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I am obsessed with the Kennedy assassination. So this was very informative for me. Loved it!!

Laurie Kendrick


I’ve always been fascinated by the Kennedy family.  They had all that power; all that audacity.

The assassination of President John F. Kennedy added even more to my fascination.  It was how it happened; when it happened and where it happened… in Dallas which as a native Texan,  was in my own backyard.    I’ve read a great deal about that fateful day in Dallas all those years ago.

I won’t bother with who did or why, but I will share what I’ve learned about several of aspects of the case that hardly ever get any press.

Permit me to preface this with how I view benchmark dates on the calendar.  I consider everything/anything that happened after my birthday in April 1959 to be (as they say) “Modern Times”.    That stands to reason; that’when my life began.

But I also consider two other dates to be seminal; to be obvious points…

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  1. They lived off bootleg whiskey money. And still do from what I’ve been told (don’t quote me on that). Rockefeller’s are the ones that intrigue me. At one point, they had the world by the balls. They controlled just about EVERYTHING! To have that much money back in those days!

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