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Why I Would NOT Make a Good President


I don’t mean to be political because I absolutely know nothing about politics. Seriously I don’t know anything. I know nothing about Barak but I think so far he is trying his best. He came into a shitty situation.

But hey people it could be worse…


I could be president.

This is how I would break it down.

After winning the election and that is to assume that I have charmed the country’s pants off.. I would take a week vacation!

Yes automatic week vacation…. uhhh for meditation of course.

I don’t mean to use taxpayers’ money but I just signed up  for the hardest job in the world… I may need a week to get my affairs in order. Bear with me people.

So for the first week.. it is absolutely confidential!


Alright! Alright! I will let you on the secret… but this is the only time.

I will wake up every morning bright and early at 11 am to begin the tasks. I will lie in my bed and watch The View while I have my White House chef cater to my needs. I plan not to leave my bed… ever for that first week. Anything needed can be brought to me and I will sign and review in my bed. By lunch time, I think I will  need a nap and a Cajun turkey sandwich.

After a brisk nap, I  may get my nails and toenails done. 

Shopping will be taken care of too. I need to look good as your president. So I will close down certain stores and have them deliver their merchandise to my White House. Hmmm maybe like Jareds Saks Fifth Avenue, etc…

Basically that will be the first week.

 Don’t worry after this well rested week I will push my sleeves up and get ready for some work. Everywhere I go.. when I get into or our of a car, when I walk into a building with an entourage… this song must be playing all the time.

And I will walk in slow motion every time!

I am pretty sure for the most part things will go smoothly. However, nothing can happen in the world on Tuesday evenings and Thursday evenings. Tuesday is Teen Mom and I don’t miss that show for anyone!! Sorry Japan. And Thursdays are completely booked up! CBS and NBC have a line up that even the President herself could have arranged!

Other than that we are good. Well I will keep you all updated on my TV schedule.

Everything that you see with the current President will be the same with me. I will of course have the assistance of the secret service. Along with them, I will have around the clock make up and hair team as well. They will be with my as much as the Secret Service.

Oh and the White House….

Its getting a face lift. Majorly!!

Obviously I am going to push for free health care especially for children. I will push for paid maternity leave. I will bring back the middle class and help and support their family unit, raise their family and still be able to send their kids to college without breaking the bank.

And this whole debt ceiling thing? Done!

 I would have mandatory bikini car washes… I guarantee that after a month of car washes we could totally cure our debt and then some. You guys feel like buying China???

Are you a convicted sex offender?

Boom automatic castration!! Holla…. that’s how I roll!

I am merciful but I believe in an eye for eye. Don’t fuck with our children!!

I would totally be tolerate of all religions as long as you don’t fuck up anyone else’s freedom. In fact each month I will take on a new religion. Last month I was honoring the Meatball Monster in the sky, this month I am a Frisbyterian.

I don’t care how weird your religion is- you will not be persecuted!!

However, the truth is I am a woman. And not to say that a woman can’t do the job… but I don’t know if I can do the job.

There is always that time of the month…

And with me especially… even being president… this will more likely be me…

God, cause if it were up to me, the world would close down during my period. I am no use to anyone. In fact I probably would look high or hung over. I am emotional wreck. I would be crying at everything. You know tabloids and polls would get to me. I would be depressed if my polls go down .002!!

And then trying to rule the world…

“Afghanistan why are you soooo mean!! *sobs* Why? We need to just get along?!?! *sobbing even louder* Fuck it- just bomb them.. just bomb them.”

And if I had a fight with my husband…. that would be worse.

I would be at a conference with Pakistan and this is how it would sound…

Pakistan president: I feel the US government needs let us handle our own issues and..

Me: What?!?! You don’t need us anymore?!? Thats so typical! After all we have done for you!!  We have practically dressed you, ironed your shit, fed you, stood by you when times got rough and you just dump us and move on to the next best thing?!?! “

I would be a mess….crying at every sad event on TV.

I would be a mess. A royal one. And there would be pics of me everywhere stuffing my face with tacos and burgers. McDonald’s would love me!

Now imagine that for 4 years.

I can… I mean life would be great for me. Maybe not for you….

I would make new holidays.

May 15 would be Slip n Slide day… Sept 8 Marina is the best President day… all kinds of holidays for the family!

Obviously I have a few ideas of what Prez would be like for me…. but its probably best that I don’t. You know run…due to the emotional rollarcoaster that is my life. And my quick impulses to wanna nuke bastards.

I say this cause I care! I fucking care.

America, fuck yeah!!!


Music Revolution: The “Sigh” Iconic Moments

Words and melody are what attract us to a specific time. It’s whats playing on the radio at the very moment you tell your boyfriend or girlfriend you love them. It’s what is playing at an awesome party. It’s what cheers up in your day.

Those certain songs.

I thought about iconic moments where a song has just set the mood and I came up with three for this week’s Music Revolution.

Next to music, movies are the best! So when they are combined, they create the most memorable scenes that we all wish could happen to us.

Remember the movie 16 Candles?

That movie was epic!  Remember through the whole movie she is gushing for Jake and felt like he would never notice her. Then she sees him, waiting for her!

How did you feel when you first heard this song and shared their first kiss with them?

Thompson Twins- If You Were Here


Say Anything

Lloyd was totally in love with Diane. Totally! As all things do, they broke up. However, he just couldn’t get over here.

And then Lloyd gave us this moment, and we now probably look out window daily looking for our moment.

Peter Gabriel-In Your Eyes


The Breakfast Club

In this movie, we met the breakfast club made up of 5 kids from all walks of life. You had your jock, nerd, princess, thug, and weirdo. Yet for one day they came together and cemented and everlasting relationship with each other and us.

And for the final moment, they gift wrapped the movie with this song.

Simple Minds- Don’t You Forget About Me


God I wanna be a 80’s teenager! Thanks to music!!

Marinasleeps: I Am the 5th Element.

I need to start trying to figure out these acid induced dreams and what they mean. Sure they make sleeping fun but seriously what the hell consciousness?!?!

My dreams are getting weirder and weirder and they starting to imply I am a savior of some kind. Believe me, if I am the savior you are all in a heap of trouble. Key: I would never pass up an all you could eat rib fest at Golden Coral.  This is who I have become. A possible hero with a lapse artery!

Any ways my dream  was so weird last night. Somehow I could hear the thoughts of bad forces. And they wanted to stop the coming of the Savior. No not Jesus. Even in my dreams I am not religious. My subconscious knows better! 

It was like I was the Terminator sent to protect the person who would save the world.  Wanna know who the savior was?

This Guy!

Yeah I put a cutesy photo of him because I am appalled of my consciousness lack of taste in a super hero. Seriously, where are the muscles on his body? MIA! MIA!

So yea this girl and boy were evil and wanted to take over the world. They were creepy and had mind control.  They made people commit suicide but they disguised themselves as regular people. They also were like computer programs. Talk about copyrighting Matrix!
However in the end it turned out I was the Savior! What?!?!? I was totally unprepared for this!
 John Krasinski (that guy I posted a pick over there) was just a decoy for me.
What?!?! My own subconscious playing tricks on me again.  It did totally get me.
Some how I defeated the evil man pawn but defeating the woman was so much harder. In fact, I think I woke up before I did.
So she still might be out there.
That’s a warning for you all.
Still, its awesome if my mind thinks so highly of me. Its kinda flattering actually. To my mind, I am the Dali Lama, Superman. Hell I am the 5th Element. The latina version if you will.
I am so wearing that weird white outfit!
Except I might need a ton more fabric!! These are birthing hips!!
So how do you find the meaning of your dreams? There is nothing in the Yellow Pages that says Dream Interpretation!
 None! Yeah I know! 
What did I watch this past weekend that might have warped my mind?
Well I saw the Blind Side and Tangled.
I saw Mean Girls which truth be told never gets old. Oh Lindsey I miss you! Come back!
I also saw Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle. Seriously greatest movie ever!
And then I watched this movie called Passion Play with Mickey Rourke, Megan Fox, and Bill Murray. Megan Fox is an angel and Mickey Rourke is supposed to save her from thugs and people who wanna use her.
Then Megan and Mickey have sex and….
Wait that’s it! Thats what warped my mind!!
Seeing that made me go temporarily insane! You don’t wanna see that!!
For the record, Megan Fox wasn’t even naked.
Sooooooo not worth it!
Wait was I saying?

The Final Chapter of the Dream Odyssey Part 5

OMG seriously! Don’t look!

This is it… the final chapter.

There will be no refunds or reimbursements of any kind.
I was completely frozen where I stood. I couldn’t even move my eyes to look at Frankie. She was in the dead womans body but those eyes belonged to someone else. They were completely black as if they were just holes in her head.
“Wh-what do you want with us?” I stammered. I was full of dread. She was going to kill us.
She laughed smugly and in the most harshest voice she answered, “What’s mine.” She motioned for Frankie.
I needed to buy some time, I needed to think.
“We know what you did to Caleb and his sisters. He showed us what you did.”
She angrily looked at me an screamed, “That means nothing!”
“Are you going to kill us too?”
“Yes and you will be  for fun.”
I swung the 2×4 I was holding at her but she anticipated it, touched her temple and I froze. I was not able to move. I was started to feel an immense pain surge through my body. With me out-of-the-way, she turned her attention to Frankie. He was against the stairway now. He began to bolt towards the stairs.
“Ah ah ah not so fast son.You and I have some mother and son business.”
She pulled out a small ball and put it into her eye. Once inserted, it glowed a deep red beam. She seemed to control Frankie’s body with the red-eye. Frankie turned around and made his way towards her.
She touched his shoulders, “You see. I needed your brother and sisters blood to harness the  powers that I have been trying to receive for centuries. Yet you were missing. I can’t live forever if you don’t die either. I need my full power. You will help mommy out so much if you just surrender now.”
She took out a blade.
I screamed from the pain hoping she would turn her attention to me.
Just then Caleb appeared, reciting words in a language I had never heard. He finally screamed, “She is not our mother!!”
His deafening scream released me from the stricken pain and I fell to the floor. I immediately got up, picked up the board and slammed it into her body.
She toppled over dropping the blade. She was weak now but who knew how long that would last. I hit her legs now causing her to fall to the floor.
I jumped on top of her and started piercing everywhere I thought she could touch to cripple us. I pierced her head, stomach, chest, neck until deep wounds had penetrated the body.
She was yelling and screaming at me in a foreign language but I managed to hold her down.
“Frankie! Help me. She won’t die, “I yelled.
He  held her down.
“She won’t die!” I yelled exasperated.
He took the blade from me and shoved it in socket that held the red-eye. She screamed and struggled more. It glowed in his hands. He smashed it on the floor. As he did this, the body started melting. She was burning. The skin seemed to melt right off of her. She  yelled in pain. He grabbed the blade and sliced her head off in one stroke.
I let her go and backed away. Her head was in his hands. He turned the head to the body. A ghostly face appeared of a severely deformed burned woman where the head would have been in the body.
Frankie uttered  the words, ” reverto ut utra convenit ab.”
He showed the head to the face and it screeched and disappeared.
“Frankie?” He was still sitting by the body. He seemed in a daze. “Frankie?”
He looked up. His face was unrecognizable for a moment. Then after a moment, the soft face appeared. He looked at me then at the body on the floor. He jumped.
“What happened?”
“You killed her.”
“I did?”
I looked at him strangely.
Frankie looked like he was going  to be sick. He ran up the stairs.
I got up and started to follow. I looked back at the body and saw three small bodies. Caleb looked at me; he smiled for the first time. 

Scary Isn’t It … Part 4

Ok here we go….

After Caleb’s appearance in my room, we saw and heard nothing. It was starting to feel like I had dreamt it all up. The only reminder that all this was real was Frankie.

“I hate it when its slow,” one of the employees said.

“Are you kidding there is always something to do?” I said cheerfully. “You guys can mop the warehouse, file the stacks and stacks of invoices, clear out the supply bins, clean up the offices…”

“Ok we get it we get it!”

I laughed and headed to my office.  As I was about to sit down, I heard a lot of commotion. I sighed and walked back into the main office.

“You guys seriously. I don’t feel I need to stop and point out ..” Everyone was just staring at me and at one of employees who just walked into the office from lunch.

“Whats wrong,” I asked.

“There is a weird van parked out front.”

I shrugged, “So?”

“It’s been out there for three days now. It doesn’t move. Even at night.”

These guys were trying to avoid work.  “Someone’s van must have broken down. We will give them another day to claim it and if we don’t see anything we will get in towed. Now come on you guys get back to work!”

“Wait you don’t understand. The van is always on, it’s always running.”

“Is someone in it?”

Another employee spoke up, “That’s the weird part. The van is on.  No one would leave a car running just like that. I went to knock on the doors but the windows are tinted so dark you can’t see anything. Yet the van just sits there. The other night, I got in real late. The van was there running and just sitting there. No movement or anything.”

“Creepy,” someone said.

“Ok well I’ll go ask the guy to move. And if he refuses, ” I said, “then I’ll be forced to call the police. He is on private property.”

I opened the door and walked out. These guys are always looking for excuses to slack off.

I knocked on the door of the white van. Like the guys had said, it was running. The windows were so dark I could not make anything out. I wondered if even the driver could see.

No answer.

I pounded this time.


Was it possible someone just abandoned this white van? I lifted the handle to the door and I waited for the click. Slowly I opened  the door.

No one was sitting in the driver seat nor the passenger’s.

I heard my name called. I turned back around. Frankie and a few of the employees were outside calling out to me.

I lifted my hand up  telling them to wait. I got into the van. There was no trace of anyone driving it. It was almost brand new. I noticed their was no separation to the cargo area. I stepped in, the door closing behind me. Crouching, I entered the cargo area.  Everything was empty except a dark small figure to the very corner. I creeped over to it.

I touched it and felt instant coldness. I turned it over and there was the most gruesome face I had ever seen. An old woman was dead in the van, her face was twisted in an expression that I will never forget. I suddenly felt the water under my feet. I screamed as I fell back. The van was full of water.

I was scratching to get out… but I was suffocating. The water was getting higher. I was yelling out. And then it all went black.

I woke up  yelling and found myself in my apartment. One of my employees ran to me, “It’s ok. It’s ok. You’re safe! You’re safe!”

I stopped struggling, “Wh-what happened?”

“It’s ok, we are in your apartment,” she said.

I looked around. I didn’t recognize anything. What was going on? What happened? I was getting out of the bed when it hit me… the woman! The woman in the van! She was dead!

“Where is the woman?” I demanded. “Where is the van?”

“It’s ok the police are here. We called them.”

“What happened?”

“You went into the van to see if there was a driver. Don’t you remember?”

I shook my head, “Not completely.”

“We heard you screaming so we rushed over it. You were screaming and we found  the woman. You thought you were drowning or somethng. We tried to get you out but you were fighting us. You blacked out from shock.”

“Where was the water coming from?”

“There was no water.”

I got off the bed and approached her, “There was water in the van. It just started filling up when I discovered the woman. There was water!”

“No there wasn’t. You went into shock. You imagined water.”

“I know what I saw. I was drenched in it.”

We were quiet. Shortly after Frankie came into the room.

“Are you ok?”

I nodded.

I told him all that had happened. 

“The police don’t have any leads on who killed the woman. She lived in this neighborhood. They are running the van but so far nothing has come up.”

That night I could not sleep. I walked to the warehouse and into my office. How could I feel safe even in my own home? Things were happening that I could not explain.  Several minutes later I heard the door open and close. I got up and cautiously walked to entry way of my office.

“Whose there?” I yelled.

“Just me,” the voice said. I let out a sigh of relief. Frankie.

I grabbed a flashlight and said, “Come on. I have been meaning to fix the furnace. Now is a good as time as any. Besides no one ever wants to come into the warehouse because it’s so cold.”

Together we walked to the warehouse and approached a small stair way that led to the floor down. I looked up. Frankie was looking down and not moving.

“Come on Frankie. I need your help.”

He didn’t move.

” It’ll be you and me. And there are more flashlights down there. Its ok.”

He made his way slowly down the stairs. Truth is, I was scared too. I was glad Frankie was with me. Anything was better than thinking and being alone.

The lower level was dark except a small light that beamed from the furnace. The furnace was huge and out of date. It went out on me every fall. I approached the side panel and pulled it out looking at the wiring. Frankie stood  behind me.

“Grab a light will you,” I asked pointing over to a supply closet.

Frankie did as he was told. He walked back when he saw something out of the corner of his. Nothing. Stop freaking out, he told himself.

He held the light so I could see but anxiously looked around. Again, something flashed in the side corner of his eye, making him drop the flashlight.

“What?” I yelled startled.

“I saw something.”

“Don’t be alarmed,” I said trying to break into confidence, ” there are mice down here. Who knows what else.”

As I turned back to the furnace, I saw a flash of something too. I stopped dead in my tracks.  Frankie backed into me.  Again another flash. It wasn’t light. It was like a rush of air. We were seeing something materializing in the flash of air. And just as quickly as we saw it, it would disappear. Behind me I heard a small voice. It was extremely distant and muffled. I turned around.

There was Caleb. His face was in fear. He raised his arm and pointed in the direction we had been looking. His face twisted in a scream.

“I think she is here,” my voice trembling.

The flashes continued and a deafening sound that we could not make out pierced into our heads. I covered my ears and did Frankie. The sound was starting to make out . It was laughing. A woman’s laugh.

I looked down. There floor was starting to get fill in with. We panicked. The stairs seemed like there were miles away. The water started coming in faster.

I dragged my feet and pulled Frankie through the water.

I pointed to the stairs and he nodded. We were almost there, when we heard her say, “Frankie”. It was deep low whisper.

It stopped us in our tracks. I looked at Frankie. He was more scared than I have ever seen him before. So was I.

“That’s it Frankie. This is never going away until we do something,” I yelled over the water gushing.

“No,” he pleaded.

“Frankie, we gotta try to stop her. Aren’t you tired?”my voice was raising. I was scared but getting angry every minute.

I moved as quick through the water as I could. It was past our ankles now and still rising. I grabbed the only thing I could find on a nearby bench. A 2×4.

“Show yourself!” I yelled. “Show yourself! You want us, you got us!”

There  no answer. I looked at Frankie.

“I know you want Frankie. Here he is!”

Frankie stared at me in horror. 

Before I could move, she appeared before me. She was the dead woman in the van.

Damnit… I See Dead People Part Tres (or 3 for you Mexican Americans)

Hopefully today I can finish this dream …. it may get cheesy. Or maybe wonderfully creepy. Either way I promised you nothing!

We were shorthanded in the warehouse so this meant that I had to be more hands on that day. I went downstairs and immediately joined Frankie in preparing all early morning shipments for pick up.

We worked quietly alongside each other.  It reminded me of those days in the yard, by the tree. Just me and Caleb before… and after.

Upon sharing with Frankie all my past secrets, I learned that his mother was never caught. She simply disappeared.

The very thought of his mother still on the loose terrified Frankie. He said it kept him awake most nights. And the nights when he was still able to sleep, he woke up violently.

I asked him what he saw that made him terrified of the dark. He said it was the pictures in his dreams.

“I see her; her face twisted up. I see a red ruby that she places on her eye. She is not real, she is not human. She is evil.”

We didn’t talk about after that one night. It was just comforting knowing someone understood.

I laid in my bed, the month’s past status reports were scattered on the bed. I was deep in thought, when I felt I wasn’t alone. I looked up. At the foot of my bed, he stood. The blond-haired little boy.  There was times way back when, when his presence was never startling. And now, it literally froze me.

I didn’t move a muscle as he just stood there like an old photo with bad reception. He stared at me for what seemed like hours. I didn’t move. He slowly walked to the side of my bed, still expressionless. I wanted to scream, to bolt, but I felt like a ton of bricks.

He was a foot away when a wave of exhaustion swept over me. His eyes grew intensely as the did the sudden sleepiness. I could not keep my eyes open. I fought to stay awake, to see the boy before me. Afraid to even close my eyes for a moment. Yet I did and I fell into a deep sleep.

Pictures of Caleb sitting under the tree, of climbing stairs, of carrying a much smaller boy and laying him down in a closet. I saw his mother glaring at him. I saw him and his sisters shoved into a flooded bathroom. Flashes of light, the smell of smoke. Of cooking flesh.

Then I saw the red-eye. The red-eye of the mother. She was burning but she did not seem in pain. She was the quite opposite.  She was laughing.  Then she saw me. She touched the side of her head and I withered in pain. She touched her hip and I fell to my knees. As I cried out in pain, I saw her energy was weaking. And in her mind’s eye, she saw Frankie sleeping in the closet as a baby. Rattling and shouting coming outside the house stopped her in her tracks. She was hungry for more blood… but she would have to wait. I was still at my knees and I saw her walk past me. I looked up and she was gone.

I shot up in the bed gasping. As I opened my eyes, I searched the room. I was alone. Yet, my body was aching. I ran to the door and headed for Frankie’s apartment.

The lights were on as they always were. I pounded on the door. He opened it quickly. I rushed past him and sat down.

“I saw her.”


“That woman! Your mother. I was working, doing some last-minute things and he showed up. Caleb. He came up to me directly and stared at me. I think he made me fall asleep because all of sudden I felt so tired! I could not keep my eyes open. In my sleep I saw her. I saw what she did to your brother and sisters. I saw how Caleb hid you. I saw her red-eye! She has these powers and she used them on me. I was in pain, Frankie. Real pain. She contorted my body. I couldn’t move. Then she stopped. She looked like she was used up and spent. And then I saw her look where you were hiding. She was going to come after you… She needs to kill you to become stronger!”

Frankie’s eyes were wide.

“I think he’s trying to warn you. She might still be looking for you. It sounds crazy but I know what happened. I remember everything. I am so sorry. I just am scared… I’m scared for you.  I don’t know what to do.”

Frankie sat down next to me, paler than usual.

“I am tired of being so scared all the time,” he whispered.

I looked at him. Gosh he was just a kid but the weariness of the whole situation weighed on him, aging him.

“We need to stop her!” I said.

“How? We don’t even know what she is, what she can do, or where to find her?” he exclaimed.

I sat quietly.

“Before I had met you, I questioned my sanity a thousand times. My dreams made no sense to me.  Then showed up at my door. You made everything I had seen and heard make sense. It was no coincidence! Caleb brought you here for a reason. I can’t just let this go!”

He didn’t say anything. He didn’t have too. He and I both knew that whether we wanted this or not, we were involved. There was no escape. We had no choice. If we wanted any part of a life back, we needed to follow though.  In the silence, it was decided that we had to find her. We had to kill her.

Not far outside, a woman stood outside. People would recognize the woman who normally walked the neighborhood nightly. If you looked closer, you would see the red-eye emitting.

Ok so I didn’t finish. Do you blame me?? This is turning into a movie. Damn Hollywood and your fancy allures of fame and fortune.

For sure tomorrow. I am getting tired of pale people.

How much for the pope to bless my pillow Part 2

So here is the second part of my dream … I am scared just typing it. Sooo you’re welcome. Please turn your eyes from the bags under these eyes!

Part 2

Days went by after that night. I knew I had freaked out my friends. I screaming out the window reaching out for something they couldn’t see. I stayed indoors for a while. At night, I would relive the electrocution scene. My body would not let me forget.

Years passed and I soon inherited from my father a small ware house that was a receiver for local grocery stores in the neighborhood. It also had a few small apartments on the top floor and that’s where I moved in. I treasured my solitude. I stayed busy at my work, employing interesting and trust worthy people. We all became close and many of them moved in the apartments above.

One morning I was in the office  and one my employees came in.

“Hey we got a referral from that temp agency. I thought you ended your contract with them.  We don’t need any more hands do we?”

“No we sure don’t. Why do they keep sending people here?”

“Well all I know is some guy is here. You should see him… he is pale as shit!”

I got up and rolled my eyes. I walked to the front main office.

“Hi welcome to Grocer Warehouse. How can I help you?”

“Hi,” he responded timidly. “I was referred here by this temp agency.” He handed me his paperwork. “My name is Frankie. I don’t have experience but I can learn fast and I can start right away.”

“We aren’t hiring. I don’t know why they sent you here. There is some mistake…”

He interrupted me, “Please. I really need this job. Please.”

Everyone was staring at us now at this point. I sighed.

“Ok fine. However, you are on probation. If you don’t work out, you don’t work out. Ok?”

He nodded eagerly. I sent him to be trained and I went back to my office.

Weeks went by, and true to Frankie’s word, he came through. He picked up everything up quickly and took every shift. He worked well and hard everyday. Eventually he took up our last available apartment in the warehouse. We seemed complete.

One night while I went over all payments of receiving, Frankie stayed late to mop the warehouse down. I was deep in my work when the lights started flickering. I ignored it at first. Yet the lights kept coming on and off. I got up and header to the breaker board down in the warehouse.

“Frankie, I’m coming down.”

Even with my warning, he seemed startled to see me. I could tell the flickering lights were making him uncomfortable.

“Don’t worry it might be the wiring. This place is old. It used to my father’s and his father’s. So who knows if they tinkered with this or not?”

I opened the box and the lights completely shut off.

I heard Frankie whimper. Strange. I was uneasy too  of course  but he was terrified. I felt in the darkness for all the switches. I didn’t know what was what. I could hear Frankie’s breathing becoming faster and faster.  Damnit, just switch any of these on!

I tried a few and soon after the third or four try I turned it on. As soon as the light turned on, the image of my young childhood friend materialized and vanished all at once.

I yelled. Frankie looked at me… suspiciously. 

I must have just imagined it. I realized I was holding my breath.

“Sorry. I guess with all these commotion,” I said lowering my hand from my chest, “I thought I saw something.”

“Yyyou saw it too?” he stammered.

We looked at each other surprised.  No ever saw the blond-haired boy who frequented my memories, my dreams, my nightmares.

“I think we need to call it a night. Turn off lights and meet me upstairs. I’m locking up.” I ran upstairs avoiding his stares.

Frankie never said anything about that night, thank god. If he did, I don’t know how I would have handled it.

It was a regular late afternoon, everyone anxious to get out and go out on this Friday.  I was packaging some paperwork in the office when one  of the employees yelled that Frankie was downstairs and needed me. I ran down to see what the trouble was.

“What’s going on Frankie?”
“I think I messed up these orders. I don’t know how to fix them. One of these shipments is getting picked up at any moment. I don’t know how this passed me by. I am so sorry..”

“Frankie! Its ok. Let me see your PO’s.” We started thumbing through receipts and package receipts when I saw something in the corner of my eye.  I glanced up and saw nothing.

“Wait Frankie, this was an emergency order. I don’t normally do these because they are nothing but messes… ” and there was the feeling again. Something had walked behind me. I started to turn but noticed Frankie’s face. It was stone white and he was staring towards the stairway. I turned around and saw what he was looking at.

It was the pale little boy, blond. He was just standing there staring at us.

I backed up and into Frankie. The boy stood there for a few more seconds then turned as if to walk away and disappeared.

I was still standing there, not breathing. Frankie put his hand on my shoulder and I jumped. I looked at him trying to speak but I couldn’t speak.

“You saw Caleb, ” he said, voice broken. “He was my brother.”

“Your brother?” I said breathlessly.

“Yes. He died when he was 5 along with my older sisters.” He put his head down. “My mother killed them.”

I didn’t know what to say.

“I don’t remember what happened. I was told my brother and sisters hid me in a pantry I guess when they knew my mother was going to hurt them. All I know is that I was found and put in foster care. I left  two years ago and have been trying to get my life started. I don’t know why I have been seeing him. I saw Caleb a lot when I was little in the foster home when I was scared or alone. Then I didn’t see him anymore.  And when I started working here, I started seeing him.”

I was speechless. He could tell because he said, “No one ever believed me when I talked about him. So I never said anything about it anymore. But you see him, right? You see him?”

I nodded.

“I still get scared but I think maybe he just comes to remind me or maybe protect me.”

Little did we know that his recent appearances weren’t just for any reason. He was coming to warn us. Warn us of what was yet to come.

That night I told Frankie everything. From the first days of my school til the time at the house with the thumping and electrocution sounds.

Things I never told anyone. But I told him everything. He listened. Never saying anything in response.

After that night, we waited for the next time we would see Caleb again. And also for the weird explanation of how random Frankie would unknowingly find me.

Third part tomorrow….pray that no  scary blond hair boys visit me!!

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