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Yer Hear, I Got Me Some Blog Lovin’

You know when you are hung over but not really hung over cause it actually take alcohol to be hung over so you don’t know why you actually feel hung over. Yeah. That’s me… today.

Tuesdays suck when they remind you of Mondays. Damn you Tuesday!


Recently Miss Fnkybee, my blogger lady friend who had me believe she was a southern belle is actually a god damn Yankee!!, awarded me with a most gracious award! I have to say I was happier than a  pig in shit. Yee haw!

Miss Fnkybee is actually one of the coolest chicks I know.  She is funny, smart and very I consider her such a good friend.  And what makes her even more bad ass is that she figured how to paste a twitter comment!!! I know!!! So freakin hard!!! Maybe she is a genius?!!?

Thank you so much Fnkybee for awarding me with little bling bling:


This means she loves my blog!!! Wow!! Such an honor. Sometimes I feel like I am literally pulling shit out of my ass and she likes it… which questions her whole blog taste.. but oh well its her mind not mine.

So in order to accept this award I must not just link to but thank the giver of the award.

Fnkybee oh god thank you so very much (huge loud sobs!)! You are the B to my log!!! God Fnky… I love you!!!


Next I must list 7 random things about me:


1. I am having a hard time with the concept that I am getting older. I might have a nervous breakdown. Yeah, its that serious!

2. I know I am not suppose to have a favorite kid but I do. I really love the dog Bo. He listens.

3.  I love food. Food is apart of the family. Its a wonder that I am not 500lbs. Cause I love to eat!

4. I don’t like doing yard work …. when under the supervision of my husband. He almost got killed by the rake several times. Shit, if that ever happens, I just wrote out my premeditated murder plans here!!!

5.  I am changing on my own with out my help. Before I could never be myself. Today I eating lunch by myself at a fast food place. And I don’t give two shits. I actually welcome the lonliness.

6. I finally realize that after all these years I didn’t have the potential to write books, I realized that I do. I just need to start.

7. Dream #248: I wanna be on Storage Wars.

Finally, pass this blog onto others. Namely 10 bloggers.

1. AfterDarkLounge / Sex in the City Lounge is my friend who is a real life Sex in the City lady! Props to her and her seductive blog!!

2. Tiny Temper is one feisty blogger. She is cute, sassy, and she is from England… or somewhere over there. She gets automatic points for being cool.

3. Thypolar is my very good friend and awesome blogger. She makes anything funny. And is such a great blogger!

4. Firecracker\’s Musings is another great blogger that I have to read everyday. She is funny, smart, and has the right amount of sarcasm you need in a day!

5.  Another ggrrreat blogger is Pkitass with her blog Alll I know is this. She is funny, and actually has so much fun with her blogging its always interesting to see what she has written today.

6. The Soapbox is another of my faves. She is witty and I love her dry humor. Hint: She might be related to the cast of Jersey Shore. Maybe. Possibly not.

7.  Thoughts Appear is hilarious and I am rooting for her to get hitched. I still have many sleepless nights from her not picking me to be her blog wife.. but whatever.

8. Don\’t Make That Face is one funny blog. She says the most unexpected things and tickes the funny bone with her wierd ass videos. Seriously where does she find this stuff?

9. Suicidesal5\’s Blog is another fave. She is cute funny and I feel akin to her. We have so much going on in our head… it scary!.

10. Girl on the Contrary is interesting, educational, and freakin hilarious. She is more funny then anything.

Again Fnky thanks. And to everyone… yes I love your blog. Don’t say I never gave you any…. blog lovin!!!


Wordless Wednesday: Marinasleeps Style

Just a few words on this Wordless Wednesday: Yes I am going to try it. I don’t know if there rules but screw it I am gonna do it my style.

With as minimal words as possible. I’ll try. Truth is I might never shut up.

Crazy Shit on the Web


Head Scratcher


Sooooo Cute

I soooooo understand.

Music Revolution: The “Sigh” Iconic Moments

Words and melody are what attract us to a specific time. It’s whats playing on the radio at the very moment you tell your boyfriend or girlfriend you love them. It’s what is playing at an awesome party. It’s what cheers up in your day.

Those certain songs.

I thought about iconic moments where a song has just set the mood and I came up with three for this week’s Music Revolution.

Next to music, movies are the best! So when they are combined, they create the most memorable scenes that we all wish could happen to us.

Remember the movie 16 Candles?

That movie was epic!  Remember through the whole movie she is gushing for Jake and felt like he would never notice her. Then she sees him, waiting for her!

How did you feel when you first heard this song and shared their first kiss with them?

Thompson Twins- If You Were Here


Say Anything

Lloyd was totally in love with Diane. Totally! As all things do, they broke up. However, he just couldn’t get over here.

And then Lloyd gave us this moment, and we now probably look out window daily looking for our moment.

Peter Gabriel-In Your Eyes


The Breakfast Club

In this movie, we met the breakfast club made up of 5 kids from all walks of life. You had your jock, nerd, princess, thug, and weirdo. Yet for one day they came together and cemented and everlasting relationship with each other and us.

And for the final moment, they gift wrapped the movie with this song.

Simple Minds- Don’t You Forget About Me


God I wanna be a 80’s teenager! Thanks to music!!

Meet Patton: He is long, thick & has a cute helmet

One of the best things about having kids is naming them. I guess it goes for pets as well.

The whole process is painstaking but I love it. If you think about it you are giving a name that will theirs for the rest of their lives.

The name has to mean something. It has to be special and unique. It has to stick out and cry out to the world:

“Damnit, My name is _____ and here I am!”

Or some shit like that.

So in the effort we put in naming our kids or animals an awesome name, so should we do so when naming our  husbands’ penis.

Naming your husbands’ penis says, “You know what? I care!”

Hell Yeah I do!

It says we willingly to put them in a penis line-up and with the help of our chosen name for them, it help us distinguish them from all the others.

Have you named your man’s tallywacker?

If so, good for you!

Feel free to share it!

I, on the other hand, never named my husband’s penis.

I never had thought about it before.

And yesterday….. it just came to me!

Ok let me describe the scene.

I haven’t seen my hubby is 16 days.

So now … picture those Trojan lube commercials 4 times in a row.

After wards,  I was closed!



That’s it. My 7-11 does not open until the next day.

I mean, come on! Va jay jay needs some healin’.

However, my hubs rod of thunder was going strong! He would not let up.

It was beginning to be like a war movie.

We were going to divide and conquer!

We will not take surrender!

We will not accept defeat!

Power grows out of the barrel of the gun!

And then it hit me!

My hubs dick was tall, thick, and had the most perfect  war helmet!

And he would not stop going… it was all about victory! Victory! Victory!

He was Patton!

If you know anything about Patton, he was one of the best Generals. H e was the best at what he did. And the fucker knew it too.

He was known to be a bad ass, go getter, ass hole, and a true Army hero.

His best known quote, “When we land against the enemy, don’t forget to hit him and hit him hard. When we meet the enemy we will kill him. We will show him no mercy. He has killed thousands of your comrades and he must die. If you company officers in leading your men against the enemy find him shooting at you and when you get within two hundred yards of him he wishes to surrender—oh no! That bastard will die! You will kill him. Stick him between the third and fourth ribs. You will tell your men that. They must have the killer instinct. Tell them to stick him. Stick him in the liver. We will get the name of killers and killers are immortal. When word reaches him that he is being faced by a killer battalion he will fight less. We must build up that name as killers.”

So thus Patton was reincarnated in penis form.

Now you know the battle cry at my house!

“Don’t forget to hit him and hit him hard.”

Yes Sir!


The True Beyonce Experience

Damn you Fnkybee for double dog daring me.

If you knew me already (in person), I would have pulsated and seizured in front of you many times before in effort to understand what exactly Beyoncé is doing.

Seriously, is she calling rain from the heavens? Is there an evil spirit that has possessed her? Did she just see the movie the Craft and invoked spirits from the dead?

I am not sure.

Beyoncé, yes a great singer, is one scary dancer. I bet her dancers next to her are secretly wishing she does not knock them out.

You be the judge. Here is her newest video. I am still waiting for rain.

The truth is she needs to fire her choreographer. No that person needs to be shot! Beyoncé looks like a beast.

Now here is a similar interpretation.

It’s like her twin am I right?!?!

My wig was falling off and everything! How does Beyoncé do it? Super glue?  I had to pretend that an  evil spirit entered my body and was trying to make me vomit last week dinner. I now will be sore in a week.

I assure you I can dance… not much better than this, but no one said Beyoncé or I could dance.

However, let me show you who can dance!! Are you ready for the newest dancing queen??

This post just went from zero to hero. Thanks Si. You are opening for Britney next month.

It’s ok to laugh … I did but I also cried!

And this one just signed with the Miami Heat dancers.

You are welcome.

We Outs!!!!!!!

Music Revolution!!!! (As per Girl on the Contrary)

What time is it?

No it’s not 9:15 am … uh never mind!

Its freakin revolution time.

It’s where I, Marinasleeps, trys to brighten/inspire/or even just get you grooving in the day!

Today though I am going to try to something a little different.

I am going to focus on a soundtrack to a movie.

Have you seen this bodacious (yeah totally) movie?


If you know anything at all, you will know this is the ultimate 90’s movie!

And the soundtrack is epic. Yes, I said epic.

So let’s begin!!!

First is Free by The Martinis

Next is Bright as Yellow by The Innocence Mission

Another great song featured in the movie is Snakeface by Throwing Muses

And lastly, I discovered one of my favorite bands through this movie.

This band is a gem but hard to find. I had to order their only CD from the UK. Yet the main singer’s voice is the shit. You can see more of their music on YouTube.

Here is my favorite band Drill in What You Are

I guess it’s true what my mother says … I like noise!

I love pumping this one up. It’s so awesome.

I hope you enjoyed today’s revolution!

And as always check out the Queen of Music Revolution and her picks for the day at Girl on the Contrary.

What I Find Amazing About My Kids

I am tripped out by my kids.

After the 8th try, this is the best one.

They drive me absolutely crazy but in a good way. Well not when they are dumping an entire bag of cereal on the floor or fighting. The fact is these little boogers are smart. Too smart and they awe me in every way. 

Right now the girls are going through a stage that they want to dress however they want. That picture at the top Savannah has her night-time pajama on backwards. However, she said she likes it better that way. Why? Because people “behind her can see that she loves the Little Mermaid”. Screw everyone in front of her.  I don’t agree with anything they pick out BECAUSE IT DOESN’T MATCH!

Yet, since they are fiercely trying to be independent in this fashion, I regrettably let them. I just bought sunglasses so no one will recognize the two trainees for Ringling Circus!

And really as long as these chicks let me cut their corn dogs to pieces and cry for kisses on their boo boos, I can survive this.

Sienna my middle baby girl is feisty. I have no idea where she gets this. Seriously. She must have the last word FOR.EVERYTHING!  And she is soo witty. Sometimes I have to leave the room to laugh when she does something bad cause her reasoning is beyond this world. She tells me everyday that she wants to turn 5yo but doesn’t want to grow up. She recently said boys are for carrying groceries. I have no idea where she gets this from. Seriously because I am not as … smart.

I’ll say something and if I feel its funny I will repeat it and repeat over and over all day … cause its all I got. Don’t worry I am not quitting my day job… which is this.

And my son …. oh dear God! He is like ET. He walks like him ET.  Like he walks with his hips. And he talks like him to. He walks around saying one or two words. It’s so cute.

“Bad Na Na.”  That’s what he calls his oldest sister.

“Tea Mama.” He loves iced tea.

“Spew Spew!” He shoots little guns.

However, we are just in awe  of this little guy cause he is so athletic. Soooo athletic. He is only 2 but he can throw far and he understands about throwing a spiral with the football.  For his most recent birthday, we got him a t-ball set.

Dudes! We didn’t even have to teach him  how to hold the bat and swing. He did it all on his own! So his life has already been outlined for him.  He is going to play football or baseball but preferably football. He is going to play at UT Austin and then get drafted to the NFL. Hopefully stay local and get drafted to the Cowboys! Ok, he can pick which ever team he wants as long as it’s not the Steelers, Patriots, or Saints.

I plan to be the psychotic mother that WILL DO ANYTHING to get her baby whatever he wants.  Whoa can we say I might be channeling Psycho or even the mother from Jason!

Ladies be warned!

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