In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

Uh the holidays.

Secretly I am starting to hate the holidays. I hate having to go Walmart, buy all the groceries to make the Thanksgiving feast. Then cleaning…. I feel like all I do is clean. So I will clean for everyone to come over and then clean again once everyone is gone. I am annoyed with the casual talk. Its nothing meaningful to me. Because the people who are there…. why are they even there?

Its not for me. Its definitely not for me.


They will eat and then run off to their real family and friends and I will be left with pots, pans, and food on the floor.

It hasn’t even begun and I am over it. I wish we could just fast forward through til Friday and I can start enjoying my days off.

Its getting to the point where I just want to be with my husband and kids. No one else. I don’t wanna handle the in-laws. I don’t wanna handle the charade of pretend family.

Bah hum bug. Right?

Maybe I am getting older at a faster rate than everyone else.

Or maybe I am just tired of going along with this joke and rather just have things as they are. I am alone.

Comments on: "Uh the holidays." (1)

  1. I applaud your honesty and completely agree with you. I think you need to do what feels right for you and not live up to some expectation that was probably fabricated and became “reality.” (Looking at you, Butterball turkey people!)

    I have enough problems picking up after just myself. To do this for other people who really don’t give a damn about the effort you put into it — before and after — psh! Eff that!

    Despite all that, I hope you enjoy the rest of the long weekend. You’ve at least got one person on your side!

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