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Happy Birthday to My Daughter: You are the reason I am a mother

Dear Savannah,


Today is your birthday.

Today 7 years ago, you made me a mommy. I remember how little your were when they placed you on the chest. The very first thing I noticed was how red and full your baby lips were. As I studied your little body, every baby body part was pink.

It reminded me of how Homer from The Odyssey described the  sunrise and little pink baby fingers that crept over the horizon.

It was at that moment  I felt I was asleep for all the previous years and was finally awake.
It wasn’t until that very moment that I realized I was a mother, thanks to you.

So in reality you have given me the very best gift possible.

I feel as it was just yesterday that I was hauling your car seat around. I remember going to stores and looking at your face and seeing you smile at me filled me with love.

I remember thinking at the very moment you are my very best friend. I couldn’t wait for you to walk. I couldn’t wait to hold your hand and lead you places.

And now you are in second grade. You now are leading me. You want to join cheerleading. You want to be famous singer/actress and a principal. You have the most admirable love for animals.  Seeing you cry at movies moves me because its so clear that you wear your heart on your sleeve much like your mother. And as a big sister, your sister and brother look up to you like they should.

I love you, I love Sienna and I love Ryan all equally but differently. You guys are my babies!!  However you, Savannah, are the moment that started it all for me.

I realize too that I am hard you at times. Just know that I love you and that I know you better than you know yourself. How?

Because I was you, and I felt the way you did about things and the way you talk about things reminds me of me. I want the very best for you. I want to push you to be the very best you. I want you to succeed and be happy. In the end it’s not about being famous; you are already famous to me and Daddy! You are more than we could ever ask for!!

“To the world
You may be just another girl
But to me
Baby, you are the world”

I love you NaNa!!

Happy Birthday!!

This Just In: Mondays are More Depressing than We Thought

I cursed the day this morning. As soon as I heard the alarm, I heard the most horrible livid words come spewing out of my mouth.

Me? The Saint.

I know right? I am just as surprised as you. Mother fucking Monday ruining my day.

Mondays make it hard for a me to smile. In fact, I probably won’t smile until 11:18 A.M. and not a minutes less.

Studies show that I am going to arrive  late to work and actually work only 3 hours.  I am fucking screwed today people!! All because it’s a Monday.

I figured that there has to be way…. there has to be a way to beat the negativity that Mondays bring.

Work is my tribe.  I spend more time here then I do at home (someone needs to fix that!!). I need to reconnect with these people cause though, I hate the majority of them, they are still my tribe. We  are essentially cavemen in city suits.  And we are experiencing this Monday together.

Sure there are some I would let the Saber tooth tiger of life eat like the crazy always cheerful receptionist in Admin who I think is high on Meth and not the supposed “high on God” she so claims.

Perhaps I need to linger around the ole coffee pot and connect. You know, feel part of the tribe.

But oh God, there is “Dipweed” of Purchasing that sooooooooooo wants to tell you about his weekend. He stands there staring at you with his goofy smile, watching you prepare the shit you call coffee but can actually fuel a 18 wheeler.

He asks how was your weekend. I know he doesn’t really wanna know about my weekend…. I answer him anyways counting down in my head how long it will take him to interrupt me…


“That’s great… we had a barbecue this weekend. Had the in-laws over. You know how that goes… my daughter said the cutest thing…. blah blah blah…”

Why isn’t this coffee poison?!?!

 And after that … well its all down hill after that.

The next few hours are for remorse…. remorse and regret about not fully enjoying the weekend, not taking more naps, not watching more tv, not appreciating the bed/sofa/refrig.

Monday …. you suck. No matter how I try to see it you are trouble. You bring more days just like you!  You remind me how short life is and how I can’t do it because I am too busy doing the responsibilities you bring in!!  It’s the longest day of the week; it’s a proven scientific fact. Each second is .88892% longer. Just because it’s Monday.

Plus I heard that Monday eats small children, puppies, and little people.

Wanted: Seeking a Fan/Stalker/Crazy About Me

It’s come to my attention that because this  is my 27th year and I, for this year, am in the elite  club called the 27 club where  celebrities that are remarkable geniuses all died.


When they were all 27 years old.

Don’t believe me … read all about it here.

So since my celebrity status has peaked, I realized that something was missing.

I need a stalker.

I do have a few requirements for you auditioning as the role of my stalker.

You must be female, you must not be the “Son of Sam” crazy, and your obsession of me must be healthy.

I want someone to hide in the bushes and follow me, know how to use a camera, and be singing the “You’re Beautiful” song by James Blunt as they follow me through my daily commute.

So let’s get ready to get healthy!!

If you are interested in applying for the job, fill out the form and put it either post it in the comments or a blog post and link me so I can read it.

I will definitely pick the best ones and post here and later on pick a winner.

Name: _______________________________

Favorite Color: ________________

Song You Would Sing to Me: _________________________

Are you allergic to any type of bushes or trees:  ________________________

Can you afford to me smother me in bling: _________________________

What type of lens to do you use in your camera: __________________________

Which is my best side: _____________

Have you had experience in stalking: YES or NO

If yes, who did you stalk: ______________________

Why did you stop stalking: ____________________________

Will you be dedicated to me (Explain) : ______________________

Why Should I Pick You: __________________________

Additional Comments (Bonus Points): ___________________________________________________________________________





Tebow: 0 ; God:Still Winning

Thank freaking God Tebow lost.

I mean I was rooting for the virgin but with all this religion,Jesus only loves the Broncos, hub drub I was starting to get worried.

Jesus obviously loves everyone…

Also, in a drunken bet, I told everyone that if Tebow won against the Pats I would got to church. I would “believe”.

Thank God that didn’t happen. See what I did there….. I thanked God for … oh nevermind.

So God must love Brady… or has  a daughter that we don’t know about that has seen Brady in his skeevies….

I am just trying to make sense of it all.

So moral of the story: Tebow is not anointed by God and Brady probably loved Tebow scrambling frantically,”Why has God forsaken me? Is this a test?!??!”

Tebow that one time in band camp did count!!

Just saying!

Wordless Wednesday- An UN-Likely Sanctuary

Believe it or not … I love my desk. It used to be a lot more organized until I said I had nothing to do and they changed my position entirely and now I have more work then kingdom come!!

But I love it… its my desk. Its my safe zone. Its where I keep all my pencils and my new desk decorations. I am currently still looking for desk decorations.

One of these days I will get it looking great …. again.

Music Revolution-FreeStyle Time

Normally I don’t work on Fridays. I had them off for the past 2 years at my job.

{Insert Dante Hicks rant from Clerks }

 I’m not even supposed to be here today!

But alas I changed my schedule so I work everyday (*sobs…heavily) so I can get off early everyday to pick up my daughter from school.

So I will be on Friday like aflies on shit.

So I need some cheering up and you look like you do too.

Lets freestyle it up!!

I blame this song’s existence  on Fnkybee. I have no idea why.


WTFuck is he saying?

Beats me… only Fnky knows.

Lets start popping with Freestyle Express with Don’t Stop the Rock!!

How many just did the robot? I know I just did!

Next… I love this song…

I am right now spraying a shit load of aqua net everywhere!

Let the music play- Shannon

And these music revolution could not be complete with the group that I hearted with all my little heart at the time!!

ACE OF BASE!! You Member?! Member? You member??

All That She Wants


Ahhhhh I feel better now. Don’t forget to rinse and repeat. And repeat. And repeat.


Wordless Wednesday -How to show your support for gay marriage












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