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The Pimples on My Ass

And when I say that, I actually mean the stuff that has bothered me this week. And not that I actually have pimples. However, if you ever gotten one you know that it is bothersome. I wouldn’t know. But you would. So this blog is for you.  You’re welcome.

Well, so far we are surviving the first week of school with my precious Savannah. She has been doing good and is getting used to her new schedule. Every time  I pick her up, her teacher has nothing but good things to say. Yesterday, though, when I picked her up, her teacher quietly let me know that Savannah has been dancing around in class.

I took that right away as a stab, like she was cutting my Savannah down. In my head I thought, “What! Why is that bad? We are a family of dancers. I put on the music and my kids break it on down. We could be anywhere. The House. The Front Yard. Vista Market which has an excellent music selection. We are a family of soul! Like the Jackson Five.”

Then she said it’s because Savannah does not use the restroom all day. She holds it in so she is dancing around and refuses to go. Boy I am glad I am slow cause I would have looked like an idiot to the ADD Kinder teacher.  Thank Heavens for slow ass reactions.  Can I get a amen?

Next, I have successfully seen all the iCarly’s I haven’t  in the past two years.   I am caught up. I have no idea why I like that show. It doesn’t make me laugh out loud or anything but I just have to see it. My girls are too young to appreciate it yet, so I will. I don’t like having to keep my love for iCarly a secret. People make fun of me especially my husband who reminds me that show is for 14 yr olds. Well maybe I am doing it for the inner 14 yr old in me! Has he ever thought about that? I don’t tease him for playing with remote control cars or helicopters. Let me have iCarly!

I finished reading what I think it the last book for Twilight. Eclipse? I want to apologize right away if your reading it now or going to be reading it soon because I am gonna give some major spoiler alerts. I must talk about it. To make myself feel better! First, how could you Bella Swan? How could you leave Jacob like that? He loves you more than Edward. You are an evil evil bitch. There I said it. I can’t feel sorry for you cause your torn  in between two guys that you say you love. Your selfish! I just can’t believe you actually left him. He is the better man! Ok, I much better now.  I cried! during the book. Especially the last part because Jacob is so sad. He tries to get away from everything including him self. Powerful. Deep.  I think I love you Jacob Black. I’ll marry the werewolf. And why the heck did they make such a big deal about the third wife from the stories that were told. It’s not like Bella was anywhere near her statue. Bella was crying all the time, passing out, was life so difficult? Never have I met (ha ha met) anyone so squeamish. Bella you are the biggest pimple in my ass.

  I am without words. I am just too sad. Twilight is affecting me way too much. Lol.

Does anyone watch the Bad Girls Club? Well the new season started on Tuesday with them in Miami. Where do they find these dumb ass girls? What does the  application even look like for this show?

Bitch? Why yes I am!

Slut?  I prefer the term sex enthusiast.

Gold-digger? This hair and nails gotta get done somehow.

Craziest night?  One time I was so drunk… and I can’t remember.

Like to Fight?  Yeah I will “snatch” a bitch if need be. (What does that even mean?!)

Are you pretty? Duh. Stop looking at me with your ugly face

Highest grade level achieved: I think it was 8th.

Where are you from? I own Miami. I run Miami bitch.

But nobody has ever heard of you.  Whatever. I run Miami. You clothes are so cheap!

I have never even met girls like that before. Stupid as a rock and fake as press on nails.  It’s like, Are you serious? Are they acting? That is some good acting! They are not acting?! Oh my god. Then I should watch these girls make a complete ass of themselves. ooo ha ha ha ha (evil laugh) I shall watch every Tuesday night.  The things I get addicted too.

Now I am gonna watch Season 2 of United States of Tara. Well, if Ryan lets me. He is on a marathon on Barney. Uh, Barney. He is another pimple on my ass.


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