In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

Why are you buying O’douls?!

It’s non-alcoholic!!!

It is not… I repeat…it  is not beer! How much did that 6 pack cost anyways?!?! $8.99 You could have bought two 12 packs of coke!


Cause you are not buying alcohol!!!

Wait… are you that dude from the company Christmas party? You know, the poor sucka who can’t be trusted with a real beer?

Yeah stick with your “beer”.

It’s like the hillbillies say, “Going down on your cousin is like drinking O’Douls. It tastes the same but you know something ain’t right.”


Comments on: "Wordless Wednesday- What the Hell??" (11)

  1. Hmmm, maybe he’s going to pour it into another bottle like Coors or Yuengling and make it LOOK like he’s drinking “real” beer. I mean no one wants to go to a party and look like a dork drinking non alcoholic beer.

    Or maybe he likes the taste of beer but is a recovering alcoholic.

    Or the old stand by: “It’s not for me, I’m buying it for someone else.” Yeah, right.

  2. Maybe he was buying it for his pregnant wife’s craving?

  3. Yeah, that is definitely a bad decision and money could be much more well spent than on… non-beer. Crazy people who try to resist the temptation of drinking real alcohol, what’s wrong with them? I love getting my buzz on!

  4. he probably also drinks decaf coffee

  5. firecracker3 said:

    The last line was epic!!!! Also, I agree it is so weak as a beverage choice it is like you had your balls over as you hand your money over to pay for the 6-pack.

  6. I sent you that picture in confidence.
    But nooooo….. You had to share it with everyone. 😀

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