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Sweet Baby Jesus Take me Now!

I was on the verge of death Sunday night early Monday morning. What I ate on Sunday literally was eating my insides. Life passed before  me… I had my arms stretched out towards the heaven and cried out, “take me now!”
Just missing the potty

Before I just into all, I should start for when it all started. Friday!

Friday I filled up Big Bertha with gas. I haven’t filled her up because I was scared exactly how much that would be. However, I was feeling a bit saucy! So I ignored the itch to stop it at $45 and let it play on.
Thirty dollars later I was looking at the final price of filling my baby up at $75 freaking bucks!
So after I ran a few errands I noticed the that a quarter of gas was already gone.
That made me depressed.
Saturday I did nothing but take the kids to local pizza place. Local is the key word. It was right around the corner.
That day I also discovered that Direct TV was also giving me trial HBO viewing for free.
So I decided that camping on the couch for the rest of the weekend would be perfect!
Sunday, I thought about going and getting something like fast food for dinner but driving around didn’t seem my cup of tea because I was already down a quarter. 
So we opted on chinese food that delivered.
I ordered an array of things for me and the kids.
There was beef and broccoli, chicken in lemon pepper, and chicken lo mein, and some chicken wings.
I began eating my favorite beef and broccoli right away, however, I noticed a funny taste like the meat was old. I ate a bit more to see if it was the whole thing. Yes I am dumb like that! It was all bad so I just threw the whole thing out.
I started on the chicken in lemon pepper. That was good so I ate that and nibbled for the rest of the night on all the other stuff.
We worked on Savannah’s homework and did her eggs for class.
Then I started to feel a little light-headed.
I have been staying up late and it was hot.
Maybe it was a combination of everything.
After getting everyone into bed, the feeling did not go away.
I went to the bathroom and noticed myself,

I was looking a little vampire pale. Minus the sparkling skin. That would have been nice. No….  I was looking like shit! So I laid down feeling very queasy and eventually I fell asleep.

Then at 2am I woke up with my intense pain in my stomach and then that’s where the Vomit Falls started happening!

At least I was a big girl about it and walked to the restroom and waited. I can’t even begin to tell you how much throwing up sucked!

And even after throwing up one time, two times, even three… I would not feel better!

Around the fifth time, I was super weak and just heaving now. I think I started talking  crazy. I was like a scene from 12 Monkeys. Hmm, come to think of it that was a movie I caught on HBO this weekend.

I was deranged! I felt like fainting. After awhile, I thought damnit, I am going to die in  the bathroom. However, the thought didn’t bother me as I thought about it more.  In fact,I was welcoming it.

“Sweet Baby Jesus Take Me!” I screamed. Or probably thought I screamed.  My stomach inside were in flames… was I burning? Like if I was preparing to enter the only place I knew seemed reasonable for a person like me? Gulp … hell?!

Did it matter that my eternal soul was in jeopardy? Frankly, no because I was trying to cough up my stomach & I just wanted it all over. Whether it was in hell or somewhere else.

Somehow later I woke and was feeling a bit better as in the flames were gone and so was the spinning. I still felt sick and very weak.

Clearly Jesus nor the Devil wanted me… that sucked.

I need to start looking into this new religion called Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Seriously… this is legit!

And the moral of the story … is Gas Prices Suck!

Give me lower gas prices or give me death!


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