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Marinasleeps Talks Super Bowl or something

I have absolutely nothing to write about today.

Yeah, I felt the need to share that with you. 

So lets talk about one of America’s biggest tradition. No not spring break! The Super Bowl!

Of course I saw the Super Bowl yesterday. It’s what we Americans do. Besides bomb people and steal their gas. True Story.

The Super Bowl was especially big in El Paso where we are  having a  “Water Emergency”.  We were told not to wash our cars, not to wash clothes. Hell they asked us not to take showers. Water was only for drinking. Apparently, because of the severe weather we had, water pipes busted throughout the city depleting us of our water (?).

I live here and I honestly can’t say I know what’s going on.  So I traded my drinking water time so I can shower. I don’t drink water anyways.  So to me, it was a fair trade. I can not function without a shower and I figured I would do America the favor and just shower. No one wants me to be chaotic. Its far too early for that.

So anyways I watched the Super Bowl for two reasons (1) To see the demise of the Steelers! (2) Watch Funny Super Bowl commercials.

Some of you know that I am a Cowboys fan. So obviously, I did not want the Steelers to win.  I DO NOT LIKE THE STEELERS!  So if they won, I probably would have gone postal. Thank God the Packers won. I did not want to join the postal services.

The only thing that puzzled me was that after the game was over and the Packers were celebrating, the Steelers, heads held low, walked to their locker rooms.  I actually felt bad for them. What the hell is wrong with me?  I am definitely getting too soft in my age. What’s next?

Gray pubes?!!?!

The commercials weren’t all that funny this year. I miss the day when they were hilarious. I did like the E Trade babies. Who doesn’t like talking babies?! I liked the Chrysler commercials. I also like the Budweiser commercials. However I LOVE THE DARTH VADER COMMERICAL.

I actually saw Glee for the first time.

I actually liked it. Am I weird?  Before I was indifferent, but now I must say I love gay people. I need to find a gay man and force him to be my best friend.  Though gay men don’t seem to like me. It probably cause I am more closer to being a butch then a real lady.

However, I am lady enough to say what the hell was up with Christina Aguilera’s make up? That was way to much make-up for even your regular drag queen.  And yes she did mess up the words of the National Anthem.  And true, she should have done her homework in memorizing the words as well as possible. Hello she is a singer … for a freaking living!

But, it’s not all her fault. Those lyrics are among the most difficult things any performer ever has to sing. “O’er the ramparts we watched …”? Why are they singing about people looking at Dodge pickup accessories? Francis Scott Key was not exactly a Jay-Z. In the third stanza, he rhymed “battle’s confusion” with “foul footsteps’ pollution,” for instance. I figure he was running out of ideas at that point.

I don’t know what the hell happened during the half time show.  I believe they were trying to contact other planets.  Seriously, who ok’ed those outfits? They need to be shot!

I saw some funny tweets about the half time. Otherwise I would not have gotten through it. I would have lost it with hysteria. The lights! They are so bright!

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