In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

I don’t have a Facebook.

Part of me doesn’t want one. I can not handle people that I went to school with trying to reach me. Seriously. I see old classmates and I duck and run. I am constantly checking the local arrest photos secretly hoping to run into a photo of someone I knew from high school.

I am evil … no need to tell me twice.

But when I see instances like these it kinda makes me wanna join Facebook to see these retards first hand.

Its like you don’t wanna be a part of the car wreck but you don’t mind watching from a  safe distance. Hopefully the people in these depictions are in that wrecked car.

Is there such things as too much information?

You may not know this but your pain is funny.

What is that face you make when you are Twitter stunned?


Something like that.

All I can say is this status definitely wins Most Likely to Have the Cops Called.

Hey self-righteous chick, its the truth! If anything the positivity should be applauded even if it sounds trashy!

Yikes! That premature ejaculation is always a kicker.

I’m appalled that no one mentioned the good sense that occurs on Facebook every so often!

Never piss off someone who can not spell!

Whoa people of Facebook! The only winner here is Jason!

Round of applause for Jason!!

So there you have it… a sample of  sweet technology being used to air out all your dirty laundry.

Just make sure to air it out a safe distance from the general population!


Comments on: "Wordless Wednesday- (Facebook) Breaking Up Is Hard to Do" (3)

  1. I’m not on Facebook either. No one ever read my status updates anyway, so why bother!? I think maybe three people paid any attention. And I’m like you, I don’t care to interact with anyone from high school or my childhood for that matter. No, you’re not evil.

    I like Twitter. I’m happy there. They know me there, they don’t judge.

  2. You are not evil at all and I totally admire you for being a fellow non-Facebooker. As you probably know well I am not a Facebook person either but I must tell you there are train wrecks going in all directions there from what my mom tells me. People post really, really stupid stuff and generally it is just an arena for cattiness and constant stalking.

    I love all of the examples of stupidity posted and the last one is the best, I love it!

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