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To My Little Girl- Si Sirella or Si Si for short

Another year has passed and  my baby that was once in my tummy is now 4 years old. Where does the time go? How many tokens do I need to get it back?

Today is my little Si Si’s birthday. She is 4 years old.

It makes me sad each year how time goes by so fast.

Always smiling

And how you, my little Sienna, continue to get bigger and bigger til you are not a little baby no longer. You have coined the term ‘Baby Girl” is our family because you are the smallest of the girls. However, that term does not fit you at all. You may be the smallest but your personality says otherwise.

You my girl are incredibly strong and smart.  Sure you scream at bugs and the sight of blood. Yet, from day 1, you knew what you wanted. And immediately started being independent when those around you were not.
I see a lot of me in you when I was your age. Feisty, independent, and a leader. I hope you never lose that.
I’ll be honest with you, even if I am getting mad, it does not bother me one bit when you tell me, “That you can do it all by yourself”, when getting dressed, first learning to riding a bike etc. Because as much as it does hurt that you don’t need Mama anymore in these things, I am fine knowing that your spirit is strong.
You, my girl, are beautiful, sweet, and personable. That is why everyone loves you. You know how to carry and keep a conversation going. You also know how to make people love you. And everyone does, Sienna, I don’t have to tell you.
You are Daddy’s and Papa’s little girl. And that’s fine. Because that was me when I was little, always following Papa around. Just know that parts of you make you Mama’s girl too. I cherish all our time together.
At four years old, you are already have a sense of style that Mama knows nothing about. You are carefree and nothing holds you down. I love that you don’t doubt yourself either. Seriously, when did you become so smart? You are my funny girl too. The things you say sends us to tears and laughter.
Baby girl, I want you to know that I will love you forever. You are my special one. And your perfect name fits you well. I hope your proud of it.
The day you were born I looked at you and I was instantly in love. And since then, you seem to be on a mission on breaking records in our house. First baby to speak, crawl, walk, put sentences together.
Yet you are the one that enjoys being a child.
Sienna O’ren,  I love you to pieces.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have a wonderful little girl like you. Never. So thank you my baby for making it all happen to me.

 I love you Sienna. You are extremely wonderful and life would not be complete with out you.

Me: Sienna, what do you want Mommy to tell you today?

Sienna: Tell me Happy Birthday

Me: Happy Birthday baby.

Sienna: Lets talk about the present you’re getting me.

Me: What do want?

Sienna: A Cinderella dress, a crown, Cinderella mirror, and a baby jaguar.

Oh boy.


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