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That’s Right I Said It! – On Wordless Wednesday

Today is Wordless Wednesday and I am supposed to be shhhhhhh…

But we all know that ain’t gonna happen. So instead I am gonna vow to keep the word count under 500!

Soooo yay!!

I found some strange videos that I wanna show you and wordlessly comment on.

Lion Tries To Pet Baby

Ok correction, it should be the Lion tries to eat the baby.  If I learned anything from watching When Animals Attack, when they start to claw their prey to death and open their mouth baring their teeth in attempt to bite down… yep all signs of ATTACK.

What was even funnier is when the mommy freaked out and took her kid away… as if the lion was going to get him!!

Impossible lady! And then her husband does what any dad does. “Nooo put the baby back! This is so cool!!”

Upon further investigation of the child, he did look rather appetizing.

I am just saying!!


Norway’s New Music Sensation: Tonje Langeteig with I Don’t Wanna Be A Crappy Housewife

So don’t be!!! Enough said Tonje!!

Seriously though folks this is Norway’s answer to our little Rebecca Black.

My favorite line is, “I’m a little pretty girl trapped inside a grown ups body!”

Jail bait alert .. jail bait alert!!

I know it’s the accent.. but she sounds heavily medicated or she got stung by a bee on her tongue.

She had 9 supporters outside the club… Norway isn’t down with celebrities or crappy housewives?

“I don’t wanna be a crappy housewife… so down to the disco I go.”

Ha ha ha ha ha… I’m sorry… but this is just too much.

Tonje this may be your song but you need to work on your lip  singing. I am however impressed with your head movement. Was that camera work or you can do the robot with your head? 

She did get jipped on this music video. Tonje, I offer my services! You should have come to me! I got a camera and a garage. We could have made shit happen. I could have helped you achieve non crappiness status.

And someone send the young boys of Norway a notice that it is not ok  to dress like black guys! Seriously… that memo passed in the 90’s. Did they not get it? I have never wanted to smack a white boy more in my life!!

And that is the sorriest excuse for a disco  I have ever seen.

Any ways… she doesn’t wanna be a crappy house wife. 

Any suggestions?

For more funnies… see her actually perform this song “live” here


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