In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.


So I finally was invited a to a bachelorette  party. I have never been to one, nor have I been out partying and drinking in years.  Lets try to NOT roll your eyes at my lameness.

Did I get drunk? Yes. Did I dance a lot? Yes. Did I have a good time? Sure.

Movies have ruined things like this for me.

Where was my crazy almost illegal night?? Where was my wicked ass tiger that was supposed to be in my bathroom? There were no new tattoos or piercings. Everyone was accounted for. We could have at least left someone behind … that would have been epic.

The one thing that was funny was certain girls were throwing up in the limo or out the window. That was hilarious trying to stay sane with the smell.

Still, it’s not like I expected anything. But damn, we were back home at midnight. My kids were still up (rules don’t exist when mommy isn’t around) for god sake!

Like I have been saying, men have a more fun time.  And mum’s the word on the activity they will do. The following days the girls were like remember when “Lucy” fell or remember when Marina was dancing on the pole.

Shut the fuck up!! Ya’ll get a little wild and now I shall pay for it forever.

One thing I am proud of is that I didn’t fall, throw up in the limo, and I kept up with the little 24-year-old girl who parties for a living.

Someone should create merit badges for these kinda things.

There were a few things I learned that night:

  1. It’s very necessary to do things like this from time to time. Stress relief. And it keeps you young.
  2. Always have a seasoned drinker with you.
  3. Vodka and cranberry is sooooo good.
  4. After while everything taste the same.
  5. No heels… or you will fall and fall and fall. I wore flip flops cause I am a lazy ass. Point for me!
  6. Process every drink you take. It helped me concentrate on where I was at and how I felt.
  7. I missed dancing.
  8. No one cares what you wear, only in the beginning when no one is drunk.


Comments on: "Merit Badge #1 Not Throwing Up After a 5 Hour Drinking Party" (6)

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  2. LOved this. I can no longer drink the way I once used to. I think my liver said No to me quite loudly the last time I tried. What’s funny (or not funny maybe) is, it used to be when I drank heavily, there was no pass out point, I just got immediately to the throwing up, now I wake up feeling fine (wait for it). I make coffee and get the kids up and then bammo, it’s like somebody hits me with a hammer, suddenly I am so ill, I am praying to God for death. Fun times. Anyways, glad to be reading your blog again and glad you got out for a little stress release!

    • The hangover wasn’t as horrible as I remember it being. Sure my stomach felt weird for a while but I got up and went on with my day. Mexican food does make me feel extremely better as does lying right next to the AC.

  3. Woo I am excited that you got to go to a Bachlorette party! Though I wish they had some sex toys, penis pops, etc for you girls to play with too, having a sex toy party is hilarious. I d think men might have way crazier parties from what I’ve heard. And I actually fell on my party, and ended up summer saluting through the air to land on my butt on these stairs and my ankle went out… And this was without heels! Oh, and cranberry+vodka= so good! 🙂

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