In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.


It’s here!! 2014!!!

New Years always makes me so sad. I hate missing the things past, when I was younger, leaner. Also when the kids were smaller and it was not so evident that they were growing so fast.
I’m a very nostalgic person and very sentimental and together it can be a bad mix.
But somehow the turn of this year I reached a new resolve.
I don’t want to be sad anymore. I want to be excited. I want to at peace with what has passed and just move on. I want to enjoy the now and not yearn for the days behind me.
This is also my 30th year alive. There should be some wisdom being bestowed upon me sometime.
If not I am going to force it to come.
So here it is my resolutions….
1) work out. Seriously, I am going to force myself to like to run.
2) be creative. I’m getting back to writing and I plan to do something artsy once a month. Even if it kills me. Pinterest will become my new best friend.
3) no more rushing! I will get up earlier and enjoy time as it passes.
4) my kids. I am going to do more stuff with them. Be adventurous!! And silly.
5) better with money.
6) more appreciative
7) read more.

So here it is on paper (sorta) holding me ever accountable!

So I am ready 2014. I am ready for brighter days and a fuller heart!


Comments on: "January 1: A New Beginning or An Exciting Middle Part" (1)

  1. It would be great if we could turn back the clock wouldn’t it? I share many of your resolutions (except the running part….I hate running…I’ve vowed to get back into yoga) and I think it’s a great list! I guess at some point we have to realize and appreciate that things change and the future is a whole new world. Wishing you a happy 2014!

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