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WTF Wednesday-Is That A…. ????

After finding these group of pictures, I think it would be wise to suggest that you singles out there need to hit up on weather men and women. They seem like they trying to communicate something.

This penis is named Isaac and its about to pound the hell out of New Orleans.

Its not just the temperature rising.

You wish buddy… you wish!

Are you telling me the weather or are you just happy to see me?

Mexico you have been a very very bad country!!

So its very clear…. weather dudes are horny.

Thursday Movie Review- Something to tickle the funny bone!!

I had no idea what I should watch for Thursday’s Movie Review. There are so many movies I wanna check out but I was wondering what would be blog-worthy.

After searching and searching I threw my hands in the air and said, “Its my time I wanna watch what I wanna watch.”

I have been really wanting to watch this movie and now that it’s on Netflix. I was ecstatic.

Presenting….. I Love You Phillip Morris.


It is an unusual comedy starring Jim Carey and Ewan McGregor. It’s about a charismatic conman’s journey from small-town businessman to flamboyant white-collar criminal, who repeatedly finds himself in trouble with the law and all the  brilliantly escaping from the Texas prison system on four separate occasions – all in the name of love.

Yes love!

Steven Russell played by Jim Carey starts off with a regularly ole life. He is married to a loving Christian wife, is involved in his church, a great job in the police force, and a daughter. Just one thing; He is a gay. And he is hiding it from everyone.

After a near death experience in a car accident, he realizes that he is tired of living a lie. He wants to be who he truly is. GAY!

He begins to live life to the fullest, but soon realizes that being gay is kinda expensive.  He begins to commit fraud in order to live extravagantly for his then boy friend and himself.

However it all catches up to him and he is thrown in jail. And there is where he meets the love of his life, the kind-hearted, soft-spoken Phillip Morris played by Ewan McGregor.

His devotion to freeing Phillip from jail and building the perfect life together prompts him to attempt (and often succeed at) one impossible con after another.

Told with an uncanny sense of humor and a lot of heart, “I Love You Phillip Morris” is an oddball tale.

And you know what?

                                I loved it!!

It was hilarious. Emotional when it was supposed to be, and you end up rooting for the bad guy.

I am glad though that I did not wait to see this with my husband. He could not have handled the sex scenes that you don’t really see and all the touching and kissing.

It is a little crazy that two straight guys played the part of two gay guys (they are straight right?) but I think that’s what sells the movie the most. Why? Because Jim and Ewan did a great job. It was not over done. It wasn’t over the top. It was love … in a corky comedic kinda way. It’s totally believable!!

Their acting skills were superb!!!

And Ewan is hot even playing a gay guy!!

One of my favorite parts was when Russell was conning a company that he worked for. He got invited to go golfing. As he is preparing to leave to go golfing with his boss and other executives, Phillip catches him leaving with the bag of gold clubs.

Phillip says, “I’m trying to be understanding, Honey, I really am, but …. golf? Why don’t you just eat pussy?”

OMG I lost egg rolls!! I love the boldness in this movie. Oh Ewan you got a dirty mouth!

I Love You Phillip Morris pushed boundaries and was consistently funny.

And you know what makes this whole even better??

It’s absolutely one hundred percent true!!!

Steven Jay Russell is a con artist and imposter known for escaping prison many many times.

Not only did they make a movie about this guy, but also last year, his crimes were featured in the TV show I Almost Got Away with It in the episode “Got a Boyfriend to Support.”

Ask yourself, would your loved one impersonate a lawyer, a FBI agent, and feign a heart attack all in the name of love?

Yeah mine wouldn’t either. LOL.

So in the end …


So if you have any suggestions, wanna see a movie but are too chicken, or whatever, let me know…. I currently am at a blank.
Taking your suggestions…….now!!


Music Revolution- Headthumping!

Viva la revolucion


Don’t you love it when you get songs stuck in your head? I always music playing in my head. That’s awesome for me because it drowns out the voices.


Who is talking???  Did you guys hear that? Whoa… that was weird…

Here are a few of the songs that I have been …

Shake your groove thang


  1. Love You Like A Love Song-Selena Gomez and The Scene

      2.  Rolling In the Deep- Adele

      3.  I Will Survive- Cake

      4. Rosenrot-Rammstein

Who knows what they are saying… it still sounds super bad ass!

Alas, thats it. Stay tuned for next weeks…. I am thinking on doing the best cover songs!!! Any suggestions??




Revolting Moments of the Past- Or I am just a total drama queen

Many many moons ago my mother came  to my elementary school to pick me up like she did everyday. She would walk from our house because at the time we not only lived close by but the ozone layer was also not in peril so we could walk around out neighborhood without feeling we getting air cancer.

So she greets me and we start walking like normal. At the time I know I am in fifth grade. So I must be like 10 or 11. As we are walking my mother says, “Guess who died?”

Now it was the wa y she said it; all matter of factly and still with a friendly tone, I just reasoned that it was no one that I really knew or maybe even liked.

So I started guessing. I liked guessing games. “Grandpa?”  Obviously her dad cause my father’s dad had died already. I liked Grandpa but I didn’t know him. He was old. It made sense!

“No!” she gasped. I guess for a minute I sounded cruel! Me?!?! She was playing  a Who Died Guessing game with me!

“Ok ummm. How about Uncle Ruben?” I liked Uncle Ruben. I just hadn’t seen him  in a long time.

Again she was mortified by me. ” No Marina!”

By this time I was already annoyed. I felt I was giving probable answers and my mother was looking at me like I was sick!

“Well who?” I asked.

I remember her smiling right before she said it.  I prayed it wasn’t our cat.


   if you don’t who she is, she was a Tejano singer. She sang in English and in Spanish. And basically every little Latina in my area and Mexico probably worshipped her. I liked her.

 She was so pretty. And though I didn’t speak a word of Spanish (and still don’t) I sang along still! I loved her.

 So when my mom said she died, I immediately started crying. Like bawling…. in fact I was crying so loud and horrible that my mother was trying to smother me to stop in fear that the neighbors would think she was abusing me.

 Her words were abuse enough!

 I got home still crying. My younger sister was there and she wasn’t as grief-stricken as I was. She stayed by my side and I was glued to the television that whole day and night.

It’s actually a funny story. Not Selena dying, but me going crazy over it. Quite honestly, I had heard maybe one song from Selena. And after she died, my parents got me every tape she made! It’s weird to say cassette tape.

Now I was finally a true fan after she died.

The next day after finding out Selena had died I had a morning competition. Something gay like UIL I remember when my parents dropped me off and I walked to the nerd group. They all were surprised by appearance.  I am sure I had cried all night. My eyes were puffy and I was still sniffling.

I didn’t have to tell them. Selena died. Everyone knew. I just didn’t know anyone else taking it as hard as me.

Soon they made a movie about her and Jennifer Lopez starred as her. And now I can’t picture Selena without thinking of Jennifer Lopez.

Some fan I am…

I am kinda embarrassed by the story now. I have done  some pretty embarrassing things and this story is definitely up there. I can’t believe I cried all night!



Thursday Movie Review-I Have Reached the Shitter

I wasted 101 minutes of my life that I will never get back!  Never!! I feel depressed, and angry!


So I have a list of banned movies and I picked this movie because and I quote, “The film was considered controversial not only for its depiction of violence, but also for the gratuitous nudity and Caligula’s sexual passion for his sister.”

I saw Caligula.



It’s a 1979 movie with the major actors and actress Peter O’Toole, Malcolm McDonald, and Helen Mirren.

First off let me tell you, Helen Mirren now is one smokin woman! This is her when she is young! And of course you see her naked. She is 13!! I said it!!

So after the first 30 minutes, I had no idea what was going because EVERYONE IN THE DAMN MOVIE WAS NAKED!


It’s hard to concentrate when everyone is running around with their asses hanging out, their boobies swinging low, and well other tidbits.

So its starts off with a young man and young woman kissing and fondling each other.We later learn they are brother and sister.

Those Romans!

 They have short toga like clothes on. All the girls’ boobs are hanging out and you can see her vajayjay and ass. So really, Hollywood, what was the point of the clothes?

I saw everything! I see what you are doing. You are assuming  I am a perv. Well just this once you are correct but, BUT that was just cheesy.

So the point of the story is the correct emperor of Rome, Tiberius is dying. So he has emersed himself in nothing but naked woman all the time. His sanity isn’t quite there. The young man first pictured is Tiberius’ adopted grandson. Tiberius openly tells him he is not loved and he knows he wants to kill him. Caligula (what kind of fucked up name?) denies it swearing his allegiance.

Tiberius even tries to poison him to avoid Caligula taking over the throne. Denied.

But Caligula does finally have Tiberius killed. 

I had to google all that because I was distracted by the naked bodies and all the freaks.

It was like the 60’s mixed with Carnie freaks. So disturbing but you can’t look away. Seriously, it felt like everyone was having a giant orgy without the actual sex.  And  oh the set looked like a high school construction of Rome. Clearly Hollywood was on a budget!

So Caligula is all over his sister. Despite the fact that she messes around with her brother, she knows how to somewhat run an empire. She told her brother who he should get rid that are potential enemies. She even tells him to marry a priestess so he can have an heir.

That’s where Helen Mirren comes in. Her naked was the only highlight of this movie.

You know another note… Caligula may be the  “man” is this movie but he came across to me as gay. I wouldn’t be surprised. Half the men were fruity to me.

Well Caligula’s sister falls ill and eventually dying. So he goes crazy. Violent crazy.

He gives his horse political office and humiliates and executes anyone who even slightly displeases him. He organises elaborate orgies and embarks on a fruitless invasion of England before meeting an appropriate end. There are various versions of the film, ranging from the heavily truncated 90-minute version to the legendary 160-minute hardcore version which leaves nothing to the imagination (though the hardcore scenes were inserted later and do not involve the main cast members).  I obviously saw the regular one. Maybe if I saw the hardcore one, I would have been more entertained.

Eventually people kill Caligula. Good riddance!

What was fucked up was they kill Helen too.

Those bastards.

Moral of the Story: If you going to be naked … don’t act like your hiding it but wearing a small sheet.

2nd Moral= Don’t see this movie!!


You’re Welcome.

And now I miss the 60’s.

But never Carnies. 

Musical Revolution-Let’s Get It On-Love Edition

I can’t sing, I can’t play an instrument. In fact my whole two years in band, I pretended to play the clarinet because I sucked so bad and I also protected my loser teacher from the cruel students. So with an agenda like that… yea I wasn’t feeling the music.

But!! That doesn’t mean I don’t love music. In fact, I wish I could sing. A big hobby for me for a long time was writing songs. I haven’t written one since I married my husband. I wanted to be a song writer. When I hear a song, of course the melody catches me, but I always pay attention to the lyrics.

What is the artist trying to say?

What does it mean?

I am right now on vacation. I am just hanging at home with the kids and I am really missing my husband who is far away on business.

So excuse the whole gayness that is about to explode on your ass…. but here are some songs that mean alot  to me about Gus.

I met Gus at a previous job. I was immediately attracted to him… in fact!! I wanted him as soon as I saw him. Is that weird??

He and I got along together on the job. There was an obvious chemistry between us.

There were many times this song would come on the radio and we would just sit and listen. I actually felt like this song was speaking to us and we both knew it.

Hoobastank-The Reason

During that whole time of guessing how I felt or how he felt and being at an impasse just in life, things were just emotionally chaotic.  All I was certain of was how I felt for him. Never in my life had someone rocked me to the core like Gus. He was everything I never knew but needed. I think I loved him before I even knew.

During our whole employment together, Gus exposed me to country music. At the time, I was totally rocker. I knew a little about all other kinds of music but I was totally a rocker.  So  whenever I was with him, I was “forced” to listen to country. Yet I grew to like it.

In fact, that whole first year of falling for him felt exactly like this song.

Diamond Rio- Beautiful Mess


On our first date, we went to a college football game. We had a blast tailgating. I remember Gus got a little tipsy and as we drove back from the game, Gus and I sat in the back of the car as his brother and girlfriend drove us to our next stop. A song was on the radio and in Gus’s drunk in but sweet estate sang this song to me. I doubt he remembers.

Keith Urban – Who Wouldn’t Wanna Be Me

We got serious and  fast. We were inseparable.  One night after we had a small little shindig with his family, Gus was flipping through the radio stations as I was cleaning up and this song came on.

See up into the time, I knew I felt for him and I knew he cared for me. But nothing was really expressed out in the open.

Normally I would have changed this song cause normally I would think its fruity … it is… fruity. But he let it stay and as I washed his dishes, I listened and to the song and wondered what the hell is he doing.

All My Life-Linda Ronstadt

During the song, he came over to me and told me he loved me. He also told me he wanted to marry me.

During the years of our marriage, now 6, we are still together and music  have become an important center in our life. I know that it’s important to Gus very much. It’s always been an important life line in mine. So now I try to communicate in music now.

It just is deeper for us.

Clint Black-I do

Bryan Adams- Everything I do

And during this course of our marriage, we have argued what was the best song to be “our” song. So many songs have left a mark with me or him… I can’t tell you how many times I was like I love this song! This is us! I have so many that just remind me of Gus.

Yet once we heard it, it was like we knew instantly. It just describes us instantly.

Rick Trevino-I Only Get This Way With You

This song was picked way after we were married.

Yet it makes me think of this one moment before we got married when we were on our way to getting to be serious couple.

“Gus, my parents want to meet you. They are gonna have a dinner and want you to come over.”

He just sat there for a moment.

I thought he was going to say no. I remember I was nervous asking him this because this was a big deal for both of us.

He looked at me. I was sitting on the opposite couch.

“Come here.”

I went over to him. And he took me in his arms and smiled at me.

“there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you.”

And that was that.



Revolting Moments in the Past Or Kindergarten is for the Witches

My therapist says I need to talk about the bent out moments life has misshapen for me.

He says I have improved. I am no longer in a corner sucking my thumb and rocking.

Major improvement he says!

So I have climbed this blogger mountain to pour out my soul. Remember the less you laugh, the more chance you have to keep your tongue.

I kid!

Or do I?

Man I need to wax!

Looking into my  past I see exactly how messed up my life got.

Can you pinpoint an exact moment?

I can.

I was 5 years old and entered Kindergarten at a nearby elementary school. I remember those days as happy days. I wore dresses to school, my hair was done pretty, and I had lots of friends.

The thing is I knew I had good friends.  I remember one time right before treat time, I angered the teacher and I was not rewarded with a treat. I remember all the kids were sitting in a circle on the rug on the floor. As soon as the teacher turned her back, one by one, the girls in my class each cut a piece of their treat and gave it to me.  

I knew even then that this treatment was very special. I never asked for it or required it. They just simply gave.

They were my life line and they liked me and made me feel loved and accepted even in Kinder.

One afternoon, after school, changed my world and set the wheels in motion.

My parents informed me that I would be moving new school. Not very far, in fact a block away. However, because of the new house we were moving too, the school boundaries were stern on where and where not I could attend school.

Fascists pigs!

I remember my first day  in the new school very well. That day I was not dressed up nice as usual. I wore jeans, a regular tee, and my hair was brushed down. From the current move, we were still unpacking and sorting things out.

I remember sitting on the mat in class  and being surrounded by all the students and not seeing a welcoming face. I tried talking to this one student named Annette. She had long hair, and wasn’t that pretty. As soon as I talked to her, she informed me that she was friends with someone else.

I remember in the class the girls ratio to boys was low. So yes, instead of having girl friends I was stuck with these boys. These boys who were already annoying and disgusting. Not like the boys who kept to themselves in my other school.

One boy promptly sat next to me and informed my new teacher and the rest of the class that I was going to marry him.

I was mortified. What the hell? Had my little mind been more advanced like it is now I would have slugged the bastard in the face and said, ” I don’t marry retards you dumbass. Now wipe the drool from your chin you pussy.”

However at that age, you can’t really express your anger. So instead my anger was turned into tears.

Which goes to show you, men do not change. Fuckers think they got the reins on everything.

So for the next few days, I spent the days avoiding him especially in lunch when he would follow me around trying to kiss me.

Ugh disgusting. I remember his name was Danny. Danny something or other. He was only 5 but he was already on his way to sexual assault!

So anyways, my days were spent alone. It seemed  as if all the little girls were taken up by other girls and there was no room in their club for one more.

One day the class next door came into our room to play and sing songs. Immediately after we were allowed for a nap. A girl named Vanessa came over to where I had nestled down. She immediately started talking to me. We giggled and talked all through nap time.

We were besties instantly.

We weren’t in the same class of course but lucky for us our teachers did everything to gether so we were able to still play with each other.

I remember we would sing songs and clap along and we would play with each other’s hair.

All things that make me gag now.

One day, she came into my classroom. And in her hand was another hand. Apparently her class had got a new student. Her name was Melissa. Her name rings ugly!

Vanessa immediately brought her towards me and said that we should teach her our clapping game.  Hesitate at first, I saw that nothing had changed. So I played with both the girls. Weirdly enough, as Vanessa and Melissa’s class got ready to leave Vanessa out of nowhere assured me that her and I were still best friends.

I don’t even remember asking or showing concern. What the fuck!!

The next day when Vanessa’s class came; she was of course holding Melissa’s hand and came to the mat  and sat somewhere entirely somewhere else.  I got up and moved toward them. I started talking to both the girls but their lack of acknowledgement showed me that I was no longer wanted.

Bitches! I mean…. Witches!

I sat there staring at them as they played with each other’s hair and laughed.

I was crushed!!! That bitch stole my best friend!

Lunch time was rough. I would see them playing and running.

Eventually I mingled in. And when I say mingled in, I mean I had given up and was forced to play with the boys.

I saw three boys pretending to be ninja turtles. I liked the ninja turtles. I walked over there and asked if I could play. They being boys who really don’t have much of an opinion at all said yes. They told me I could be April the reporter. I told them no way! I was going to Raphael because he was my favorite.

They couldn’t believe I wanted to be a ninja turtle! They asked me if I could kick high. So I should them my best in-the-air kick. They asked if I could fight. I did some amateur punching moves. And you know what? They were totally cool with me being Raphael.

 As my school years continued, I learned that boys were the best kind of friends. They were not judgmental and it was always about having a good time. I eventually took up sports like my guy friends.

My dress even changed. I demanded tennis shoes, and jeans (that eventually would get holes in them) and long shirts with cars and trucks on them.

Pretty soon girls were foreign to me.

I didn’t even know how to talk to one if I tried.

Vanessa and Melissa did get pay back for their evil ways. One day during P.E. we were playing kick ball. It was girls verses boys. However, the boys picked me on their team. Their defense? “Marina isn’t really a girl. She can kick the ball farther than us.”

So I was on the boys’ team. When it was my turn to kick the ball, I gave it such a smack that it smack Melissa right in the nose causing her nose to spit out blood.

It was awesome! The blood splattered everywhere including her never-out-of-her-sight best friend.

That wasn’t planned. But if there was a day I believed in Jesus, that day was it!

That has pretty much summed up my relationships with girls.

Obviously in time, I made way for trust for girls to be my friends again. Yet if it wasn’t for the dudes I don’t know I would have spent childhood. I can still throw and catch a football like no ones business. In fact, you should see me play football! I still got it! I should have been a boy!!!  

I feel better now that I have poured out my soul.

Now if you excuse me, I am going to go stab a doll.




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