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Wordless Wednesday- Photobomb Favorites


Photo Bomb!!!

I am unsure if I am  hung over or still asleep.

I don’t remember drinking or sleeping.

So here is the best half-ass Monday blog I can give you.

Hopefully, it will start the newest trend and people will post photo bombs everywhere.

I know I want to do it… but maybe tomorrow.

Seriously, didn't the person taking the pic see the most obvious?!?!

Whoa.... what is this selling cause I am buying!!


Ha ha Burn!!!


Ha ha ... I can't .... ha ha ha.... classic!!

Creep Alert

Heyyyyy isn't that....

What the,,,, what are they feeding these kids??


And there you go.

Now go forth …. Photo Bomb everywhere!

Wacky Wednesday- You Crazy Facebook-ers!!

Here are some of the best pictures and comments made on Facebook.

We love you crazy Facebookers. Fill free to double to click to see better.


Ha Ha!!

Photo Bomb!!

And that’s why Cadie and Jessica like this!!

He sure knew a lot about that….

More gayness…

You say tomato ... I say .... penis

When the universe isn't really against you

Not quite a perv

Tebowing or Teboning: What Happened??

People have been talking about Tim Tebow a lot especially during his football games. In case you don’t know, Tim Tebow is the quarter back for the Denver Broncos.

Tebow is one hell of a player and he is one handsome guy. I always thought so!!

Well, it’s also known that Tim Tebow is a big Christian boy. He is very public with his beliefs. In fact, every time he has participated in a big play, he automatically points to the sky or gets down on his knees and thanks God.

This “move” is now called “Tebowing.” It’s  an actual word, a new verb that has been added to the English language.

And see none of this wouldn’t matter IF the Broncos weren’t all of a sudden a winning team. Yes winning!!  Tebow has directed his once-floundering teammates to six straight victories! His outward display of his Christian faith, along with his unorthodox playing style, have made him the most controversial and polarizing player in the National Football League.

Tebow, who has been dubbed the “Mile High Messiah’’ and has given new meaning to quarterbacks “taking a knee,’’ has found himself a humorous target. Broncos jerseys with “JESUS’’ emblazoned above his No. 15 are hot sellers in Denver. Bill Cosby asked residents to “call Tim Tebow and ask him for a great day’’ before the comedian performs there at the end of March. Oakland fans held up “Welcome to Hell’’ signs before the Broncos played there last month.

Tebow’s own pastors are saying that the whole reason his team is winning is because Tim is a devout Christian who recognizes God in his life, lives accordingly, and is a virgin.

A what?!?!?!

A virgin!??!

Are you serious?!?!

No one has tapped that yummy, tight ass!! Why not?

Ohhhhh, he is waiting for marriage??

That is a travesty!! Not the whole waiting for marriage thing… but the fact that no one has been dipped into his sexual chocolate!!!

That is a crime!! Tebowing should have never been invented!! It should have been Teboning!! Or Tebowing should have meant something entirely different! That he ganged bang the hell outta the college groupies!!

It would have been epic!!

Imagine his new touchdown dance will be pelvis thrusts!!

This guy knows what I am talking about

Just saying…. someone needs to get on that.

I totally volunteer.

Alas, now he is this poster child that weak-minded people have latched onto… because he is winning games. It’s an apparent sign! It’s not because he is a bad ass player that he has a defense to be reckoned with.

No, God has chosen Tebow.

And that also means the rest of the teams are screwed!! Especially my Dallas Cowboys. They will never see a super bowl again!!

I can guarantee all my Boys are fornicators, drunkards, gamblers, etc.

God damnit! We are so screwed!!!!

God hates the Cowboys!!!

Jesus hates us Romo.

Wish I Tweeted That Wednesday…..

What the Hell Wednesday- Jesus Style!!

I love it (LOVE) when people claim to find or see images of Jesus or the Virgin Mary appear in places.  People have said the Virgin Mary has appeared on rock water.In reality, it was more of a water stain in a shape that looked like the Virgin Mary.

Praise the Lord!!!

People see what they wanna see. And quite possibly, what they need to see at a certain time.

Here are some of the most crazy, absurd, and what the fuck places that people have seen our Lord and Savior Edward Collins  Jesus Christ.

Jesus really is everywhere! I didn’t realize how literal that phrase was!!

Someone is Jesus starved!!

Hmmm, really?

Jesus: great for wrinkled pants, shirts, and souls.

Do you see it? I looked at the this thing for an hour. The I saw the face. I freaked out, huddled in a corner and rocked myself and chanted in tongues!

Jesus: The Italian version

Uhhhhhh I don’t see it! Come on people give me a break.

How about a spoonful of Jesus??!?!

Great another reminder that I need to go to church!

I don’t see the Lord, I see the Crow!

Lets see if Jesus can turn this water damage into wine damage!!

Oh my god!! I need to go to church!

Gulp Gulp Gulp!

Wait… no I am good here at the house.

God got another chick pregnant! And the kid is a cross!!!

And God Said…. Let Her Be a Lesbian.

I’m just kidding. About the whole lesbian part.

Or am I????

I was thinking for today’s Wordless Wednesday I show you some ladies that I think are smokin hot. I have done a guy list hundreds of times here and alone at home with nothing on but the tv.

Mental Images! Mental Images!!

These lovely ladies I would definitely switch teams for!!

So here is my list of hotties… vagina style.

(note: There will be no actual vaginas shown here. Come on people, I wanna be Freshly Pressed.)

8. Monica Bellucci

One of the sexiest ladies, this woman can make a trash bag hot!

Can I have a hug Monica? Just a little one.


7. Yes It’s Kim Kardashian Biotch,

Even though, she is a dumbass for getting married for 2 seconds then filing for divorce, you gotta give it to cause baby got back and front y’all.

I don't like you, but I love you.

6. Natalie Portman

Other then the fact that she is hot, looks good bald, and has a filthy mouth. Whoa that is actually quite a list.

Oooo la la


5. Elizabeth Banks

Something about this lady is really hot. I mean really hot. Her roles in movies are always funny and she just seems like a cool hot chick.

4. Anne Hathaway

First off, I have seen this chick naked. And she is just stunning. And hot. Naked and hot.

3. Scarlett Johanssan

Another yummy woman. She is soooo hot and yes a great actress, but that’s not why I watch her movies!!

Wow, she has pretty eyes right????

2. Sofia Vergara

When I see her I wish I could speak Spanish. She makes me wanna learn. Damn you smokin, Sofia!

Ay ay esta bien chingona!!


1. And my number one chick ever in the whole wide world…..

The Day I Fell in love


Yes you can bite me, Megan!

So people release you inner lesbian… who do you love???

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