his psychoanalyst, and his unsuccessful attempts to have a social life. It’s such an awesome song!!!

I also heart this song. Rumor has it that it is about a transvestite. I don’t know. It’s still a great song.

Lola- The Kinks

I am to say to say I love The Velvet Underground. They weren’t a popular band. I discovered them when I went through this whole Andy Warhol phase a couple of years back.  I go through phases a lot. Its my thing. My current phase is Walking Dead and American Horror Story and I will live and breathe it til it gets old.

Rolling Stone listed this as one of the 500 greatest rock songs ever.


And lastly, I want this on my tribute to Marina cd when I die.

House of the Rising Sun-The Animals

You’re Welcome people!!!

Things I Wish I Could Say to People But Can’t

Things I Wish I Could Say to People But Can’t

  1. Stop being so bitchy about everything!
  2. It’s just a joke dumb ass.
  3. What the fuck it wrong with you?!?!
  4. Dude, just chill out!
  5. Don’t hate on people!!
  6. Get off your ass and help me!!
  7. You are such a dick!
  8. You are my best friend!!
  9. Why do I gotta do everything??
  10. Help!
  11. God doesn’t have to be the answer to everything. He did give you a brain!
  12. Stop preaching to me! I am totally fine with going to hell!
  13. I miss you.
  14. Dude seriously, are you gay?
  15. I just want you to hug me. Can you do that?
  16. You like her better than me. Why don’ t you just say it?!?!
  17. Why the fuck are you hating on celebrities?? That’s the dumbest thing I ever heard!!
  18. Don’t poison my kids with your crappy ideas of religion!!
  19. I need a break!!!
  20. I say, “I love you so much.” But what I really mean is I love you so much. I can’t picture life without you. I didn’t appreciate life until I saw your face. If it wasn’t for you, I never would have found this peace I have now. You can never understand how much its a blessing to know you.

Thursday Book Review…. Yeah Book!!!!

So….. for the past week I have had my head stuck in a book.

My husband’s aunt had told me about it the last time she was here and it was stuck in my head. Then I saw they were making it into a movie and I thought… I better read that book asap.

I really enjoyed this book.

The story goes into the lives of three different women, Aibileen, Minny, and Skeeter.  Aibileen and Minny are both African-Americans and maids in Jackson, Mississippi. Skeeter or her given name Eugenia is a white woman.

The story takes place in the 1960’s. Skeeter has just returned from college determined to be a writer. She gets the idea to write a story based on the testimonies of all the maids and their experience working with these prominent white families.

Ailbileen is the first to tell her story much to her tight-knit black community’s dismay.  Despite Skeeter’s life-long friendships hanging in the balance, she and Aibileen continue their collaboration and soon more women come forward to tell their stories — and as it turns out, they have a lot to say. Along the way, unlikely friendships are forged and a new sisterhood emerges, but not before everyone in town has a thing or two to say  when they become unwittingly — and unwillingly — caught up in the changing times.

One of the main thing you will encounter when reading this book is racism.


What I found to be so amazing is that the prominent white ladies many times treated their maids like less than animals but believed so much that they were not racist. One of the main agendas for some the white women was to install a policy that every white home installs a bathroom strictly for the black workers and maids.  They are not allowed to share the same bathroom, utensils, or even sit near each other.

Clearly these women were racist. They viewed the maids or any black person as “those people” but felt that because they were not beating them but had instead provided them with a job they were good people. Their intolerance is totally shocking.

What is racism? What is prejudice? I raised those questions in my head as I read this. Everyone will say they are not racist. However, racism isn’t just shown in your actions. It’s also a thought process.  We might not say it but do we think it?

It isn’t just stereotypes. Its how we view these stereotypes. It’s whether we believe these stereotypes or not. And whether we let them get engraved in our way of thinking.

In some way or another, we have felt some type of prejudice. Whether it color, race, status, sexual orientation, and even gender. It has been felt in one form or another.

Sometimes we just can’t see the ignorance before our eyes.

After 9/11, any one that was an American but  practiced the Muslim faith felt the repercussions of the religious terrorists from Afghanistan. I remember reading where some people destroyed a church that belonged to a Muslim community here in the States.

Or after Pearl Harbor how people reacted to the American Japanese people who lived in the US and put them in basically concentration camps.

Or just the fact that I can’t go to a car mechanic without getting ripped a new one in my wallet.  They see a woman and for some reason see stupid.

There are small instances and then there are huge instances and no matter what the circumstance, it starts with our own thought process.


Another thing that intrigued me was the relationship between the children of these white families and their maids.

Aibileen for example feels that each of the children she raised and took care where in some way hers. She loved each of them. The current child she is raising in the story has developed such a deep bond with her that it even towers over the child’s love for her own mother.

It’s not just because Ailbileen is constantly with the child but because in this case the mother doesn’t view her daughter as hers but more of a bother and a responsibility.  To the little girl, the only one who has ever shown her attention, love, and even self-appreciation was Aibileen.

I wonder how a mother can feel disdain for her child. This was before it was recognized as Postpartum Depression of course.

Yet, it also goes to show that there were pressures in the white community as well.

Women were reared for one thing for prominent marriages and children. It seemed there were no other alternatives in their lives.  From the time they were of age, they were planning their marriage and how many children they would have.

Whether some wanted this or not or were even ready for the most part, their life was already planned for them by their parents.

In reality, there are  some cultures where there is not much difference. However, its good to know that change is still happening.

We have  women in congress, that serve as judges and in our military. Women who now decide for themselves how they want their lives to turn out.

I loved this book. It didn’t make me feel hate or anger but more of an understanding for this time period.

This was life at one time and the characters made the best out of situations and moved forward. They weren’t angry or spiteful.  They just wanted to make a difference in their community.

That is why even nowadays, we can’t and shouldn’t fight change. Change happens for the better and regardless of whether anyone is ready for it or now.

People are fighting homosexuals having the right to be married now.  Yet is it really within our ability to say no? Do we have that power?

What we do have is the power in our mind for the pursuit of happiness.  And to make it possible for all people.

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