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Waking Up to Ex-Rated Emails

Yesterday I got an email…. a very weird one….

Hello there How are you doing? I enjoy most of your profile.

Are you interested to check my personal pictures?

Message me at and i’ll reply back with my private photographs.

Ok it sounds like any regular spam. But this chick included a photo. A photo!!! She is leaning over her head board and shoving her as into the camera. And she is wear a wife beater and pink sheer SEE THROUGH UNDERWEAR!!!!

This the craziest email I have ever gotten!!! I usually just get ones from Africans telling me to give them my life savings (all $22) or how a Russian girl would make a excellent bride for me. I already know that. I am just trying to sell that idea to the husband. So far … that a big NO.

I honestly have no idea what profile she is referring too…. I delete my history almost daily (like every 15 minutes) and the Alzheimers is kicking in….

so I am still saying I have no idea.

So yea …. what a way to wake up. Ex-rated chicks all up on my email.

Sooooo what did I do?

I emailed her back of course!!!

I figure if she doesn’t respond back she is spam and that would be sooooo sad.

But if she did…… free pictures!!!

And that is how you trick a trickster.

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