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12 Monkeys but for Kids

Remember this movie?

It was crazy… about crazy people doing and acting crazy. You know in a nutshell.

The reason I bring this up is because last week I took a week vacation. And in the week I got acquainted with my kids cartoons. There are some demented kid shows out there.

Take for instance, and I know I have mentioned this one before,  but Yo Gabba Gabba is one weird ass show.

I figure this one is geared for really really small kids with songs like Don’t Bite Your Friends.  However, my kids have never bit anyone before so now I don’t know if I am a good parent or Yo Gabba Gabba is. When ever I watch it, I wonder if this is what the 60’s were like with all the swirly colors, big shapes, and mythical creatures dancing around.

Man I was totally born in the wrong era!!

It also bothers me how skinny DJ Lance is!! He is straw-thin and he looks like he could bend and contort his body in weird ways. He seriously scares me!!

Quick someone get this guy a buttery greasy steak!!

The second is Dino Dan.

This show is about a boy who loves dinosaurs. He is the only one who can see live dinosaurs walking around his town and he also uncovers clues about the past and secrets of the dinosaurs.

Doesn’t sound too bad right?


This kid psycho!! All he talks about is dinosaurs!! He is not a normal kid. When his child hood friends are playing tag, being kids, having fun, enjoying their youth, Dan is looking at a picture book of dinosaurs.

I would have had my kid checked!

He is gym and running track. His coach wants to talk to him about running and Dan breaks out about how this dinosaur ran and how fast he was. That’s nice Dan but we are talking about you and running!!

Another time, he is class and his teacher is instructing the class and he just rudely interrupts her to talk about dinosaurs. Then the class starts talking and the teacher is spent trying to get the class to listen to her but she can’t because this show isn’t about respect or paying attention in class. No, it’s about this boy and is obsession with dinosaurs!!


Does anyone else see whats wrong with this?!?!?!

I have a few issues with other cartoons. Handy Mandy can have a bit more of a personality if you ask me. Oso Special can actually do some actual saving instead of trying to help a kid find something for show and tell.

Kid shows are weird. Then again, my kids watch them so maybe my kids are weird.

I guess I will worry when my kids start dancing and tripping on colors and imaging prehistoric creatures.

I am not looking forward to that doctor bill.


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  1. Yeah, you were born in the wrong era! I don’t think you were around for HR Puffinstuff. Or Laugh In (not a cartoon but weird and very “colorful”, swirly, groovy…etc). My biggest gripe was that stupid purple Dinosaur Barney and Teletubbies. NOW THAT IS SCARY STUFF! And what parent groups have done to Sesame Street is a travesty! Writers are looking too deep into things like this. Just have a fun cartoon where kids are getting along, sharing, laughing, making things and just being kids. I agree, any kid that talks about nothing but dinosaurs needs counseling. I’m surprised something like that got passed the directors and is able to be broadcasted.

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