In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

Yes fatal attraction is in. It’s the cool thing to do. However killing bunnies is still not.

Yesterday I was looking for a particular video on YouTube plus I was also trying to prove a tweet wrong that you really can only watch ONE YouTube video. Once on YouTube, hours go by and you realize you have watched 10,000 videos.

So while I was trying to be diligent I stumbled onto these two videos.


Isn’t being a stalker the coolest now?

I am totally rooting for this chick! I hope her guy realizes that crazy is a different kinda protection!!

She may not be able to sing but that is besides the point people. Her love is pure and psychotic! Thats the greatest kind of love out there.

I am amazed by this chick. She is like Shakespeare!

We all have been a stalker to some degree. I used to drive by my husband’s  home when he was just my crush. I never thought to make videos like this for him. If I did, I probably would have sealed the deal with him earlier!!

Ahhhh I love him. And he will never never never never never leave me…. or I will kill him!

Comments on: "Fatal Attraction is Cool Now" (4)

  1. I so agree! Fuck playing hard to get…life is short….go for it!

  2. I watched some of fatal attraction with my mom and went to sleep before she got to killing and boiling the bunny part. The lady had some crazy eyes in that movie, though you can stalk all you want as long as you don’t hurt the cute little bunny!

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