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Thursday Movie Review- Wednesday TV still sucks and I am cranking it up a notch

As a reminder , Wednesday TV is not any better.   Netflix is actually being used as God intended.

Last year, I went on this movie binge and discovered a list of movies that banned. I wrote all the ones that sounded interesting to me and  honestly that is where I left it. I decided to pick it up on Wednesday nights.  These movies were listed because they were disturbing in nature, or very sexual in nature. Some BS like that. However, they have been released from their prisons and I am going to watch what I can and tell you about them.

I have had this particular movie in the my instant queue for a while. I read up about it but I was actually procrasting in seeing it due to its description. So I am using you as an excuse and finally seeing it. I hope I don’t regret it.

I saw the movie Blue Velvet with Isabella Rosselina, Dennis Hopper, and Kyle MacLachlan.

This is the weirdest fucking movie I have seen.  I seriously said that over and over through the movie.

Ok it starts off with these this young man going to see his father in the hospital. On his way home, he finds an ear. A real human ear just lying on the ground. So what does he do? He picks it up, put it in a trash bag that he conveniently finds laying near it and takes it to the police. What ever happened to tampering with evidence!! Shit would not fly in 48 Hours or CSI!!

 The policeman he talks too thanks him for it and acts like it’s no big thing that he just found an ear on the floor!

He wasn’t weirded out by it or anything. Doesn’t that cross anyone as strange?

So the young boy/man whatever befriends the policeman’s daughter and together they try to solve why there was an ear on the ground. Their investigation leads them to a mysterious woman.

The young boy whose name is Jeffrey devises a plan to get into her room. They scope the lady out at work. She sings in some night club. Every scene with her in the club has her singing the same song. Blue Velvet.  Does she  know any other songs? Kinda cheesy.

He sneaks into her room while she is at work. She comes  home when he is there of course. These kind of movies always mean bad timing. He hides but she finds him and sees that he is just a young kid and figures he wants to do it with her. Uhhh loose woman. Always with the mind in the gutter. To quote IMDB (Internet Movie Database), “She makes him undress at knifepoint, then fellates him.”

Fellates? Yeah I had to look that up.  The online dictionary reads, “To engage in fellatio”.

Wow! Who knew fellatio had a plural form! That’s kinda crazy. Eh, the more you know right?

Anyhow, the get interrupted by this crazy and psychotic perv named Frank Booth. Jeffrey hides again. And what he sees next is damn weird. Even I was like.. what the ..

(note: Ever saw the video to 2 girls 1 cup? I saw that video while eating a bowl of chili)

Frank has the most bizarre sexual encounter with the lady.

He gets high off a oxygen mask and smacks her around. He then says the most weirdest things, which is what the movie is known for. Once he is high he starts calling the lady Mama.

He says in a whiny voice, “Baby wants to fuck.”

And she says,”Mama loves you.”  And then he smacks her around then dry humps her til I think he climaxes. Kinda hard to tell. The whole scene is fucking crazy.

Well, some like it cold some like it hot… and some like it really hot. Thats not my version of hot. That is more of my version of taking role-playing going too far.  I get the whole sadomasochist thing. But this was strange….  a bit disturbing.

Frank, the wacko, is more and more of a weirdo as the movie continues. He really has an odd obsession with old ass music and this piece of  blue velvet cloth.  Directors?? Are we stressing the title a bit too much??

 The movie is really strange with no plot. Jeffrey tries to help the lady and enters more and more of her crazy ass world.

Moral of the story:  I am now weirded out by Dennis Hopper and old songs.  This movie also shows that maybe we should eliminate saying mommy, daddy or baby in the bedroom. It just might get confusing! 

P.S. Oxygen masks are for old people!!!


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