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The Art of Catching Some Zzzzz’s


Being a mother is extremely demanding. Somehow you are the first one up and the last one to bed. You are always extremely tired and can be found falling asleep as you practice reading with your daughter. You anxiously await the anticipated bed time where you can snuggle in your sheets, lay your head on your puffed up pillow and fall gracefully to sleep the way princesses do in movies.

However is that really the case?

I can be falling asleep on the way home from work, on the couch, the dinning table, even as you move about assembling the essentials for the next day. However, as soon as I lay in bed, it gets COMPLICATED!!


Ideally I want to lay on my back. If I position my pillows just right, both my shoulders properly proportioned equally on the pillow will make for a nice restful sleep. See, this is the type of Science they should be teaching in school. The physics of perfectly aligned shoulders.

But still, I can’t fall asleep. This is not the position I am used too! You see, we recently got my baby boy to stop sleeping with us. When he was a baby, we messed up by putting him in the bed with us all because we wanted an extra few hours of sleep during feedings and diaper changings.


Then he just grew super fast and pretty soon I was the one hanging off the edge. Everyone morning, my shoulders would ache because I was forced to sleep on my side all night!

So we moved him into his room. Then we felt guilty and I was cold. So there he went back into our bed. T-ball started for him. He then decided that he was a big boy and could not sleep with us. So there he went back to his bed in his room. I was sad. I missed him. But my shoulders didn’t. In one night I was cured and could never go back to the old way again.

But like all great things, the season ended as well as Ryan’s desire to be a big boy. We couldn’t get him to stay the night in his room. Finally, it donned on us to bring his bed into our room. So we did that… and we have our bed back. Hopefully, we will have our room back.


So I lay there fully enjoying the arms space I have. I now have the power to roll up in a little ball, spread out like an X and even sleep side ways. The possibilities are endless! But I just ache for comfort and want to fully enjoy the space laying on my back.

Still, it doesn’t feel comfortable. What do I do with these arms of mine? Do I cross them over my chest like Wednesday from The Adams Family?


No that’s weird and uncomfortable. Imagine if I died like that… the medics will think I am  some kind of witch or satanic sleeper.

I finally give up and just roll on my right side like always. I curl my legs up practically in my body and relax. Hopefully, I will just know to change it up in the middle of the night.

Then I start to feel something uncomfortable.

My ankles are touching each other and it’s driving me CRAZY!! My knees are boney and rubbing against each other! If I spread my legs that feels foreign… uhhhhhhhhhh!!!

I just wanna sleep!! I finally just roll over on my stomach and hope the smothering of my face in the pillow will be enough to knock me unconscious!

What is that my feet are hitting?!?!

Ryan is now sleeping horizontally on the edge of our bed!!!!

The Motherhood

It Friday. Its the day to take it easy. Too bad I have been doing that all week already.

I found this awesome video. I wish I had thought of it. Seriously, I wish I could rap.

The Motherhood

or this:


Hmmm ok I haven’t figured exactly how to post videos on to WordPress since it got all updated.

Liar Liar Pants on Fire!! Wait no don’t cry…your pants really aren’t on fire!

So I have this kid …

named Sienna. She is our baby girl.

She just started school this year three weeks ago and she is still not used to it.

She didn’t cry her first day until the afternoon. Then she cried every day after that until Friday when she had a good day.

Last week Monday, she cried a little going into the building. Then for the most part, she was fine.

Yesterday she cried in the morning and also this morning.

Last night, she told me there was a boy bothering her. A little boy in her class was being very mean to her calling her “a poopy head and a liar” but she doesn’t lie in school.

Her words.

Well we thought … this must be the reason she is not wanting to go to school.

The thing is Sienna loves school. She loves having work. She loves her teachers and her little friends so we couldn’t understand if it was so great, why was she resistant?

We talked and talked with her last night and a part of this morning about telling the teacher and what she could tell this boy.

And the more I thought of it the more I got upset. Truthfully, I didn’t believe her. Or I was more skeptic. However I was giving her the benefit of the doubt.

So this morning as we got ready, I told her how mad I was that a boy was being so mean to her. In fact, I was so mad I was going to talk to her teacher when I got there.

When I told her this, she responded that she could take “handle it” on her own.

You’re five! You are crying cause someone call your a poopy head and you wanna handle it?

I asked her the boy’s name. She didn’t know. Hmmmm… well maybe she hadn’t learned everyone’s name yet. Then she remarked that he wasn’t going to be in class today because he had a party to go too.

How suspicious!

Finally after a bit probing, she revealed there was no boy who was teasing her.

She lied.

I think she figured that was a good excuse to keep her at home.

As I write this I realize that I need to tell her the story of the little girl who cried wolf.

I felt bad telling her this but I knelt down beside her and told her this in the most loving yet firm way I could,

“You are going to school no matter what.”

I’m at a loss with this child. I can’t figure out why she is crying still. Especially after she says she loves school.
I guess the best thing is just to give her some time.

I did tell her that she should never lie.

You know …”Liar Liar pants on fire, hanging by the telephone wire.”

Then she started crying….

Her pants were not on fire I swear Child Protective Services.

It was a metaphor!!!

Happy Mother’s Day

Even though Mother’s Day isn’t until Sunday, I figure I give the word out today.

Happy Mother’s Day.

To every mother out there… I hope you have a joyous, relaxing day. I hope you are spoiled.

Truth is our children make us special just as we make our mothers special. A mother isn’t born until a child is.  A mother is something new each and every time.

Then again…. shit doesn’t get done until a mother does it.


I Hang My Head In Shame

So yesterday I took a vacation day from work.

My husband and I went to my daughters’ award  assembly. She got the terrific kid award which I think is the equivalent to an employee of the month.

I asked her if she got any bonuses, extra benefits, a raise and she told me she received two pencils, a sticker, and a hug.  Wow, she is going to make a perfect candidate working for Wal-Mart!!!

I kid!! Hopefully its Target she works for. Who doesn’t like Target?!?!

After that, it was breakfast, running errands, taking all my kids to the dentist which is very exhausting.

I hate going to the dentist probably more than my kids do.

If you ever wanna feel like a shitty parent, feel like you couldn’t possibly hit bottom, by all means go the dentist.

Two of my kids had cavities so they got fillings.  Man the entire time, this one guy was talking shit to me. THE ENTIRE TIME!!

They brush every day people!! I swear it!! They don’t even eat candy. Ask them!! They always ask if they can have some, and I always say no.

I don’t have a sweet tooth so whether or not they do, they don’t get shit!

My kids are guilty of drinking a lot of juices. That’s my fault. I honestly didn’t realize that it was so bad.

Yes! Slap me!

But god damn, this one dentist was giving it to me hard! Hard!

I told him I understand. I will limit the juices, they won’t have any sweets til October.

I could not get out there quicker.

The next time I go there, if someone makes a comment again, I think I am gonna pick my kid and walk out and take my business somewhere else.

Dude what is up with that?!?!

I remember going to the ER and the nurse drilling me how my daughter got hurt.  Simple. She was climbing a tree and fell. A tree that she has climbed over a hundred times.

Am I not suppose to let them play or be kids?

She was probing my daughter because she couldn’t exactly ask if mommy hurts her. She did let her know that this is a safe place and she could say anything here and nothing bad was going to happen to her.


Nothing was even broken. I took her to make sure she was fine  and didn’t have a concussion. I remember my daughter even getting annoyed, stopping with the nurse in the room asking me why she keeps asking her over and over. She fell off a tree enough said.

I understand that there are certain things they have to ask but do they have probe and basically make you feel like you scum of the earth because your kid had stains on a back tooth or because she was playing in a tree.

Ughhhhhhhhh, I am frustrated now because I am sure 75% of the time, a parent is a good parent. Nurturing, loving, careful. However, don’t you have to let your kids be kids?

And because I am sensitive as fuck, this shit is going to be bothering me for a least a week.

After that, we took the kids to a nice dinner of their choice for Savannah’s award.

All in all, it was a great day.

And that is why there is no Thursday movie review today.

I also got two pair of shoes.


Wordless Wednesday- I Found my Religion

If you guys aren’t watching and believein’ in the Lord-a, you will go to HELL!!

Can I get an Amen?!?!?

Repent you sinners!!!

I have found my savior!!

Ok I was just kidding about the whole going to hell thing.

We all know I have not one but two condos in hell!

Isn’t this so funny…. and scary??!? What the hell are we teaching the kids these days?!!

Future Westboro cult members perhaps!!!

A Pet That Can Kill, Crazy People, & A Total Fake Out

My youngest daughter Sienna recently adopted a new pet. Normally, I am all for pets especially if they are cute and cuddly. However this pet is neither cute nor cuddly. In fact, if precaution is not taken, her new pet (Princess is what she calls it) can very well send us off to the ER!

No it’s not a python. No it’s not fire ants or bees.


Say hello to Princess.

Yes, it is a rock or a mini boulder if you will. For a rock, its pretty heavy. It’s heavy for me its a whole lot of heavy for her. That doesn’t seem to bother her. Or the fact that its missing a part of its side. That doesn’t seem to bother her either. No she is loving that damn rock to her little heart’s content.

I am not weirded out or anything. Hell if she wants a rock I am all for that!! It doesn’t poop which lets face it folks I would be cleaning it up if it did. It also doesn’t eat. But if she were to drop it on her toe… god that is an ER visit just waiting to happen!

So I have banned her from carrying it. It stays in its bed. She made a nice little bed for it. And when I checked on her during the night, I found she brought into the bed to sleep with her.

She has tons of dolls, and babies. I don’t know how she stumbled on that a rock would make an excellent baby but yes… I will “check her in”.


Yesterday I talked to a friend I went to middle school with. She actually lived in El Paso for one year and I went to school with her. After that, she moved back to Denver. For only being here one year she sure knew a lot about what happened to the kids we went to school with.

One story was particular interesting. There was this girl named Jenny that I knew ever since elementary. Everyone loved her.  She wasn’t extremely beautiful but she was cute, funny, had long hair and was a cheerleader. Yes…. she was cool and so not awkward (me).

She stayed Miss Loved and Most Expected to Succeed. She went onto the local college here and was a college cheerleader.

Apparently she now suffers from schizophrenia people. What the hell? She was completely normal when I knew her!! I knew her mother as well and her family. All freaking normal.

That totally sucks… but I pat my back because I have yet to collapse of the pressure of life. There is always next year. And till then, I will always duck and cover when I see someone I went to school with.


My oldest daughter, Savannah, hates waking up in the morning. It is a battle every morning. Yet, after being awake after a while she wakes up and is fine. Today, she was moving slow still. She was also very quiet.

Once we got in the car and drove off she wasn’t even responding to her favorite music. At a red light, I stroked her chick and said, “You ok?”

She sighed and looked at me with a sad look, “Its time to start over.”

Her words overwhelmed me. Six years old! Time to start over? Did she mean in school? Did she finally realize that its important to complete her work assignments and get good grades? Did she realize that she needed to make any changes in her life?

“What do mean?” I ask.

She points to the radio.

I look back at her.


She says, “Its time to start over the song.” And she smiles and looks out the window.

She totally faked me out. Totally!!!!

I take it back… I am obviously going crazy.

I might be ok with it. Spread the word… Marina is coming out and into the strait jacket!!!

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