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Thursday Movie Review- Sometimes You Need Some Weirdness

I was surprised to find I hadn’t seen the movie Punch-Drunk Love starring Adam Sandler.

I love Adam Sandler. Love! I seriously love him. I am sick, I know.

I was a little disappointed not to find any punch or any spiked punch for that matter, but the cute story of this strange guy and the “new love in his life that makes him strong” is pretty interesting.

Sandler plays Barry Egan, a small business owner, who has seven sisters. They are constantly hounding him and mistreating him. They show him no respect. They seem to trigger his sudden but quick violent acts. Egen is a  shy dude with a great deal of repressed anger who is just terribly lonely. He tries at a family gathering to be congenial and friendly, but we can see the tension in his smiling lips and darting eyes, and suddenly he explodes, kicking out the glass patio doors.

One odd morning a harmonium first appears in the street then a striking young lady asks for his help with her car. She re-appears a few days later and there seems to be a spark between them. However, when ever his sister is around he can’t seem to make a move for this girl.

So after one night of being so lonely, he calls a sex line looking for someone to talk to. He then is extorted by the sex line owner who sends some guys to his home to beat him up and get money.

Despite these problems, he takes a chance with this new girl and they end up falling in love.

In voice and mannerisms he is the same childlike, love-starved Adam Sandlerwe’ve seen in his regular comedic movies, but this film, by seeing him in a new light, encourages us to look again at those films. In this movie, his mannerisms are more of a disguise to the suffering and pain the character is in. Sandler does an excellent job reveling different depths and tones that we may have never known existed.

The director, Paul Thomas Anderson, is a big fan of Adam Sandler’s movies.  He saw that in all Sandler’s past movies, the Sandler characters are almost oppressively nice, like needy puppies, and yet they conceal a masked hostility to society, a passive-aggressive need to go against the flow, a gift for offending others while in the very process of being ingratiating.

In Punch-Drunk Love, the character does not understand himself and why he gets frustrated. He is unsure of himself, always on guard.

Despite his awkwardness, the story is very liberating because you honestly don’t know what will happen next. This romantic comedy feels always that its on a verge of nervous breakdown. In the end, you are cheering for Barry. His character in the movie not only moves you but its exhilarates you. It transports you  and it surprises you.

It’s a nice reminder why we watch movies.

Thursday Movie Review-Change the Name to Almost Scary

Lately I have been watching a lot of movies. I am trying to catch up on all the ones I have missed. I been working hard on developing the perfect queue in my Netflix account.  Its hard work but someone has to do it. This week I saw the movie Devil.

First I have to say that I have general respect for director, M. Night Shyamalan. He has made some really good movies in my opinion.   The Sixth Sense, Signs, Unbreakable,  and even The Village were some thrilling movies.

So I was excited about the mysterious movie entitled Devil. Who wouldn’t be?

It’s firstly narrated in the beginning with a story a mother told about the devil. You know old Mexican folklore. The Devil roams around the world looking for bad individuals to torture.   The story seems to center around a detective who still grieving for his wife and son, killed in a hit-and-run five years ago.

The scene fades to what seems to be a typical day at the office takes a sudden detour into terror when the elevator becomes stuck between floors.  Right before that, a stranger jumps out of the building so the detective is sent to investigate.  Meanwhile, the five strangers who are trapped in the elevator and nothing seems to improve their situation.

The communication radio in the elevator is broken but the guards observe the individuals through the security cameras. Tensions run high among those trapped, so  the police and the detective assume the case. Without being able to contact the individuals, he tries to work out who they are, but he can only account for four of them.

Then they just start miraculously dying. The lights go out and boom one dies. And every one is a suspect.

All the while the one Hispanic security cop is freaking out because he recognizes the Devil’s work when he sees it.

There were a few parts that were intense or chilling. However it wasn’t enough. The five strangers were good enough actors and it felt that the plot was being hurried along.

Not only that I felt the movie was being spoiled by the actual cast. They basically were telling you what was going to happen in the story!

This movie had so much potential. People stuck in an elevator against the Devil!! Crazy concept. But I felt the opportunity to make this a good film was missed.  I was disappointed that the film is very light in the scare factor. In fact one of the trailers before the film elicited a bigger scare factor for a particular gentleman than anything found in DEVIL.

To make a movie (a horror movie)about the Devil, you gotta actually read the Devil’s resume!!

So in a nut shell: It’s tense but it rarely scares because all the truly horrifying things happen off camera. People only get killed when the lights go out, so you don’t actually see the deaths. There’s never a moment that’ll make you jump in your seat.  It has to go dark or you’ll know who the murderer is, and DEVIL executes those moments well, it’s just not able to make them scary. Maybe there isn’t a way to make them scary. Maybe it isn’t trying to be scary. Maybe they don’t need to be scary.

But horror movies….. YES they need to be scary! Especially if they are called DEVIL!!!!

Thursday Movie Review- Spork!!!

The movie I watched last night should be evident enough that I will watch anything…. anything!!!

However despite what you would think I actually liked this movie. It was so weird.

It is indie film with the same feel as Napoleon Dynamite. The movie takes place nowadays but has the whole 80’s feel with the funky clothes and hair. OR, these kids could live in the middle of nowhere where time doesn’t exist and they seem to have been forgotten by the outside world. You make up your own theory.

Spork is about a girl nicknamed Spork. She has several of the classic markers of outsider status, including a trailer park address and comically bad hair. Oh, and she’s a hermaphrodite.

Yes she has  that whole double… vagina…. penis…. you know what I’m saying!!

Except I would kill for her hair. KILL!!

It just needs a comb, people, calm down!


Every character is weird in this movie even without a extra member.  Hee Hee I said member.

Anywho, poor Spork is just trying to make it through middle school in a town that seems to know all her crazy details. We meet Spork at rock bottom, where it seems everyone, including a gaggle of Britney Spears-obsessed tween girls, has it in for her.

Through all her drama, Spork convinces herself she has to win the school’s dance off to earn money to make herself pretty. Obviously she can’t dance to save her life so with nowhere to turn, her Krump-tastic friend Tootsie helps show her some moves.

Let me tell you. These little middle school girls can move!! I wish I could shake my ass that way they can. Its like their butt is not even connected to their body!!

In the process, Spork makes friends and learns she is special just by being her.

This movie is quirky, imaginative and outrageously funny little movie that will speak to you more than you would like to admit. The idea of a sexual discovery narrative driven by a 12 year old wasn’t entirely appealing to me. But, having said that, my view was instantly and irreversibly changed. Within the first ten minutes of the film, you will find yourself gripped by a cast matured far beyond their years, and intimate and precise direction that is often lacking in even the most impressive titles. I found the writing was very good. Rather than talking down to the young cast, the script really exalts them, and you feel on an emotional par with every member of the cast.

I also learned from this movie that is it representing a new kind of movie genre. Spork is the mark of a new hybrid genre of literary punk. Introducing “bitpunk.” Bitpunk, it seems,  has been namelessly around for a while now, most noticeably within the music scene known as “chip tune” or “chip music,” which re-purposes the sounds and technologies of early 8-bit software (like Game Boy music) in order to create  dance music.

Bitpunk also utilizes historically-pegged motifs. So, while Spork definitely takes place in the present (numerous references to Britney Spears tell us this), the setting and props speak to a time influenced almost entirely by Nintendo and Z.Cavaricci clothing.

Spork’s “white-trash” brother has a killer mullet with lines shaved in the sides, works on his Delorean while giving relationship advice, and owns a BMX. Spork’s phone is one of those plastic see-through kinds. Spork’s friend Tootsie Roll is obsessed with Afro Sheen. Almost the entire soundtrack is made up of “chip tune” music.

They are trapped in a time not accessible to us!!

After watching the movie, I came to the conclusion that I just watched a one of a kind film. It was just an odd ball comedy that dared to be different. Some people won’t be able to handle it’s quirkiness and it’s out of the ordinary characters.

I just realized that I do Netflix good by recommending movies I have seen on their website.

Where are my perks??

Where is my free shit??

You listening Netflix?

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