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While You Were Examining What Beads Went With What Outfit I Was Sleuthing It On The Internet

First things first… I didn’t watch the Grammy’s.


So I don’t know anything that happened last night. A great sleuth has to make their sacrifices. Well, that and Walking Dead was on.

Hello!! Priorities!!!!


But I will get to the Grammy’s tonight after I watch my recorded episode of SNL. Justin Bieber was on people!!

I am sure everyone has heard of the manhunt in LA of the ex-cop who felt he was wrongly terminated from the police force and thus took revenge into his own hands. So ex-cop known as Christopher Dorner is accused of shooting three people. Dorner also made an online manifesto stating the corruption he faced in the police force puting the LAPD in a negative spotlight.

Does he look like LL Cool J to you??

Does he look like LL Cool J to you??

Dorner made a online manifesto (which you could read here ) went into detail about the type of misconduct he witnessed in the LAPD. He goes into detail and detail and you learn a lot about that guy. For instance in his ridicule of his superiors downgrading the president and the first lady he side notes, “Off the record, I love your new bangs, Mrs. Obama.

Thats nice of him!!

Then I guess in a way of saying goodbye he starts shout out thank you’s to everyone is has met and maybe not met:

I thank my friends for the awesome shared experiences. I thank the unnamed women I dated over my lifetime for the great and sometimes not so great sex. It’s kind of sad I won’t be around to view and enjoy The Hangover III. What an awesome trilogy. Todd Phillips, don’t make anymore Hangovers after the third, takes away the originality of its foundation. World War Z looks good and The Walking Dead season 3 (second half) looked intriguing. Damn, gonna miss shark week…. Hillary Clinton: You’ll make one hell of a president in 2016. Much like your husband, Bill, you will be one of the greatest. Look at Castro in San Antonio as a running mate or possible secretary of state. He’s (good people) and I have faith and confidence in him. Look after Bill. He was always my favorite President. Chelsea grew up to be one hell of an attractive woman. No disrespect to her husband.”

He gives Anderson Cooper and Pier Morgan some advice! He states how much he adores Ellen DeGeneres.

Tebow, I really wanted to see you take charge of an offense again and the game. You are not a good QB by todays standards, but you are a great football player who knows how to lead a team and WIN. You will be “Tebowing” when you reach your next team. I have faith in you. Get out of that circus they call the Jets and away from the reality TV star, Rex Ryan, and Mark Rapist Sanchez.

Then he lists a number of actress that he finds the most beautiful women in the world. Hey…. Maxim this is where next year’s list resides!

Dorner lists everyone gives them kudos and telling them how much he enjoys them.

He even says “Charlie Sheen, you’re effin awesome.

Awwww how nice. Fittingly Charlie Sheen has responded. In fact, he is the only one that has.  Sheen has recorded a video plea, sent to ABC News, asking the ex-Los Angeles police officer to call him so they can talk things out.

gty charlie sheen jef 130211 wblog Charlie Sheen Tells Fugitive Christopher Dorner Call MeDonna Ward/Getty Images

“Mr. Dorner, this is Charlie Sheen,” the actor said in the video. “You mentioned me in your manifesto, so thank you for your kind words. I am urging you to call me. Let’s figure out together how to end this thing.”

“Call me,” Sheen added. “I look forward to talking to you.”

Sheen, you are my hero. Seriously, you are the coolest man!!

Man the least the others could have done like Serena Williams, Jay-Z, or Jon Stewart could have done was shot the wanted man a thumbs up.

Charlie, all that coke has made you a man after my own heart!

And finally I was thinking who make a good pope since Pope Benedict gave his resignation.

Here is my top five:

1). Gary Busey: Imagine the crazy adventures. I’ll definitely start going to church.


2) Pope Keith Richards has a nice ring to it


3) Blake Shelton: The Vatican has use some Honky Tonky if you know what I am saying.


4)Denzel Washington… this is for mother!


5) The Rock: Le Sigh


Proof that Real Life is Much More Scarier than Any Scary Movie

I was going through the world news while drinking my coffee because this is how I prove to my co-workers that I am indeed worldly and I don’t just read In Style magazines or People.

God, I know things!

And in my discovery through the news, I have found that there is some crazy shit going on in the world.  Crazy and weird shit! So weird that you may not have to watch many scary movies to get your weird fill. Just read the news people.


Thanks to this weirdo America is on the map. However, this happened in Florida.  We all know Florida is basically a country of it’s on. It had to be Florida.

When 86-year-old Allan Dunn committed suicide, his sister’s friend requested for a court order to enter his condo and his retirement home. When she went to his retirement home to collect Dunn’s old belongings, she made a shocking discovery–a freezer containing his wife’s decade-old body on the porch. Investigators speculate that he had kept her death a secret more than a decade so he could collect her benefits. His neighbors had wondered where his wife was, but had always been told by Dunn that she was in a nursing home somewhere.

Wonder what he was thinking every time he got a popsicle


Is anyone else as weirded out as I am?? Sorry Florida, you need to keep these freaks inside gated communities!!


A British woman has been murdered in a supermarket in Los Cristianos on May 13 earlier this year. She was decapitated.  The suspect is believed to be a homeless Bulgarian man who entered a Chinese supermarket in the Valdes Shopping Centre and stole a knife. He then used the knife to stabbed and beheaded the 62-year-old woman.

One eye-witness stated that “the attacker left the store with the head in his hand and then threw it to the pavement.”

Another witness told the press that he saw the suspect drop the woman’s head after coming out of the store. “I parked my car and saw a man running out with something bloody in his hands and a security guard chasing him. He threw it to the ground, it almost hit me and what he had been carrying was a woman’s head,” an unnamed witness said in a radio interview.


Maybe the woman had gave him some change in his  coffee cup that he was actually drinking. That would piss any lover of coffee off. Or maybe something supernatural is at work here.

It was Friday the 13th. Doesn’t bad shit happen on this day. I believe it. On the last Friday the 13th, I broke my nail, the lunch I ordered that day was for shit, I got cut off on my way home from work, and I am pretty sure I finished all the Twilight books.


You know what’s more terrifying for kids then the girl from the Ring??

Watching your fellow classmate give birth…. its like a scene from Aliens!!

The 12-year-old Dutch girl from Groningen was not aware that she was pregnant and started complaining of stomach pains while she was out on a field trip.

Teachers realized the girl was in labor and called emergency services. According to The Telegraph reports: “When ambulance staff arrived, they saw the girl was on the point of giving birth and rushed her to a nearby building where she had her baby.”

Way to scare your classmates chick!!

After I had three kids, my husband still doesn’t look at me the same!


And the most scariest thing of all….

German women!!

I don’t know whether to petrified or turned on.

Does CPS know about this woman? She might suffocate her kids while breast-feeding! She must have breast-fed Chuck Norris!

Her husband might die if she was to turn to suddenly and he was in the way! Why hasn’t anyone gotten this woman involved in MMA fighting?!?! Did George W Bush check her out for weapons of mass destruction?!?!

Whoa people I just got this weird chill down my back.


  My favorite people in the world aren’t circus people, clowns, comedians, actors.

No I love stupid people! Without stupid people, I would not have the confidence I have now!

Today’s post is a homage to stupid everywhere.

Life would not be life without you all.

God/Buddah/Allah/ Jasmine does have a sense of humor!

That’s some advertisement!  Wait, did I elect this people??

Civil War Planes huh? Let me know how that works out!

Wow! All I’m saying is GREAT paint job!

“We had no idea anyone was buried there.” Right??? What’s in the jug your drinking?



Hot Dog! We can choose?!?!?!

Do not drink it! No… put it down! You could die!! Put it! Down!

Hmm, does he look familar at all? Is he human?

I would have guessed after … 19?

What are the odds of that?

Ok that’s just mean!

John Wayne said it best, ““Life’s tough…..It’s even tougher if you’re stupid.”
But not less funny!!


It’s one of those days.

(Excuse this run on sentence!)

You know the days where the stupid alarm wakes you up, you yell out God damnit fuckin Tuesday stupid ass work, you get up and the

house is cold because last night you were hot, so you get up and start getting ready and every one is asleep cozy in their beds because they don’t have to wake up as early as you so you are cursing them in your head, and so you hate getting ready, stupid hair stupid makeup, putting these heavy kids in the car, dealing with insane traffic just to get your kid to school in one piece, dropping the other rug rats off  at their grandmas and watching them go right back to sleep, and beginning the 40 minute commute across town, yelling at dumbass traffic, all while avoiding falling asleep on the road.


So in spite of it all I need to laugh. Gotta laugh gotta laugh .

And I so desperately need that type of medicine in the morning to get me moving. Or I will stay at this speed bump all freaking day passing out every five minutes.

 Awww, that pic got me revving my engine but I need more. So it’s time for second installment of weird ass news! Real factual but insanely strange news.

It helps get the blood going and plus laughing at others is so freaking cool!

So lets begin with …..

(but mostly in America)


I love athletes. And it’s not just because many of them have a great ass in their uniform. I love their crazy antics even more.

Hee Hee Hee I drunk.


Detroit Tiger player Miguel Cabrera was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and two counts of resisting arrest after a bizarre incident in which cops say he continued to drink James Buchanan’s Scotch whiskey — right from the bottle — even after they began questioning him. Good choice might I add!




One word: Ballsy!

Police say Cabrera’s car was stopped by the side of the road, smoking. When they checked on the occupant, they found Cabrera — who they say stank of booze, had slurred speech and bloodshot eyes.

And of course the classic line from anyone who has had some type of celebrity-ism : “Do you know who I am? You don’t know anything about my problems,” Cabrera said.

We might not know your problems Cabrera but we do know is you are one wild tiger. Roarrrrr!


Not only does McDonald’s make you obese but it also makes you angry.

Police say an obese Michigan woman accused of stealing from a Meijer store was nabbed by the doorway.

I think it’s funny they just had to had the obese description part of the woman. It gets worse.

Her motorized cart got stuck in the doorway. Damn you Hoveround!

But the story of 30-year-old Jerrie Perkins doesn’t end there — oh, no.

At that point, police say the 400-pound woman shoved and hit a store employee, then cursed at a sheriff’s deputy and made a fist.

And that’s how a massive woman in a motorized cart gets tasered. 


Holy Crack Pipe Robin!

Cops in Kentucky say this  man, Antoine Banks, was caught hiding a small bag of drugs under his foreskin.

Soooo your foreskin huh?

OMG I would hate to be on the cop on this beat. Maybe I would have just let him go.


Public Service Announcement on Celebrities:Who cares?! Obviously you do.

Normally I would consider this a sin but I wanted to repost this cause I actually liked what I wrote. How many times can you say that huh?

So here is me rebloging my self from today’s Marina’s Column at or here at the shortlink:

Public Service Announcement on Celebrities: Who Cares?!?! Obviously you.

February 18, 2011
Marina Y Sanchez
Freelance Columnist

I am stooping to a new low. I am commenting on some celebrities lives. I know, I know. I have not been smoking the pipe though it would probably make this column funnier but it just has to be said. So here it goes:

I am so over the obsession that people have with celebrities. It’s ridiculous. Some people (that’s all they do)  state their opinion over and over and over (you get my point) and then basically have battles over these celebrities on who is right and who is wrong!

Are you kidding me?!

Here’s a question. Don’t you have anything better to do? You know, that thing you call life? Yeah, it’s out there. And you’re missing it cause your following every item, every detail, every news report on these celebrities who (now brace yourself): DON’T GIVE A CRAP ABOUT YOU!

Here you are going to bat, going to defend them and their honor and do you even know them? Do you talk to them? And not just my email or tweeter but really in person? Cause that’s what I constitute as a friend -someone I truly know. Not some one I have met periodically and know casually of. That is just sad!

Examples I am sick of: Lee Ann Rimes,  Eddie Something and Brandi something or other. God someone told the media that they are so important they have to be everywhere. It’s a must. Doesn’t their story have a expiration date coming up soon?

And really, is their situation so important that people have to comment,  have to somehow defend them? They have people that they pay to do that for them. PAY!

 It’s called Public Relations!

Let’s break down this situation. Lee Ann Rimes and Eddie Whatever cheated on their spouses with each other. Ok, let me name fifty other people who did this in under 60 seconds.


JFK, Jesse James, Elizabeth Taylor, Jack Nicholson, Donald Trump, Princess Diana, Woody Allen, Hugh Grant, J-Lo, Jude Law, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie,  Spelling, Meg Ryan, Anne Heche and whew! And there is a bunch more. Hmmm, do you think they are getting hate mail?  Hmm do you think people are defending them?

Media puts it out there so of course its in our faces. Yet, we do have a little thing called choice. A choice to ignore.

I am in no way defending cheaters. Who could do that? To cheat on someone is obviously a problem someone has within themselves. It’s their personal demon. Did you see what I just said?  Their personal demon. That’s right. Not yours. Not even their mamas. Just theirs.

Cause while you are battling it out defending these celebrities honor, they are probably walking the red carpet, posing in a shoot, eating at The Garden. And no they are not at the computer cheering you on. Cause that would be loosery (I just made that up) and that’s not what celebrities do.

Again, in no way am I defending their actions.  I just think they are big boys and girls that can defend themselves. And as sad as it is, this happens all the time to people everyday. So are you rooting for them? Cause I bet they can use a phone call right about now.

And how about this airing of dirty laundry for the public to see? Both parties in this particular situation are doing this. Why? Maybe cause it’s petty, maybe so it keeps them famous, or maybe because they are so angry they NEED to do this. During these situations, maturity level dwindles. It takes a very SPECIAL person to be the bigger man. And until I meet that person, it doesn’t exist. Both parties have some fault. And people need to recognize this. If these celebrities stop airing out their dirty laundry, you will have nothing to talk about. And honestly, this blog would have been about how Thursday nights are the best nights for TV!

I’ll be honest. I am a fan of a few celebrities. I like Kim Kardashian. I like Sandra Bullock. I’ll follow them on twitter. Still there is a fine line between being a fan and being an obsessive fan.  As much as I like them, I won’t comment on anything they do because quite honestly, I really could care less.  

In conclusion, I hope you see how human celebrities are. And in reality, who are we to judge? Their lives are much more scrutized than ours. That’s pressure. So yea I might not like what they do (I am still hurt Brad left Jennifer), but in reality I could give rat’s ass. Cause they ain’t paying my bills.

I promise I do have better things to talk about like child abuse and how it needs to end, or the murders in Juarez, Mexico or how I just love me some fried chicken.

Whoopee dee do

I am jealous of this homeless man.

Ok maybe I should explain why. That’s a hell of a statement for you to handle, I’m sure.

This homeless man was discovered!

The Columbus Discovery posted a video  interview with this man, Ted Williams, whom despite being homeless has a remarkable voice.

The man with the “golden voice” gave us a side story of his life at the time of the interview:

When I was 14 I kind of listened to one of our area radio announcers, and I went as a field trip to go meet the guy, and he looked nothing like what he sounded like. So I asked him about that, and he said to me, “listen, radio is defined — theater of mind.” And so when he said “theater of mind,” I just said, well, hey. I can’t be an actor, I can’t be an on-air personality, but the voice just became something of a development over the years and I went to school for it.

And then alcohol and drugs and a few other things became a part of my life. I’ve got two years clean, and I’m trying hard to get it back. And hopefully somebody from one of these television or radio stations will say, ‘hey, I need a voice-over,’ or ‘ I need something.’


Oh well, right? We all have dreams. I wanted to be the next Janet/Britney/Ani Defranco. I also wanted to be Katie Couric or that Asian reporter. Her name escapes my mind at the moment. We can’t have it all right? This is real life! Not a fairy tale!


Thanks to his little interview that was posted on You-tube obviously making it top rated (pfft!),  he is no longer homeless or jobless.


The Cleveland Cavaliers have offered him a job and a home. Someone throw me a bone, will ya!

Now, the “radio man” has gotten lots of offers and tons of goodwill: Before the Cavs, made their bid, the station said a group of credit unions offered Williams a contract worth up to $10,000; a caller claiming to rep MTV expressed interest in having him guest-announce a show; and callers who said they were the voiceover actors behind plugs for “The Simpsons” and “Entertainment Tonight” said they wanted him to compete on their upcoming “America’s Next Voice” — where the prize includes a home studio.

Well whoopee dee doo.

I am happy for the guy. Homeless is not better off then what I have. I am certainly not ungrateful …. for that.  But damnit, I am ungrateful that my talents have not been discovered. Hello Spurs? Hello Kings? Anybody?  I can roll my tongue. I talk so fast sometimes you can’t understand me sometimes. Hell, sometimes you can’t understand what I write.

That’s something right?


I need a hug. And some of the 350 million from last nights lotto.

Spooky Black Birds

I am a lover of conspiracy theories! I was all into the Illuminati and     all its stories and legends.  I was into the theory of the Holy Grail representing Jesus possible life line and descendents. The JFK conspiracies, the New World Order, Operation Paperclip. There are literally hundreds of conspiracies out there.  I love the mystery and wonder and the what if’s. Once I find something interesting I am looking up everything to learn about it.

Did you hear about the black birds that fell from the sky in Louisiana?

This happened yesterday.  Apparently, an estimated 50,000 red wing  dropped dead to the floor! The discovery of the dead birds — some of which were lying face down, clumped in groups, while others were face up with their wings outstretched and rigid legs pointing upward — comes just three days after more than 30,000 blackbirds rained down from the sky in Beebe, Ark.


Necropsies performed on the birds showed the birds suffered internal injuries that formed blood clots leading to their deaths, The Associated Press reported.

It does get a bit kooky when people start to analyze and give their own input on what really happened.  For instance, The U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials has identified the cause of the bird deaths to be attributed to aliens.

Yep. Aliens.

UFOs were spotted over Arkansas right before the blackbirds died a few days ago, and there were numerous reports of UFOs near the area where the black birds were found on Monday.

“Alien spaceships have never attacked life on earth – before now.  We are concerned and the U.N. is taking this seriously and trying to make contact with the alien spaceships, which we believe come from Planet Zeeba,”  said Extraterrestrial specialist, U.S. military commander, James Bellanca.

Just someone who takes his job a bit to seriously.

However as usual,  State and federal authorities are already covering up the alien attack.  A government spokesperson explained the bird deaths this way, “Underlying disease, starvation and cold fronts where birds can’t get their body heat up have caused similar occurrences in various species over the years.” Disease?  Affecting literally thousands of birds all the same species?   Or what if the birds just decided to commit a massive suicide?

The U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials has repeatedly said that there is an alien invasion underway and will last until 2015.   The bird massacre is just the beginning.  I don’t know whether to fear for my life or  get the popcorn ready for a soon to be eerie movie!

One thing is for certain crazy things happen always in those hick towns!


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