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That’s Not Your Baby Kanye

Dearest Kanye,

It’s come to light that you were missing at the Grammy’s yesterday… which is odd because you had a whole entire field with seven nominations—and you actually won four, including Best Rap Performance.

First off, let me just say that you are very talented. I like almost every song you have made.

But you were missing…. at a place where they give awards…and  four of them where for you!!!

I’m confused….

For someone who is sooooooo (what’s a nice word for it) arrogant, conceited, full of them self, thinks his shit don’t stink.. you sure missed your chance to promote yourself… without looking like a douche bag!!

We would have allowed it!! There would have been less eye rolling then usual!

However, you didn’t show!!

There where plenty of young girls you could have stolen the mic from.

Hmm, what could it be?? Where you protesting that your album wasn’t considered a nominee for Album of the Year?? Or is it because you don’t like talking when its actually your turn to talk?

Well, I think I figured it out.  I think I have solved this.

Does everyone remember the fateful day…. September 13,2009? We all gathered around our TV’s to watch the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. Taylor Swift had just been awarded best female video. As she was giving her speech…. this happens!!

Kanye: Yo Taylor, I’m really happy for you , I’m going to let you finish but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time…one of the best of all time!

What? Beyonce?!? Why are you endorsing her?

Who are you always around??


Who have you  collaborated in music with??


Who does he wish he was???



Because he is in love with Beyonce!!!

While else would he get up on stage, take away a mic from the a 19 year old girl, and embarrass himself by profess his admiration for another beloved artist??

He is love!! That’s the only excuse!! Love!!

So why was he missing from the Grammy’s?? Because Beyonce just had a baby. And he had to be there with her. Helping out…. wishing that Beyonce had mated with him … and pretending that Blue Ivy was his daughter!!

Sigh, poor Kanye West. He can only dream.

However, until then, he will be behind the scenes sneaking cuddles with the baby, catching glimpses of Beyonce breastfeeding.

Don’t be surprised if he gets all The Hand That Rocks the Cradle crazy!

Kanye, that’s not your baby!!



Thursday Movie Review- Ummmm No I Haven’t Seen It

The Oscars are set to show on Feb 26th. I suddenly realized that I haven’t seen any of the movies except two.

So here are my reviews on the movies I have not seen based on what I know.

I know … weird.

But I apparently do everything half-ass so lets continue the half-assing!

  1. The Artist

   You know, I do wanna see this movie. I want to see if we, nowadays, can channel back when movies were picture perfect cinema.

The Artist takes place in Hollywood in 1927. The movie bases about a silent film star who feels he is fazing out because talking in films is now being introduced.  He then meets a young dancer who is looking for her big break.

It’s a romantic comedy and it looks cute. Plus the fact that  I never heard of the main actor and actress at all.

So two thumbs up for originality and the whole black and white idea until further notice.


2. The Descendants

    I have heard two different opinions on this movie. One said it sucked and the other said it was very good.  So I am a bit conflicted.  I would rent this movie rental worthy. So in case it does suck at least I didn’t sell my soul for a theater ticket.  What am I talking about? I am a mother with three very small kids of course I would sell my soul to go see a movie in an actual theater!!!

Oh yeah, the movie. From what I hear, George Clooney plays the part of a father who tries to reconnect with his two daughters after his wife suffers a boating accident.  The wife is on life support. Somewhere in between, George Clooney finds that his wife was cheating on him. So he takes his daughter with him to confront the young real estate broker, who was having an affair with his wife.

This sounds emotional and thought-provoking.

And I hope he pounds the shit outta that real estate broker.

I am going to say one thumbs up and the other is still in the bathroom after finishing some Taco Bell so he is undecided.




3.  Hugo

   Nope. Don’t wanna see it but I know I am going to see it against my will!!!











4. War Horse

I am a bit disappointed. This movie looks really awesome. However, it seems like it’s about a love story between a young boy and a horse.

*scratches head*

A boy and his horse are inseparable. However, when the family falls onto hard times, the horse is sold to the British cavalry. The boy meanwhile joins the army and soon finds his horse. Little does he knows the horse has been through a crazy ordeal. Now the horse must be sold.

Will they be able to stay together?

God I don’t wanna cry already!!!!

Two thumbs down for the pressure in my head!!!




So there you go, a quick highlight on a few of the nominees of best picture. Please let me know if they were good or not, or if, as usual, I am full of shit.

Thank You

P.S. Where are the zombies?? Zombies deserve Oscars too!!

Reflection: I Would Not Be “Here” If It Wasn’t For You. Thank you.

For the most part, the things that get represented here in “Blogging Land” are the bloggers. And rightly so. Each blogger writes their own different views, feelings, life stories, funny perspective, or just anything that they deem blog worthy.  It takes time, planning, thoughtfulness to keep up a blog today.

For those that do it, whether regularly or not, you are admired and respected. The fact that you take a chance and connect this way is really what it is all about.

However, we can’t over look an important aspect in the blogging scheme.

The Readers.

I know that special feeling I get whenever I get email telling me that I have a new comment, or someone liked my post, and that I have a new subscriber. Perhaps I have low self-esteem, I need attention, perhaps I need you to tell me that I exist. You see me… in this way.

Bottom Line…..

Thank you!!!

Thank you because you could be doing something else completely different but you chosen to take  10 minutes to read my measly blog.

That makes me feel so wonderful. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

I will try to put out some quality crap that doesn’t waste 10 minutes of your life.

So in honor of You!!! I dedicate today’s musical revolution to You!!

First off,  you all are my figurative Roxanne and I just wanna say you don’t have to put on the red light.

But still it’s always just you and me always… and forever….


Wordless Wednesday-Occupy This!!

Why the hell do I even call it Wordless Wednesday?? I still put words in it! Always!!!

I just cannot stay quiet!!!

Mother of God!!

One of the most popular things going on is the Occupy something or something … I really have no idea. What I know or have been informed is that there are a bunch people “occupying” or bumming around city halls or other public places protesting that there is no work for their educated ass or soon to be educated ass. They are the 1% which I thought would be good because milk that is 1% is the next best thing. That and they are pissed at the rich.


I have also been told this Occupy Things thing is basically just a bunch of people who got out of college and want to vice president 100k paying job and feel they should not start at the bottom of a company or business and work their way up.


Well that’s just silly. We need people to start at the bottom! I need someone to flip my burgers and get those fries the right kind of crispy!

Truth I have no idea whats going on. So its time to get out their and do journalism…. MarinaSleeps style!!

Thank you for doing the work for me!!

I think the only question that remains is….. did that guy ever get his cake????

Musical Revolution- Happy Metal Day!!!


I don’t know if you know this but today is Metal Day. Noooo, not cause I donned it that way. If that was so, there would be a Slip n Slide day, a feed Marina pizza day, and so on.

No my friends, this movement was donned VH1 Classic where all day its nothing but metal!!!

Letttttttsssssssss Roooccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!


Lets do a journey through the music that is



Once upon a time, there was time when metal was just in its beginning stage. Metal has evolved from greats!! Lets take a look at the Pre-Metal in its early stage, the earliest sounds of metal that can be heard in the music of LED ZEPPELIN, DEEP PURPLE and JIMI HENDRIX. Wow-zaaa…. who knew some of you liked the Daddies of Metal!!

Deep Purple- Smoke on the Water

I so kicked this song’s ass in Guitar Hero!!

Led Zepplin- Black Dog

How can you not love Led?!?!? How!??!?!?

The first heavy metal bands such as Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple attracted large audiences, though they were often critically reviled, a status common throughout the history of the genre. Then there was this wave of British Heavy metal bands that in the mid-70’s.

Another Thing Coming- Judas Priest

Other bands that were infamous for this movement were Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, Saxon, Motorhead, Tank to name a few.

Ace of Spades- Motorhead

Of course music evolves and we experience glam in the late 70’s early 80’s. Glam metal is also known as hair metal! This area was sooooo fun. We all love Motley Crue, Poison, Lita Ford, Guns and Roses,  White Snake etc etc.

Here are my favorites!!

Kiss me Deadly-Lita Ford

Up All Night- Slaughter

Then Kapow! Thrash metal busted into the scene and it was so hard, so rock, so in your face, and definitely so metal! The four bands of metal or the Four Horse Men as I call them are: Metallica, Anthrax, Megadeth, and Slayer.  These guys were greatly influenced by the bands of the british heavy metal wave yet they completely created a new genre.

Symphony of Destruction- Megadeth

Ride the Lightening- Metallica

And my personal favorite… Pantera!! Who I have seen in concert and they are totally awesome!!


Heavy Metal has certainly evolved and clearly is the poster child of how we define the years! It affected culture, fashion, and the world as it changed around us.

If you love metal like I do, today be especially proud to be known as a “Metalhead” or “Headbanger”.

Just don’t hurt yourself!

Behind the Behind: Interview With “The Pkitass”

Most of all know each other or are familiar with each other through our blogs and on Twitter.

However, I wanted to go deeper and find some true, hard-hitting facts with many of my cherished blogger/Twitter friends.  I wanted you to all to meet and understand these complex but wonderful people of the social media world.

I introduce to you today… The Pkitass!

(Ominous music)

Pkitass took time out of her busy schedule of dog kissing and coffee stealing to meet with me today.

As she enters the room, I notice she is wearing a scarf around her face only showing those beautiful brown eyes, and a bath towel.

Me: Good Morning! I love what you are wearing. So up close and personal!!

Pkitass: Morning. I prefer Rise and Grind.

Me: Really? What are you grinding?

Pkitass (shrugs): How should I know? Hopefully someone is grinding me some coffee. It’s just what they say.

Me: Who is they?

Pkitass (looks around the empty room): You don’t see them??

Me (laughs uncomfortably): Well, let’s get started shall we? Tell all the readers out there what your full name is.

Pkitass: Pequitas G. Torrasian

Me: What does the G stand for?

Pkitass: It stands for giggly, google it and gigantic.

Me: Did you giggle a lot as kid?

Pkitass: I giggle a lot now as an adult.

Me: Interesting. Torrasian. Is that African?

Pkitass: Would that make you happy?

Me: Uhhhhhh, my African audience might like it.

Pkitass: No, my last name comes from a long line of Aztec warriors.

Me: Whoa, whoa. Aztecs were known to eat their captives’ hearts. Do you practice that as well?

Pkitass: I like to keep some ancestral traditions so every other full moon I’ll sacrifice a virgin guy or if I can’t find one, I’ll substitute it with a World of Warcraft Geek.

Me: And there is always plenty of those to spare!

Pkitass: I’ve heard eating hearts keeps you looking young. But I really wouldn’t know. I’m only 175 years old.

Me: Wow revealing your age?!? How very brave of you! You are an example to all! So tell our readers what  a day is like in the life of Pkitass?

Pkitass: Some days are just normal like your or any others’ day. Other days it’s so hectic that even going to the bathroom has to be planned. Those days I tend to get very sweaty.

Me: Now when you say your day is like mine and others, do you mean like beating cars with umbrellas or the paparazzi catching you not wearing underwear?

Pkitass: Of course. I thought beating cars with umbrellas was a normal everyday thing. But I guess that’s a California thing.

Me (laughs) Of course! What is a perfect day for you?

Pkitass: A perfect day for me would be filled with Starbucks salted caramel mocha drinks, a wide variety of cupcakes while sitting somewhere where its overcast and  everyone is my bitch.

Me: You just summed up the American dream. Perfect. Truly perfect. Now Pkitass, how do you want to be remembered once you are long gone? What legacy do you want to leave behind?

Pkitass: Whoa! Why are you talking about death? I still have at least another 200 years or so before I start thinking about death. Well, as long as I cut back on fatty geeks. Those are bad for your cholesterol, you know?  It’s just healthy trim virgins and geeks are hard to come by.

Me (nodding) I totally understand. It’s the complaint of every woman.  Before we conclude this interview, is there anything you want to tell the readers?

Pkitass: Yes. When you are out driving, remember to always use your turn signals or I will remember your license plate number and make a special sacrifice exception for you. Also, cupcakes should be its own food group, when in doubt, dance it, out, oh and I accept gifts!

Well there you have it folks. When in doubt, dance it out and cover your license plate for the love of God!!!

For more info on Pkitass look her up at All I Know is This

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