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Completely Freaking & Stressing Out but in a good way

My daughter (6-year-old) wanted to join her school’s track team. So we went to a few practices and she really liked it.

They separate the grades into groups. She is a first grader so she trains with Pre-Kinder and the Kindergartners.

Eventually I got involved. I became a coach. I was excited because I got to spend even more time with my daughter. I also got to meet an awesome group of kids. Kids that absolutely fell in love with. Kids that motivated me.

My daughter took off with track. She was better than we could imagine. And she loved it. All the kids did actually.

After hundreds of practices and several track and field meets, we finally come down to the day before our “Olympics”.

I am completely freaking out. I am. It’s awesome that are kids are doing so well and placing but it’s still scary because we will be in a high school stadium tomorrow. It is the real thing. I am just so full of anxiety.

 I don’t think our kids will do bad. Right now in our district we are first place. I think I am just scared and excited like the way you feel when you are about to bungee jump.

We will do well. Our kids are excellent. And this is just start for many more competitions to start.

So here’s to the  Helen Ball Dalmatians.

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