In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

I AM Shameless.

I recently devoured a show on Netflix. You may have heard of it. It’s a popular show on Showtime called Shameless.

When I say devoured, that is exactly what I did. I loved the show. With in five weeks, I saw 6 seasons.

But during my marathons, I noticed that as much as I loved the hilarious drama filled roller coaster of a show, it was starting to affect me.

Whenever an episode would reach a pivotal event or something would not work out like it should (which was all the flipping time), it would send me into an emotional turmoil. I would be grumpy and moody. I would be depressed. I then would HAVE to watch the next episode and the next. Just to fill some crazy non-existent void. There were even time were I would take breaks because the emotional chaos unraveling before was just too much to handle. I think, and stay with me here, I was copying a lot of the emotions of characters and reliving them in my own actual real life! Do I sound crazy or what?

That has to be insane. Who does that?!? I started realizing what I was doing and how bad it would be. For example, one of the main characters Fiona is just basically on self-destruction when it comes to her own happiness. She implodes herself on purpose! Well I started taking out her anger on thoughts on my own spouse. Like if he actually deserted me the way character deserted Fiona in the show. Insane. I am even embarrassed to talk about. So I started to take it slower in these episodes. I put less emphasis on them. I would sleep rather than watch an episode. I would go out side  rather than watch a episode.

I finally finished yesterday. And I handled the devastating end with calmness. In fact, I was so distracted with ACTUAL real life that I didn’t give the show much thought after I watched it. You know, like a normal person.

Then I got Instagram, Twitter, Snap chat etc and followed every character and anything having to do with Shameless.

Ok, maybe not so much a like

Dream, Dream, Dream

If my husband cheats on me one more time in my dreams, I will have to castrate him in the subconscious world.

I have no idea why I dream about that. It happens a least twice a month. Perhaps its a fear of mine which is weird cause even though that was happening in my dream, I was more concerned about getting myself and my friends coffee.

Dreams are weird. People say they have no meaning. Others say they do. The few dreams I have shared with Gus, he mentions that it sounds like its a fear.

I know in real life Gus would never do that, but deep in the back of my thoughts, I do realize that it is a general fear that things could go south. Which is ridiculous cause nobody has control of such things, and I know that. To conclude, I guess I am just concerned to lose one of my treasures: Gus.

If this continues I may have to start watching scary movies just to guide my subconscious elsewhere. Witches killing off a family and seducing a daughter to join the dark side is probably much better for dreams. I could use the excitement!!

Uh the holidays.

Secretly I am starting to hate the holidays. I hate having to go Walmart, buy all the groceries to make the Thanksgiving feast. Then cleaning…. I feel like all I do is clean. So I will clean for everyone to come over and then clean again once everyone is gone. I am annoyed with the casual talk. Its nothing meaningful to me. Because the people who are there…. why are they even there?

Its not for me. Its definitely not for me.


They will eat and then run off to their real family and friends and I will be left with pots, pans, and food on the floor.

It hasn’t even begun and I am over it. I wish we could just fast forward through til Friday and I can start enjoying my days off.

Its getting to the point where I just want to be with my husband and kids. No one else. I don’t wanna handle the in-laws. I don’t wanna handle the charade of pretend family.

Bah hum bug. Right?

Maybe I am getting older at a faster rate than everyone else.

Or maybe I am just tired of going along with this joke and rather just have things as they are. I am alone.

Books Books and More Books

I recently finished reading The Shining and another entitled The Long and Faraway Gone.

Both were good books. Thrilling, suspenseful, and interesting. And it felt so good to read again. I feel like I haven’t had time to do anything. Yesterday, I saw a movie. Again, I felt like myself again and not running through the masses like chicken without its head. Go here. Meet here. Practice here.

I can’t say what exactly is my genre of book that I favor. I know for sure I am not into romance. I despise the sleazy art work on the cover of those books. With my books, I want a good story. I want a lesson. I want thrill or pain. I want an explanation or no explanation at all.

So for the past few minutes, I have been going through countless of books (on discount) looking for something that might interest. I am sadly a judge by the cover kind of person. However, it hasn’t steered me wrong yet. But my picky-ness has made me incredibly picky when it comes to reading.

Some of my favorite books are I Never Promised You a Rose Garden, Pillars of the Earth, The Alchemist, The Good Earth, White Oleander, and many more.

So any recommendations you can give me will be much appreciated. I need to find a book that will sustain a four hour practice today in the cold.

I Miss Writing

And I am not even that good at it….

But I miss it . So I am going to try to get back into it.

Lately, I have been living on the field. I live on the football field where Ryan now plays tackle football and Savannah and Sienna cheer. I have to say all three are actually good at what they do. Ryan has been managing at least 2 touchdowns a game, at least a fumble recovery and tackles galore. If he was on the wavier wire, I would be picking him up! The girls took well to cheer leading surprisingly well.  Sienna was always flexible so this is just so easy for her. Cheerleading has made a leader out of shy Savannah. So things are coming along well.

Well this wasn’t much but I am going to try to be here more especially  with something more interested to write about. But what counts is that I am here, just like I am here at work with Laryngitis and a touch of bronchitis.


The Wind in My Sail

Sometimes there are things in life that make you extremely sad. That devastate you, that take the wind right out of you. It’s like to know the course of the ship and where it’s suppose to go, but all these waves and harsh weather make it feel like it’s impossible to get to the destination. In my case, I know I will get there but I will be badly damaged. There are things that just can’t be helped. The way a person feels, the way things used to be, and maybe the truth that you already know.

The inevitable.

I never been one to beat around the bush or linger in limbo but at this moment, that’s where it feels safer. I already know what’s going to happen. I don’t have to be psychic to see the damage that is lingering on the horizon. I feel it. I sense it. I know it. The way you see the sky darken and the clouds descend from the sky. The way you know that there is a storm coming.

There is a storm coming.

And I have no one to brace myself with. I am envious of  those around me that do. I am sick of seeing it. But like all things, you must swallow it and just move on. Cause that is all I have ever done. Move on.

There is no more time to review on what I could have done, or where I went wrong in the past. It doesn’t matter; and I’ll spend the rest of my life beating myself about it.

For now I will just have to figure a way to sail…

Sail without wind.

There are some really dumb shows on TV.For some reason, my husband is really into the reality ones that come out on Discovery and A&E like Big Catch or Moonshiners.

Have you seen that Amish Mafia one? Freaking stupid!! I can’t believe people watch it!! It’s absolutely horrible that it is funny! If there is an ounce of truth in the show, these must the stupidest people ever. Yes, there are shows like Honey Boo Boo that are dumb as well. But that’s the purpose of those shows. So when you watch them, you can sigh a breath of relief that you are doing something right. Shows like the Amish Mafia are trying to be serious and act like they are so hardcore.

My husband over the years has really been into this one show called The Devil’s Ride.


Its about a biker gang, The Laughing Devils,  and  their reign in San Diego. Up until recently they were the most popular and biggest gang there until an ex-member decided to start his own rival gang, Sinister Mob, with the same colors!! So now, both gangs can not co-exist. It just can’t be done.

devil-600-1391104674    Do they do illegal things? I haven’t watched enough to say yes. However, I saw last night’s episode and rival gang Sinister Mob went around beating the tar out of members of Laughing Devils. And they showed it. Happily.

  And I am just wondering, is this for real? Where is Hell’s Angels show? Would they be stupid to air all their activity on Discovery? I don’t know how real this show is. So far all the information verified that these are real bikers with a real gang. If that’s true, then why aren’t the San Diego police pounding on their doors?

  Another thing too, these bikers talk a lot of shit. A lot of the show is about them planning and planning and raising hell with words, puffing their chest out acting all bad ass. BUT THEN NOTHING HAPPENS!! Yesterday, there were actually fists raised but I think that was the first time I have seen that and not just talking about it. This show is an embarrassment to bikers every where I bet. It’s almost cringe worthy.

I watch another episode tonight.

Yes, I am still watching it. Everyone likes drama!! I am hoping someone cries!!



 I finally was able to see movies this weekend. And not just one but three. My husband doesn’t share the love of movie watching as I do. Normally I have to sneak under the covers at like 1am with the head phones and good ole Netflix.

So I have no idea what possessed him but I am not going to question it.

This weekend we FINALLY saw Man of Steel (we are extremely behind), Wolverine, and Prisoners. Wolverine kinda sucked. Man of Steel I liked. 

Prisoners…. I just want to get stuff off my chest about this movie.


I really wanted to see this movie. I was excited when it first came out however it was so intense it gave me a headache. There was so much pressure spewing from this movie that I was so relieved when it was over.

I liked it though. It was gut wrenching and I can’t remember breathing through the movie. However some of the mystery of the story was all over the place. The point of thrillers are to leave you guessing, constantly looking for the answer while it throws you curve balls the entire time. Prisoners did do that, but a lot of times it felt like a if a few lies were being told but the liar never remembered them to channel back to them.

The story line is pretty solid. A parent’s worse nightmare; having your child go missing and finally reasoning that she was in fact abducted.  Of course it would tug at your heart strings.

Both Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal star in a story that poses the question: How far would you go to protect your child?

Keller Dover’s  (Jackman) daughter and a neighbor’s daughter go missing and suddenly minutes turn to hours. The only lead is a dilapidated RV that had earlier been parked on their street. Heading the investigation, Detective Loki (Gyllenhaal) arrests its driver, Alex Jones (Paul Dano), but a lack of evidence forces the only suspect’s release. Knowing his child’s life is at stake, the frantic Dover decides he has no choice but to take matters into his own hands.

I totally understand why this is a somber, dark even movie. However, right from the beginning it starts off cold and scary even before the kidnapping. Dover is a end of the world nut and has prided himself when thinking of any case scenario to survive the end of the world, the collapse of the government, etc. He seems like a hard man already.

Once the police let go of their only subject, Jackman is convinced that he knows something still and takes Jones and tortures him day in and day out for answers.

Meanwhile, you have veteran Detective Loki who has solved every case searching and following through on any lead bending the rules if he has too. His performance was spot on. Loki wasn’t just a bad ass but an intelligent one.

The main question of this story is asking us how far we would go? Is Dover going too far?

Quite plainly, the movie also shows how one heinous act creates not only victims, but more monsters.

Personally, if it was my child, there was no way I could play by the rules. How can you ask that of a parent? How many of us have said I would gladly go to jail for my kids? I have repeatedly. This is a very dark, grim, and at times is a hard film to sit through but yet it makes us ask our self how far are we from Dover? Can we just sit back and idly wait for the police or do we take the law in our hands?

This movie didn’t just try to entertain you and be done with it. There were intricate layers to each character and they leave it up to the viewer to decide what is right and wrong.

I was pulled into this mix and I wasn’t let go til the movie was over.  Hence the headache.

I do recommend this movie. It made me realize that I just may be a monster.




It’s here!! 2014!!!

New Years always makes me so sad. I hate missing the things past, when I was younger, leaner. Also when the kids were smaller and it was not so evident that they were growing so fast.
I’m a very nostalgic person and very sentimental and together it can be a bad mix.
But somehow the turn of this year I reached a new resolve.
I don’t want to be sad anymore. I want to be excited. I want to at peace with what has passed and just move on. I want to enjoy the now and not yearn for the days behind me.
This is also my 30th year alive. There should be some wisdom being bestowed upon me sometime.
If not I am going to force it to come.
So here it is my resolutions….
1) work out. Seriously, I am going to force myself to like to run.
2) be creative. I’m getting back to writing and I plan to do something artsy once a month. Even if it kills me. Pinterest will become my new best friend.
3) no more rushing! I will get up earlier and enjoy time as it passes.
4) my kids. I am going to do more stuff with them. Be adventurous!! And silly.
5) better with money.
6) more appreciative
7) read more.

So here it is on paper (sorta) holding me ever accountable!

So I am ready 2014. I am ready for brighter days and a fuller heart!


Being a mother is extremely demanding. Somehow you are the first one up and the last one to bed. You are always extremely tired and can be found falling asleep as you practice reading with your daughter. You anxiously await the anticipated bed time where you can snuggle in your sheets, lay your head on your puffed up pillow and fall gracefully to sleep the way princesses do in movies.

However is that really the case?

I can be falling asleep on the way home from work, on the couch, the dinning table, even as you move about assembling the essentials for the next day. However, as soon as I lay in bed, it gets COMPLICATED!!


Ideally I want to lay on my back. If I position my pillows just right, both my shoulders properly proportioned equally on the pillow will make for a nice restful sleep. See, this is the type of Science they should be teaching in school. The physics of perfectly aligned shoulders.

But still, I can’t fall asleep. This is not the position I am used too! You see, we recently got my baby boy to stop sleeping with us. When he was a baby, we messed up by putting him in the bed with us all because we wanted an extra few hours of sleep during feedings and diaper changings.


Then he just grew super fast and pretty soon I was the one hanging off the edge. Everyone morning, my shoulders would ache because I was forced to sleep on my side all night!

So we moved him into his room. Then we felt guilty and I was cold. So there he went back into our bed. T-ball started for him. He then decided that he was a big boy and could not sleep with us. So there he went back to his bed in his room. I was sad. I missed him. But my shoulders didn’t. In one night I was cured and could never go back to the old way again.

But like all great things, the season ended as well as Ryan’s desire to be a big boy. We couldn’t get him to stay the night in his room. Finally, it donned on us to bring his bed into our room. So we did that… and we have our bed back. Hopefully, we will have our room back.


So I lay there fully enjoying the arms space I have. I now have the power to roll up in a little ball, spread out like an X and even sleep side ways. The possibilities are endless! But I just ache for comfort and want to fully enjoy the space laying on my back.

Still, it doesn’t feel comfortable. What do I do with these arms of mine? Do I cross them over my chest like Wednesday from The Adams Family?


No that’s weird and uncomfortable. Imagine if I died like that… the medics will think I am  some kind of witch or satanic sleeper.

I finally give up and just roll on my right side like always. I curl my legs up practically in my body and relax. Hopefully, I will just know to change it up in the middle of the night.

Then I start to feel something uncomfortable.

My ankles are touching each other and it’s driving me CRAZY!! My knees are boney and rubbing against each other! If I spread my legs that feels foreign… uhhhhhhhhhh!!!

I just wanna sleep!! I finally just roll over on my stomach and hope the smothering of my face in the pillow will be enough to knock me unconscious!

What is that my feet are hitting?!?!

Ryan is now sleeping horizontally on the edge of our bed!!!!

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