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Missing in Las Vegas Part 2

“Thypolar, Sparkles is outside. She is asking to see you? She says it’s important.”

The woman with the cuban cigar put down her stack of money, ” What is it with these girls? It’s always important. Which one is she?”

The big brawny doorman replied, “The bitch at Fremont.”

“Does she owe me money?”

“No,” he replied. “She’s good.”

Thypolar nodded and waved him away.

Shortly, Sparkles walked in.

“Hey Don, hey. I am wondering if I could get an advance for next week. I’m hurting real bad. My rent is due and I ….

Thypolar put her hand up quieting the girl. She sat her cigar down and look at the badly dressed girl.

“All I hear is what I can do for you. You think you’re the only one with problems. We all got problems. I got feds breathing down my neck. More money is what they want. I gotta give them money, I gotta give these bums money.” she said motioning to the doorman and other brawny guys, ” You know I just celebrated my kid’s birthday. You know that shit wasn’t cheap. You know how much I paid for these cigars. They weren’t cheap. They are years salary coming from a girl like you. And they are for shit.” She smashed it into the ashtray making everyone jump around her. ” However, I am not hearing the real question. What can you do for me?”

“I am working Don, honest! I work everyday all day if I need to. I paid you all back. I am good for it. And oh and some cop came asking for you but I didn’t tell em shit. I swear,” the girl stammered.

“Big deal. Big fucking deal. I always got cops asking for me. Cops love me, don’t they boys?” she smiled. The big brawny guys in the room laughed.

“This cop was a woman. She was not dressed like any cop I’ve seen? She said you were missing.”

“Missing? What the hell?  I am sitting right here.”

“No joke boss that’s what she said. But I didn’t say shit. Just thought you should know. So about that advance can I…”

“Shut up,” she yelled. “Bruce, Deon. I wanna know about this “lady” cop that is looking for me. See what you can dig up. And Louie, give this bitch some money.”

She leaned closer to Sparkles,” If I found out you said anything and you know I will, I will give you the first privilege of taking a ride in my new black caddy T just bought me. Is that clear?”

“Ye-ye-ye-yeah Don. Sure. You can trust me,” Sparkles stuttered.


I sat in the hotel room trying to place a call. My boss never took collect calls. He bitched at me all the time about why I didn’t carry a cell. I just didn’t want to be accessible some times. In my line of work, you need to disappear every once in a while.

“Hey boss. Checking in.”

The gruff voice came on the line,”You knows how I hate these collect calls. Are you gonna pay for  them?” He groaned. He was like clock work. “So what have you got for me?”

I filled him in on my conversation with the colorful girl. His silence was not a happy one.

“Wasn’t this a missing person’s case? How did it get this serious? Well, your job is done. Thypolar is not missing. So come home. There is always work here.”

“I can’t leave now. So many questions have been left unanswered! Why was she reported missing?  Do we even know who reported her? It’s very suspicious if you ask me. I wanna know what the hell is going on? I mean, it’s not just anyone. It’s the fucking Don of Las Vegas!”

Boss’s voice raised, “That’s what it makes it so dangerous. The Don isn’t just Las Vegas’s problem. She is everyone’s problem. I knew I shouldn’t have sent you out there.”

“Well I’m staying.”

“No the fuck you ain’t. Get on a plane and come back to EP now!”


“God damnit M! If you stay, you’re off the clock. You hear me. Now get your ass here now!”

“I’m staying!” I yelled into the phone before slamming it down.  Damn my blood sugar was high. I can just imagine old Boss’s. The guy needed to back off. He wasn’t my father so I don’t know why the hell he was acting like it all of a sudden.

I walked out side to feel the cool crisp air.  I lit a cigarette. Damn, it was 10:30 AM. I needed a drink.

The whole was just weird. Who called in Thypolar as missing? And why? I needed to get more of a background. I went in to find the last known address for her. I know she had a husband and some rug rats. Where were they in all this? There was nothing on file for her husband.

I threw my cigarette out and ran inside my room. I got my jacket and my bag and ran down the stairs. 

Hailing a cab, I failed to notice the black SUV that began following us. Some cop I was.

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