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If You Can….

A coworker of mine just came and told me that her daughter had to tell her little one that there was no Santa. The mother has been out of a job for so long she can’t afford to buy presents let alone propane for her trailer.

The very thought of a child on Christmas day without anything just brought me down to tears.

At work, we have an Angel tree and I attempting to see if I can help out two children there.

I was looking through the Noel Operation in the newspaper as they try to raise jackets for the kids in the city. I only have one jacket to donate.

All I ask because I know times are tough… I have four kids of my own… but if you can, look in your newspaper and see who you can help out there. Whether it’s a jacket, a meal, or even a present….


If we did it just once….. it would help.

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