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Sometimes You Need A Dose Of Samuel L Jackson

More than anything, I wish Samuel L Jackson was my best friend. He is that push you need in the morning, you know?
“Wake the fuck up Mothafucker!!!”
How can you say no to that voice?
He would be the buddy you need to give you a good kick in the ass.
And sometimes when other people offer you advice, it just doesn’t process like Samuel’s.
Now Taylor Swift, I appreciate your attempt in riding yourself of your asshole boyfriend but it just hasn’t sold me.
For one, you didn’t use dumbass or bitch!
Here let Samuel show you how its done.


Wordless Wednesday- YOU ONLY HAD ONE JOB!!!

I use this line a lot during football season when you are counting on your field goal kicker to get it between those goal posts for those extra points you so desperately need.

The feeling gets so intense as you watch THE FIELD GOAL KICKER miss the goal posts entirely.

Dude!!! You have one god damn job!! To get the ball in between the posts!


So here is “YOU ONLY HAD ONE JOB!” to the rest of the world.

WTF Wednesday- Perfecting the Photobomb



The urban dictionary states Photobomb: (verb)- to drop in a photo unexpectedly…to hop in a picture right before it is taken. (2) An otherwise normal photo that has been ruined or spoiled by someone who was not supposed to be in the photograph.

How does one perfect the photobomb?

First you must notice someone in the process of about to take a picture. You must act randomly and rather quickly to ensure true authenticity of the photo bomb. Get into the background of the person getting a picture taken and basically hijack the original focus.

Here are some examples:





What the ….. !!!



This is epic!


I hope you learned something today. Now go forth…. and hijack someone’s photo today!!!








Wordless Wednesday- Call Me Batman

You guys…

I really needed this laugh.

I need anything to stop me from slapping Kristen Stewart in the face for cheating on Robert Pattinson.

I mean who are you Kristen!!!

Who are you?!?!

I am screaming obscenities in my head to you!!

Damnit I need to watch that Batman video again.

WTF Wednesday-I totally want this

I like to exercise even though I never do.

That was a pretty dumb statement but its true. I love exercising especially lifting weights. I really want a total gym but I can’t afford it.
(Will take donations…. just saying)

There is always something new on the market that promises you results and the body you always dreamed of. For the most part, these industries know how to make results.

Except for this one. I don’t know what they are insinuating.

What is this working out? Your vajajay? Your penis?


Is it promising results on how long you can squat when you doing position #137 of the Karma Sutra… the eager Froggy?

I just don’t get it. But, I do think this is funny as shit. And I would like to believe that those Koreans were honestly trying to make an exercise machine and don’t see what they actually made. But no one can be that dense right?

So I guess I gotta add this to my collection.

Sex swing… check.

Ace Power…. check!

Wordless Wednesday- (Facebook) Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

I don’t have a Facebook.

Part of me doesn’t want one. I can not handle people that I went to school with trying to reach me. Seriously. I see old classmates and I duck and run. I am constantly checking the local arrest photos secretly hoping to run into a photo of someone I knew from high school.

I am evil … no need to tell me twice.

But when I see instances like these it kinda makes me wanna join Facebook to see these retards first hand.

Its like you don’t wanna be a part of the car wreck but you don’t mind watching from a  safe distance. Hopefully the people in these depictions are in that wrecked car.

Is there such things as too much information?

You may not know this but your pain is funny.

What is that face you make when you are Twitter stunned?


Something like that.

All I can say is this status definitely wins Most Likely to Have the Cops Called.

Hey self-righteous chick, its the truth! If anything the positivity should be applauded even if it sounds trashy!

Yikes! That premature ejaculation is always a kicker.

I’m appalled that no one mentioned the good sense that occurs on Facebook every so often!

Never piss off someone who can not spell!

Whoa people of Facebook! The only winner here is Jason!

Round of applause for Jason!!

So there you have it… a sample of  sweet technology being used to air out all your dirty laundry.

Just make sure to air it out a safe distance from the general population!

Wordless Wednesday- The Kids Ain’t Alright… or Are They?

I hate when people compare the kids in our nation to others kids in other countries. That is just messed up y’all.

So what if China is smarter than us… so what?? USA is still top dawg!!

Wow… I think that sentence alone just demonstrated our ultimate doom.

If that didn’t… this will for sure will.

Ok so technically this is incorrect. Technically. Yet, I would reckon that  STDs do make a person sad.

I don’t know about any of you guys but this kid right here has a strong personality. If you didn’t know, that is something very valuable in our line of politics. I can just see this kid becoming a senator… then having an affair, lying about it, then being acquitted of using funds inappropriately to take care of his mistress and love child.

When in doubt …. I don’t know… fucking guess!

Could the sudden decline of our kids because of our parenting??

I can’t say. This could have been about me except I’m actually 77 feet and a half.

Blasphemy!! May the gods have mercy on this child’s soul!

You don’t take away a parent’s right to drink!! What would be the purpose of getting up the morning?!?!?

Maybe the problem is that we are setting up our kids to fail. We should all know our limits. Like this kid.

That’s exactly why I am not a nurse. That and I really don’t like people. Or touching them.

Ummmmm….. staying positive all the time. Other countries could learn from this. Despite problems, you can keep your life upbeat and very colorful.

Never let people question you!

This teacher is definitely a hippie. I never have been punched in the vajay jay but I have punched someone there. It was no picnic for them. Trust me!!

Clap…. Clap …. Clap….

 I don’t about any of you guys but I learned that our kids are very realistic. Maybe we don’t know what x-x(2) is but we got street smarts…. hell we can hustle our way through life!

Our kids are keeping things in perspective. They get the point of life… obviously! STDs suck, we get our parents …generally, and sometimes the most important things are the little things … (sea horses over barnacles!).

Team America … Fuck Yea!

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