In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

I AM Shameless.

I recently devoured a show on Netflix. You may have heard of it. It’s a popular show on Showtime called Shameless.

When I say devoured, that is exactly what I did. I loved the show. With in five weeks, I saw 6 seasons.

But during my marathons, I noticed that as much as I loved the hilarious drama filled roller coaster of a show, it was starting to affect me.

Whenever an episode would reach a pivotal event or something would not work out like it should (which was all the flipping time), it would send me into an emotional turmoil. I would be grumpy and moody. I would be depressed. I then would HAVE to watch the next episode and the next. Just to fill some crazy non-existent void. There were even time were I would take breaks because the emotional chaos unraveling before was just too much to handle. I think, and stay with me here, I was copying a lot of the emotions of characters and reliving them in my own actual real life! Do I sound crazy or what?

That has to be insane. Who does that?!? I started realizing what I was doing and how bad it would be. For example, one of the main characters Fiona is just basically on self-destruction when it comes to her own happiness. She implodes herself on purpose! Well I started taking out her anger on thoughts on my own spouse. Like if he actually deserted me the way character deserted Fiona in the show. Insane. I am even embarrassed to talk about. So I started to take it slower in these episodes. I put less emphasis on them. I would sleep rather than watch an episode. I would go out side  rather than watch a episode.

I finally finished yesterday. And I handled the devastating end with calmness. In fact, I was so distracted with ACTUAL real life that I didn’t give the show much thought after I watched it. You know, like a normal person.

Then I got Instagram, Twitter, Snap chat etc and followed every character and anything having to do with Shameless.

Ok, maybe not so much a like


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