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Becoming an Alcoholic at Wal-Mart

This weekend I was determined to live up to my New Year’s resolution to start drinking. I also developed this plan to try something new every week and blog about it. So I downloaded this app that gives names of cocktail drinks, mixed drinks and instructions on how to make them. This way I will become more sophisticated¬† when it comes to alcohol and also more drunk.

Oozing sophistication while getting hammered

But because I am a retard I totally forgot to visit the liquor store to stock up and I was left to shop at Wal-Mart. Can you get sophistication with Wal-Mart?

I don’t know. So I frantically scanned the wine section hoping for a miracle when I stumbled onto this.

I was immediately interested.

Wine that is chocolate?

Can it be done? Would it taste magically delicious? Will I have to avoid drinking my much need 8oz glass of milk?

I got a fancy wine glass, put some ice in it, and poured the chocolatey substance.

Wanna know what it tastes like?

It was like I grabbed a bunch of Hersey bars and melted them in some red wine.

It was delish. I could have swam in this drink. It was freaking tasty. And yes pretty strong.

It has to be every girl’s dream to drink chocolate. I felt like a checked off something from a kick the bucket list. I was getting a little hammered last night because I started to become very resourceful.

Imagine all the ways you can use this intoxicating drink.

Warning: Do Not Eat Your Own Face


Don't you think Carrie would have been more happier had it been chocolate?


The possibilities with chocolate are endless. I know I have I just begun scratching the surface with the ideas. Hold on, here is another one…. is there chocolate porn??

Holy crap there is people!!!

I think I can die now.

But not until I try Choco Wine Raspberry!!!

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