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Soooooooo this is how its gonna work!

Hi There!

Hello fellow bloggers. This the Part Deux to this blog that I wrote on Tuesday.

If you are just joining us or have recently been participating to be a test subject in the theory of time travel, I will be give you time to catch. Clink the purple link see whats been going down. Now Go…..


I dig that song! Welcome back. I got a great response from many of you who indeed want to participate in my Care Package Adventure .

That needs its own music. Sweet!

So now what? Well that’s what I was thinking. And I just sat there nodding my head like an idiot. That’s very contagious.

My good friend/blogger (Thypolar)  friend could feel I was boiling over with the “What Nows?”

So here is what she came up with.

And I quote,”… so I think you should write another post about it and ask that anyone who is interested in participating to email you with an address that they would like their stuff sent to. Then take everyone’s information and put an info sheet together with names, WordPress user names, blog links and address. Then u can make a calendar and assign one blogger a month to be the receiver. All the other bloggers send out their care packages to that one blogger. Then email back everyone with this master list. That way if bloggers can check out the blogs of people they don’t know and kind of get an idea of things they might like. We can just rotate bloggers through months and if new bloggers want to join in you can just add them to the bottom of the list.”

And breathe. Woosaaaa.

So Step 1:  Let you all know via blog that if you are interested in participating,  please email me your address that you want the (wait for it) Care Package Adventure to be sent to. You know, if you prefer your work address, or you by chance have a P.O.Box or you rather list your mothers address that way in case lets say Thypolar (and I am just picking names here) is by chance a unmerciful and quite artistic killer she will a) be stumped at the post office b) kill your boss or 3) kill your mother’s fish cause she was at bingo instead of at home. God I wouldn’t put it past her!
My email address is

Step 2) I will wait til the weekends over allowing all those to give me your email address. Oh and please let me know who you are and your WordPress or blogger information. It just makes sense. Then I will organize a calendar where one blogger a month is a receiver.  All the rest of our bloggers will send them their care packages during that month.

Step 3) Once I have it down who is participating  I will send the list of emails to you all and you can start from there. That way if there are any bloggers you are unfamiliar with (who the heck is Marinasleeps and why is she always asking for money?!?), you will have time to read their blogs and become familiar with them.

Step 4)  Each month we wil  rotate  with a new receiver and, if I have to, I’ll  post it in a blog in the beginning of the month. Any one else that wants to join later on we will just put them in the bottom of the list.

So how does that sound?

Complicated? Probably, but you will be getting surprises so no complaining!

So send me your info with desired mailing addresses!

And remember, for the stuff in the care packages, keep it simple or sweet. No Gucci purses … well if  you insist.

So if anyone has questions or comments, let me know. I will answer quickly unless it’s at 3 am. Thats when I am mindlessly trying to turn myself into a werewolf. So far I have grown hair on my foot!

The power of believing!

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