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Musical Revolution- Lets Just Get This Day Over With Jams


I feel like I need to liven up this day. It’s Friday and we need to start and keep the celebratory attitude all day!!

So here it is…. your Christmas present very very late.

Here are a couple of tunes I recently added to iPod!!

Enjoy …

First one is… Rebecca Black in Friday!!

Just kidding!!!!

Cage the Elephant-Back Against the Wall

Love that song!!

Another one I loved way back when by only just remembered and finally added to the wonder that is the iPod.

How did I forget about this song? It’s so weird and trippy.

Your Woman-White Town 

Isn’t this song the greatest?

Another song that I just love is Avenged Sevenfold’s Buried Alive.

This song has some sweet guitar riffs! It makes me wanna learn how to play guitar. Plus, it totally reminds me of the good ole days with Metallica.


And finally….

La Roux with Bulletproof


Musical Revolution: What’s Making My Head Bounce

Lets  get cracking on this wonderful day of  Musical Reflection….

First off lets take a moment to remember what a great day today is.

The sun came out,

for the most part my loved ones are healthy,

and all my needs for today have been or will be met,

…. it’s just a good day.

So… where were we?

Oh yea… music!!!

My favorite song as of today is Midnight City by M83. Until this song I had no idea who these  guys were. I still don’t but after listening to much more of their music, I am hooked!!

If you think you have heard this song, you probably have. It comes out on one of the new Victoria’s Secret commercial. Yeah, I don’t know how I paid attention to the song when there were so many breasts to look out.

Oh Victoria!!

Next, I really like this song. Its kinda scary to me.

They- Jem

I just discovered this next song. I have to say I love the music video just as much as I love the song!

And again as American Horror Story fan, the music they use is great and perfect for the show. It’s also right up my alley.

Here is Widowspeak with Harsh Realm

Hope you like today’s edition.

Have a great weekend….


Musical Revolution-I Love This Soundtrack


Here are  a few movies with great soundtracks that you should too:

Garden State

Don’t Panic-Coldplay

In the Waiting Line-ZERO 7

Seriously get this soundtrack!


If you know me, you know this my second favorite movie. The music in the this movie  is awesome.

The Wedding Singer

Love My Way-Psychedlic Furs

How Soon is Now-The Smiths

Groove into the past

Another one of my absolute is my favorite movie


Manhunt-Karen Kamon

Lady Lady Lady-Joe Esposito

Ahhhh my life is complete. You will thank me.


Musical Revolution- My Guilty Pleasure Dance List

As much as I try to be into open-minded to music and try to find music that is uncommon and unique… I can’t help liking the typical stuff on the radio! It’s attracting, catchy, and before I know it I am dancing through the halls of my house.  You just can’t stop the beat. Here are some of my guilty pleasures for dance music.

One of newest and favorite is the remix done by Steve Aoki for Kid Cudi’s Pursuit of Happiness. I have been caught at my local supermarket getting down to this. And those bastards refuse to give the security tapes for my protection.

Please enjoy my first guilty pleasure.

The next song I love just so much. Its cute, fun and catchy.  It reminds me what a girls’ night out would be like.

Cry for You- September

Catchy tune huh?

Next is a bit of old school fashion but I love it. They just don’t make them like this anymore.

Mr Vain- Culture Beat

Remember that song? God I do!! It doesn’t get played anymore just on my iPod!!

But the ultimate song… that always gets me going… seriously I can’t stop it when it starts is…..

Did I just blow your ever-loving mind?


Disco doesn’t suck. Not today!


Music Revolution Begins…. (dramatic music) As per Girl on the Contrary

What are you doing?

Thats pitiful!

You should be dancing!!

See, this dog gets it.

Yeah its only the greatest day of the week!
It’s Music Revolution time!

Well Said

So lets start crazy!
I have one question..
“Would you fuck me … cause I’d fuck me”
Rilo Kiley- Glendora
I love that song … its kinda funny.
Ok I might be alone on that one.
How about a little old school … is 1996 old school?
En Vogue- Don’t Let Go
Damn Matrix-y and a lot of crimped out hair?
Now I gotta see the movie Set it Off.
And here is something that you might not be familiar with it…
This song makes  me sooo happy!
It talks about my 2nd favorite day of the week! Rebecca Bl….just kidding!
Go Betty Go- Saturday
Hope you like todays selections!!
So what do you got??
As always check out the Goddess Music Revolution
and her picks for today!!!
And please check out my column at under Marina’s columns or here today!!

Favorite Blog Friday- Featuring Just Married

One of the most striking things is fearless honesty. Honesty about something so personal and the way it is explained can be so personal not only for the writer but tor the reader as well.
I had that experience while reading Just Married’s blog this week.
She was kind enough to let us in her mind and a bit of soul as took part in life’s biggest journey. Pregnancy and Loss.
Her words are so sincere and vivid. And I commend her boldness on opening with such a sensitive subject.

Please read her blog.
She is an awesome blogger that I follow and admire.

Presenting …..

Stay With Me (via Just Married)

Stay With Me “Yes, I understand that every life must end, As we sit alone, I know someday we must go… Stay with me Let’s just breathe…” – Pearl Jam, “Just Breathe” _______________________________________________________________________ The first time I found out that I was pregnant, Mike and I had only been trying to conceive for two months. Before I attempted to have a baby, I had no idea about just how many challenges a couple could face in trying to st … Read More

via Just Married

Favorite Blog Friday- A Funny

Here is what Favorite Blog Friday is all about. A person able to make a little situation hilarious!

And that’s what blogger Thypolar Life Uncensored did.
Thypolar is a funny, witty, and down to earth girl who is my hetro life partner. I am allowing her to keep her man as I will too. (Darn!)

The blog today just shows the tinkerings in her mind and how truly crazy she is!

Her post was about a moment that happened with her husband and she was able to make the laughs roll!

So without further ado, the brillance that is …

A Light in the Darkness (via Thypolar Life Uncensored)

A Light in the Darkness So Mr T has been rather frustrated with his new toy and I have been rather entertained. We have yet to order the “brief case” for it (only comes in Samsonite) or the car charger. Mr T is impatient and is not wanting to wait for a charger to be shipped. He wants it NOW (while jumping up and down with a pitiful look on his face). We searched a few Best Buys and discovered a few things along our journey….. Best Buy is the only retail store that ca … Read More

via Thypolar Life Uncensored

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