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Apparently I Also Suffer From A Broken (heart) Collarbone

Actually. No.

I am just kidding. I suffer from a broken heart. And I must say … I HATE THE NY GIANTS. LOATHE.

I watched the Monday Football game in toll with my Romo jersey.  The kids and I were all camped around the TV in hopes that we will see the Cowboys they way we love them.  We love them to WIN.

In the beginning, it was going great. And then it happened. Romo was down, hurt! He got escorted out! The atmosphere changed. I was in panic mode. WTH!!! Someone explain something! I was like an angry parent yelling at the doctor, “What happened? Is he gonna be ok? Will he finish this game?”

No answers. Kitna came out. I always said before of how I don’t like Kitna. He sucks. How can he be our second string QB?!?!  The momentum was gone. Where was Ware? Where was Ratliff? What the fuck line men? Stand your ground. It was just one thing after another. 

I was angry, let down because it was like I was watching the Lions. The ball did not move. Despite tries (Dez Bryant’s return led to a TOUCHDOWN!!), we weren’t moving.

In the end, we didn’t do terrible. Sure people stopped trying. Maybe they thought it was hopeless. But Kitna still managed to get two touchdowns. He put the team 6 points behind the Giants. And everyone was saying, the Giants are on fire! Really?!!? Then they should have blew us out the water. We should have lost by 20! Yes I know. A win is a win.

Truth is, I can’t blame Kitna. No one can’t. He doesn’t practice with Whitten, Williams, Austin, or any of the offense. Romo is out … so lets concentrate on what we got! Get Kitna comfortable with plays that he can do. He can’t do Romo plays because he is not Romo! Design plays for him! The team has changed so now focus on getting the confortable back.

Someone needs to lead the team. Stand up Bryant! Stand up Ware! Boost the momentum! Someone do something.

I have now crawled in a hole. True, I feel like shit do to sinus and alergies. But my heart is  broken. Football can’t be over already, can’t it?

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