In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

Now that football is over I bet you freaking out. Yeah, I can just see you now: hyperventilating.  You could watch college basketball but who has time for that?

Right now I am in television limbo. All my shows have just finished and I am currently waiting for shows to start. Walking Dead is set to start in 5 days. So what must I do til then?

Clean? What are you drunk? Start on my Pinterest ideas?? Hahahahaha, you are killing me.


You need to  join me on my couch. I will share with you the movies that bring great joy. Let me educate you.  Just bring your own popcorn.

Movies You Should See #1

Love Actually


How have you not seen this movie?? It the greatest movie for love ever!! Normally I am not a sappy chick flick romance movie type of person. I am probably the only woman on earth who refuses to see The Notebook because I am afraid of the disgusting feelings I might feel. However, if you can add some comedy quirkiness, well then I am down! This movie is smart, funny, and leaves you feeling good. Drunk good! Not the running through hills singing The Hills are Alive good. That’s just gross.

Movies You Should See #2

All the Rocky Movies

Every time they are showing on tv I can’t help but watch. It’s just a really really good  college of movies.  I wouldn’t really call inspirational because  I have yet felt the desire to start boxing. Its a great story. The characters in the story are great, the plot is timeless, Sylvester Stallone isn’t bad to look at it either.

Movies You Should See #3

Horrible Bosses


I love this movie. These guys have to be the dumbest guys on Earth but it works. They are hilarious! I recently discovered there is an art to talking dirty and Jason Sudeikis’s character nailed it!  It has the same off to wall feeling as The Hangover. I can’t say it enough… I love it I love it I love it!

Movies You Should See #4

Face Off

I like the movie a lot. Maybe more then I should. Something about Nicolas Cage being this crazed psychotic bad guy is just so…. hot. I see this movie on the regular. You can’t beat action and suspense.

Movies You Should See #5

The Silence of Lambs


Of course this movie is great. I am sure most people will agree with me. The thing that strikes me with it is probably at the time it came out, it was the first of it nature. It was dark, gritty, and we were  exposed to things we hadn’t seen before. This was because there were A type actors in this movie. We HAD to see this movie. And even after all these years, it still leaves me with the same creeped out feeling I got when I first saw it. Plus, I feel like I am missing something. That is why I re-watch it so much. I feel like the need to understand something about it. Something that I just don’t get. However, its the grittiness, the dark side that I just don’t understand. And yet, I will still watch it.

Are there any movies that make your list??


Comments on: "My Favorite Movies That YOU NEED To Watch" (10)

  1. Speaking of sappy romance…I’ve watched Sleepless in Seattle and While You were Sleeping a million times,and for some reason, Independence Day and My Cousin Vinny.

    Cheers !

  2. I loved your list, I would watch horrible bosses just to feel better where I work at that I don’t have that kind of boss. I still need to see silence of the lambs, I’ve seen parts, just not the whole thing. Recently I’ve been rewatching “Hannah” which I think you’d really like! It seems to have all these layers to it and is about this girl who grows up with her father in the forest and then is sought after by highly trained government people. Ass kicking, of course, ensues!

    • I have seen Hanna… I did like it. Except I wanna know what happened to the girl?? How did she survive?? Also the movie made me sad killing Eric Bana!

  3. My favorite movies are Stripes with Bill Murray, Beetle Juice with Gena Davis and Alec Baldwin, Pirates of the Caribbean and A Christmas Story. I’m not really a big movie watcher, I’d rather read your reviews and watch them vicariously through you.

  4. Pulp Fiction. Oh, and The Graduate. I could go on and on, but these two are solid favorites.

  5. Horrible Bosses cracked me up! Dale and Tucker vs. Evil. I’ve seen it twice already, but I loooooove it!

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