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Best Monday … Ever


Any Monday that means I can sleep in and not go to work deserves an award!

This never happens for Monday. Never.

I can tell you already that I slept in! And it was marvelous!!

Truth be told this weekend I have seen a lot of kids’ shows.

And I have to tell there are some weird tv shows.

For instance have you heard of the show Oobi?

Its hands. That’s it. Hands with eyes or hats. Some hands have hair and some don’t. And they “talk” kinda.

At first, it was kinda scary. No,  more like weird. Arms going to the bath room, taking baths, trying to eat.

The whole time I am thinking, my kids are loving this shit! Loving it! Now why didn’t I think of this show and become rich?!!


However my ideas would have probably not been soooo inspiring!

Howdy Boys and Girls

Another show that weirds me out is Yo Gabba Gabba. I feel like I should be high when watching this! Seriously! It’s like a crazy bad trip with too many colors and monsters!

You know I’ve been there!

True, they teach my kids real music like Debbie Deb-When I hear music but still where are the special brownies when I need them.

There are a few gems on their network. I love Ni Hao Kai-lan, the Wonderpets. Anything with cute animals and cutesy songs… count me in.

But even the most cutesyof things turn into Venus  death traps begging you to jump ship!

The first time I heard this song I was smitten. It was so cute.

Then I went on a trip with my kids.

And I wanted to slit my throat.

Aren’t I good to these kids? Why me ?? Why do I deserve this?

 There is one little diddy that I most absolutely love!

My sister told me yesterday that I am gay because I love gay things.

Its true. I am gay.

Isn’t it cute?!?!

Did you notice that the artists made the dad with muscles?!?!


My husband has been gone a long long time.

No judgement. Please!

 So yes… I was educated! And also while I was watching these shows I also learned that I can moco jumbie with some help from Mike’s Hard Lemonade.

Wahoo go re-cooperation Monday!!!!!

How was your weekend?

Hopefully you got laid or know someone that did!

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