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If There Is One Thing You Learn Today Let It Be This (#StopKony)

Last night I put my kids to bed. I put them in their special pajamas. I tucked them in. I ran my fingers over their hair and their faces as I talked to them about what we are doing tomorrow. I kissed them goodnight.

They smiled and closed their eyes and drifted off to sleep. They did this with a care, worry, or fear in the world. For them, there is always a tomorrow.It’s something they will always count on.

They were born here. America, land of the great home of the free. They are protected, they have rights.

Others are not so lucky.

The one point that hit it hard for me was that one line:

Whether you live or not should not be determined by where you live in the world.

I am totally enthralled by this story. I am totally moved. I am going to order my action kit. And I am going to make Kony famous.

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