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Behind the Behind: Interview With “The Pkitass”

Most of all know each other or are familiar with each other through our blogs and on Twitter.

However, I wanted to go deeper and find some true, hard-hitting facts with many of my cherished blogger/Twitter friends.  I wanted you to all to meet and understand these complex but wonderful people of the social media world.

I introduce to you today… The Pkitass!

(Ominous music)

Pkitass took time out of her busy schedule of dog kissing and coffee stealing to meet with me today.

As she enters the room, I notice she is wearing a scarf around her face only showing those beautiful brown eyes, and a bath towel.

Me: Good Morning! I love what you are wearing. So up close and personal!!

Pkitass: Morning. I prefer Rise and Grind.

Me: Really? What are you grinding?

Pkitass (shrugs): How should I know? Hopefully someone is grinding me some coffee. It’s just what they say.

Me: Who is they?

Pkitass (looks around the empty room): You don’t see them??

Me (laughs uncomfortably): Well, let’s get started shall we? Tell all the readers out there what your full name is.

Pkitass: Pequitas G. Torrasian

Me: What does the G stand for?

Pkitass: It stands for giggly, google it and gigantic.

Me: Did you giggle a lot as kid?

Pkitass: I giggle a lot now as an adult.

Me: Interesting. Torrasian. Is that African?

Pkitass: Would that make you happy?

Me: Uhhhhhh, my African audience might like it.

Pkitass: No, my last name comes from a long line of Aztec warriors.

Me: Whoa, whoa. Aztecs were known to eat their captives’ hearts. Do you practice that as well?

Pkitass: I like to keep some ancestral traditions so every other full moon I’ll sacrifice a virgin guy or if I can’t find one, I’ll substitute it with a World of Warcraft Geek.

Me: And there is always plenty of those to spare!

Pkitass: I’ve heard eating hearts keeps you looking young. But I really wouldn’t know. I’m only 175 years old.

Me: Wow revealing your age?!? How very brave of you! You are an example to all! So tell our readers what  a day is like in the life of Pkitass?

Pkitass: Some days are just normal like your or any others’ day. Other days it’s so hectic that even going to the bathroom has to be planned. Those days I tend to get very sweaty.

Me: Now when you say your day is like mine and others, do you mean like beating cars with umbrellas or the paparazzi catching you not wearing underwear?

Pkitass: Of course. I thought beating cars with umbrellas was a normal everyday thing. But I guess that’s a California thing.

Me (laughs) Of course! What is a perfect day for you?

Pkitass: A perfect day for me would be filled with Starbucks salted caramel mocha drinks, a wide variety of cupcakes while sitting somewhere where its overcast and  everyone is my bitch.

Me: You just summed up the American dream. Perfect. Truly perfect. Now Pkitass, how do you want to be remembered once you are long gone? What legacy do you want to leave behind?

Pkitass: Whoa! Why are you talking about death? I still have at least another 200 years or so before I start thinking about death. Well, as long as I cut back on fatty geeks. Those are bad for your cholesterol, you know?  It’s just healthy trim virgins and geeks are hard to come by.

Me (nodding) I totally understand. It’s the complaint of every woman.  Before we conclude this interview, is there anything you want to tell the readers?

Pkitass: Yes. When you are out driving, remember to always use your turn signals or I will remember your license plate number and make a special sacrifice exception for you. Also, cupcakes should be its own food group, when in doubt, dance it, out, oh and I accept gifts!

Well there you have it folks. When in doubt, dance it out and cover your license plate for the love of God!!!

For more info on Pkitass look her up at All I Know is This

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