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Revolting Moments in the Past or I Wish I Knew I Was Badass

Here I was on a Sunday night trying to figure out something for Monday’s blog.

I just had listened to Lady Gaga’s new song “Edge of Glory” and was dancing around to it when my young baby boy, Ryan size 2T (in case you were wondering) came and asked me for iced tea. Yes my children love iced tea with a pinch of lemon. At the MarinaSleeps residence, we raise excellence. Pinkies up Playas!!








Any who, as I was getting my baby boy what his little heart desired I noticed his little dimples. They are sooo cute. And yes  like any good mother my heart melted and my mind went immediately to making  a brain note to thank my mother because those dimples came from her solely and not from me or Gus.  Damnit!

Then for some reason that little moment shot me all the way back to middle school.

In middle school, I was sooo damn awkward. I was a town boy in elementary so bad that it was a huge culture shock when I came back from summer vacation to see all the girls I knew of were now dressing like little tramps. Ok to be fair they weren’t tramps.  They were just a far cry from me. I was an alien.

This was me








This is the best description of the other girls

So it was the first day in class, and I was scared shitless in one of the many classes I would have. I noticed one girl was sitting at her seat and boys seemed to circle her, already.
Her name  was Ivette. And yes that’s her real name cause I don’t give a fuck enough to give her a fake name. Serves the little stuck up chick right!!
The teacher started asking us questions about ourselves and when it was Ivette’s turn; this what the little prissy bitch said, ” My name is Ivette (fuck don’t remember her last name) and I’m from Marion Manor Elementary. I love sports and I have a lot of friends. I have two dimples. My daddy told me that the reason I have dimples is because I was so cute as a baby an angel came down and kissed my cheeks. The kiss gave me dimples.”
She said that last part in baby voice!
Yeah… she said that. I remember thinking Are you fucking kidding me?!!?
She either honestly believed that shit and said it to be cute or she didn’t believe it and she still said it to be cute. Bitch! We are 13 years old at the time!!
Right from that moment, her dumbass words set the wheels in motion for me never-never to like her. Somehow she had convinced her self that she was so freakin adorable.
Would I call her adorable?
Well she has crooked teeth and her ears stuck out and were extremely pointy. So helllllll no!
I remember her looking at me as she finished saying that and I had the WTF look on my face.
You know what I am talking about!!
When she saw my face, she wasn’t feeling me either.
I mean, you don’t say shit like that and not expect an ugly look. I mean, I was sitting there as everyone giggling and cooing (yeah fucking cooing and awning like she just had a damn baby) and I was the only one who didn’t seem to get how fucking conceited that was!
That definitely was a revolting moment.
I learned people will agree with stupid bullshit just be accepted and liked.
Right then, I also noticed it wasn’t in my interest to smile along and act like everyone else.
 I didn’t think it exactly, but I was pretty bad ass now that I think about it.
So for the rest of middle school and high school, the chick did not like me. And I did not like her either. She kept up her charade til she just kinda disappeared.
Good for her! She needs to develop a personality.
I actually saw her a few years ago working at the movie theatres. 
Ha ha… not so glamorous now!!

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