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Monday Monday La La La La

Spammer Comment of the Week that was approved:

Tawanda Archuletta : Are you making this up as you go along?

Wow!! I love the fiestiness in that question. She is calling my bullshit. And with that I salute Tawanda. But Tawanda don’t bull shit a bullshiter!

So am I making this up as I go along?


This genius can’t be planned. It just happens!! Even as I write this I am not planning this at all. It’s just bubbling forth!

Do you think God had a plan? Do you think God had blue prints?

Fuck no!!

Perfect example:

What the hell is this??

I have no fucking clue. But it exists…

Another crazy example God was just making it up as he went along….


Religion isĀ  the attempt to teach people morals and virtues and also to recognize a higher power. Assuming that we intelligent creatures “apparently” made in God’s design would not have figured it out on self, he set up some law and “entrusted” them to some men.

Yeah, I bet that’s one he wish he could do that over. Cause you know after countless of wars and literally millions lives lost in the name of God… yeah …not such a good idea now.

So there you go… the moral of the story?

I am like God… I just like to have sex a little more.

Unless, we are talking about Zeus here.

Zeus would have been Maury’s dream guest.


I received my first smart phone this weekend. I chose the iPhone 4.

This girl knows what I am talking about. I am in electronic, technology, Apple ecstasy.

Both my hubs and I!

I even busted out in song….

How do I live without you? I want to know… how do I leave without you if you ever go?

So where is the virtual applause?

I have crossed over to the iPhone side!! And it is glorious!!!

And on the 23 billionth day, Jobs proceeded to create the iPhone. And they danced and praised Jobs. And light shone from the MAC laptop.” – excerpt from the Bible of Apple

Dudes I love it! Seriously, I feel like I just had a baby and it was an iPhone. I don’t remember life without it… and it was just last week!

So I am still learning how to use it. I call it Precious. Cause it is … my precious.

I downloaded a few apps… nothing to fancy. I was wondering to all you iPhone peeps, if there any special tricks, knowledge, power, apps, etc that you would recommend???


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