In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

Mama Did A Bad Bad Thing

Overall, my Christmas and New Years was good. My department at my company shuts down forcing us to take the two weeks. They never have to twist my arm about it.

The only thing that was really bad this holiday season was all the sickness. A few days before Christmas I got a cold and my daughter did as well. My cold lasted all the way til Christmas. During those days each one of my children got fever, sore throats, the works. Then once everyone got it, my kids got the stomach flu a few days before New Years. One by one, family members were dropping like flies.  In fact, my hubby was basically unconscious for two days. He got the combo: flu and stomach flu.  I was the only one who didn’t get the stomach flu. According to the hubs, I did.

I started to feel sick Thursday evening. I immediately was worried cause I am wuss when it comes to throwing up or anything stomach related.  I was feeling so queasy I retired early to bed. Sometime in the middle night I up-chucked! It was horrible. It always is. My hubs comforted me  afterwards that it was just the stomach flu.

However, as soon as I threw up I immediately felt better. Like instantly. I didn’t feel horrible or dizzy or any of the other symptoms my husband was assuring would soon follow.

So what did I do?

I milked it…. yep, the entire day. I slept the entire day. My hubby was so nice, and comforting bringing me whatever I asked for.  Every time he would come in I would act groggy which I was from sleeping all day.  He even made dinner.

I have always wanted to sleep all day. I miss sleep. Sleep has become the holy grail for me.  And obviously, I needed it cause I slept the entire day. And when I got bored because people stopped checking on me or paying attention to me, I limped downstairs and ate dinner like at 6pm.

Do I feel bad?

Not really….. I mean. I did throw up. Thats pretty hardcore. It shakes you to your very core.

Hmm, why am I feeling judgment from you all. Do I have to quote Ferris Bueller??? I basically am Ferris Bueller… just the mommy/wife version. Where is that movie??

Wait…. it would just be a movie about someone sleeping huh?


Comments on: "Mama Did A Bad Bad Thing" (8)

  1. No, you deserve to have a day in bed! You take care of those kids 24/7! You deserved to be pampered! No sense in wearing yourself down again taking care of everyone else after being sick! I won’t tell anyone!

  2. That’s my girl…. Milk that biiaatch!!! Lol

  3. I have missed you and your posts, so I was wondering if you’re holidays went well and all that. I totally milk it when I don’t feel sick with my husband… My mother never took care of me when I was sick and he does, and I absolutely love it. That is so wonderful your husband took care of you and I’m glad you got all that sleep, you needed it! Don’t feel bad about milking it either, anything stomach related or up chucking is the aboslute worst!

  4. This was one of the few years we didn’t have Sickmas (we did it over Thanksgiving when we traveled instead). I think in the almost-six-years I’ve been a Mommy, I’ve had maybe two days where I was so sick, I had my husband stay home from work (pretty sure I spent both days sleeping the entire day–the flu).

    I feel you were completely justified in this instance. Just because you only puked once, doesn’t mean you weren’t still sick (as witnessed by you sleeping all day). Who knows? Chances are you would’ve gotten sick again if you’d tried to tough it out.

    Glad you had sleep.

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